The Wealthy Affiliate Scam: Why People Keep Joining Anyway!

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam: Why People Keep Joining Anyway!

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam:  If this is true, then Why People Are Joining Anyway!

Product: Wealthy Affiliate


Site Rank: 9.5 out of 100

Cost To Join:$0 Free Starter membership (Plus get 2 free website) along with hosting

Founders/Owners: Kyle & Carson  Both combined 26 years experience with Internet marketing, starting out independently before joining forces in 2005 to create Wealthy

Who Benefits : Beginners and Advance Experts



Wealthy affiliate is one aspect of making money online. Many people who are wanting to try out this opportunity wondering if this is real. I wanted to share something about the wealthy affiliate scam that everyone is joining today. 
The wealthy affiliate scam review based on my own experiences with the platform. I’ve been a member with wealthy affiliate for about 2 years now. So you can trust that I will be sharing the truth about the opportunity. After reading this review you will have a clear understanding whether this is a legit or scam.
My goal is to shed some light on this opportunity. Can you make money from this opportunity or is this a bunch of crap. My Life, My Job, My Career: How  being apart of the wealthy affiliate scam helped me succeed in building my own business.
If you search online for the wealthy affiliate scam, You might find a lot of negative thing said about wealthy affiliate, but I wanted to ask you something about the wealthy affiliate scam everybody talking about. If this is such a scam. then why people keep joining, why wealthy affiliate has over 800,000 plus members that active today.
I’ve written this  review to explain whether wealthy affiliate is legit or whether is something about  the wealthy affiliate scam that totally dishonest. 
How Does Wealthy Affiliate Work
I’ve written this wealthy affiliate honest review to share how wealthy affiliate work. I will explain the structure and the community and the step on how you can get started.
I will share with you how much money you can make with wealthy affiliate right from the comfort of your own home. I’ll show the motivation behind each steps and how you can use this motivation to achieve your goals.
So how does wealthy affiliate work, by educating yourself to be successful. it’s not about your experiences nor is it about your starting investment cost. It’s about learning and training to be the best in your niche.
You don’t have to previous business experience to get started with wealthy affiliate. You don’t need to a computer geek to learn how to build a successful business online. That’s the reason for writing this wealthy affiliate honest review.
Once you enter your name and email and choose your user name your journey begins at that moment.
That’s why it’s so in important not to believe everything you read about the wealthy affiliate scam reviews online.
Here’s what happen when you first signup with wealthy affiliate.
You are a free member and you have access to limited training course. This is great stepping stone for learning the basic of creating a website from scratch.
These training for 7 days so you should take advantage of all the training available to you. Once your 7 days are about to end, you will have the opportunity to upgrade to premium. This is where your learning begins. Premium members have access to tons of training courses.
How wealthy affiliate work are 4 simple steps.
  • Choose an interest
  • Build a Website
  • Attract Visitors
  • Earn Revenue
Based on my experience when I join wealthy affiliate was amazing. The training and tool that I had access to was worth more than anything I’ve ever bought in my life time.
This was exactly what wanted and needed to make my dreams come true. This is not like most of the wealthy affiliate scam you’ve read before. 

How Wealthy Affiliate Works – 4 Simple Steps

Choose an Interest
Choosing your interest. What do you like doing. If like selling stuff, or doing arts and craft and you are looking to showcase your work to the internet world.
There are million of ideas that you can tap into online as an affiliate for a particular program. The thing is to choose something that gets you excited. Find your passion
Building a Website
Building a website about your interest that you have chosen. The good thing about wealthy affiliate, you will be able to set your website up in minutes. Every website starts with a foundation. Wealthy affiliate is your foundation for building your new website from scratch.
You will be able to write content or blog post about your website venture.
Attracting Visitors
Focus on your goals that you want to achieve. If looking to attract more visitors to your new website. This is the starting point of making money online with your product. You need traffic to become successful online.
Having people visiting your website is important for you business. Wealthy affiliate will teach you how to get visitors to your website. You will learn all about SEO which means search engine optimization.
Wealthy affiliate is going to teach how to use keyword search for writing good content. This training will teach you how to get more visitor to read your blog.
You will learn how to use Jaaxy keyword research tool to help get your blog rank in Google.
Earning Revenue
Earning revenue from your product. This is the step the everyone wants to make happen is earning money online.
Wealthy Affiliate shows how you can make money selling Amazon products. Amazon begin the top leading company for making money as an affiliate marketer. This training will teach you the process of getting started.
Amazon has million of products that you can earn commission. When someone buys a product you on your website you make money.
Inside the members area are training that teaches you how to set up an account with Amazon. The training helps you understand how the whole affiliate process works.
Wealthy affiliate teaches you exactly how to get started.
Now that I have given you the breakdown on how wealthy affiliate works
What are you going to do now? Are you going to continue dreaming about owning your own online business. Or are you going to take the next step by getting started Today.

I Don’t Blame You For Begin Suspicious about the wealthy affiliate scam

I don’t blame anyone for begin suspicious of opportunity claiming to make you money. I’ve lost thousand of dollars with offers claiming to make me money online.
It’s good to do your research on these so called companies claiming to deliver promises.
This wealthy affiliate honest review is a road-test based on I have learned over the past 2 years.
I’ve always had a passion for becoming successful with my own business. I kept failing because I didn’t have the right training to become successful. I didn’t know how to create a website that was going to last forever.
I search and join many network marketing opportunities, hoping to live out my dreams. I tried to follow their example and leadership, but I wasn’t making any money.
Until one day I received an email from this guy name Kyle one of the founders of a company call Wealthy affiliate.
 In this wealthy affiliate honest review. I’m going to give you the resources to create a 24/7 online business. You will be the resource for millions of customers seeking for that product or services.
You are reading this article thinking to yourself, Who is this guy and why should I trust what he’s saying? Well if you don’t believe me. Then go test out wealthy affiliate for yourself.
Beside it’s Free to join

The Wealthy Affiliate Scam- You Got To Be Kidding Me

To answer you question. Is wealthy affiliate a scam? I have to say hell no!. Most people might have the idea that this is a scam, but let make explain why not. If you keep believing These Myths About The Wealthy Affiliate Scam you going to miss the opportunity of a life time.
Most opportunities try to sell you promises in hopes to get you to pull out your credit card. So let me asked you some simple question.
Get Rich Money Making Offers
  • Have you seen money making offer promise you get rich promises?
  • They promise that you could make a thousands of dollars in a few hours?
  • Did they challenge to make a buy before the countdown ends?
  • Did they flaunt fancy cars and luxury home in your face?
  • Did they brag about how much money they made in a matter of hours without doing nothing?
Let’s Go To Wealthy Affiliate Offer
  • Did they asked for your credit card?
  • Did they offer a free Starter membership with access to the training, with no string attached?
  • Did they offer you two free website for setting up your Free account?
  • Did you find the support from the community?
  • Did you meet the founders Kyle and Carson among the community?
I don’t know about you, But it tells me which one of these programs seems legit to me. Now which one would you rather choose from?

What is Wealthy Affiliate? Why People Keep Joining Anyway

Wealthy Affiliate specialize in helping its members to learn how build a website. This platform started back in 2005 and has gain popularity with loyal members of 800,000 to this day.
Wealthy affiliate gives the opportunity for the average person a life changing experience.
Wealthy Affiliate can benefit the college student or the stay at home mom or dad. It’s also benefit the unemployed looking for a  way to start their own business.
Wealthy Affiliate doesn’t has limitation. You can remain a free member for as long as you want without any attachments. It’s your choice rather you decide to upgrade your membership.
Wealthy affiliate is where you can begin to put you dreams into actions.
I wanted to mention in this wealthy affiliate honest review the Pro’s and the Con’s. You are going to learn to good and bad things about wealthy affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Pros:

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner to internet business. It’s doesn’t matter if you are well advanced experience blogger.
Wealthy affiliate has something for anyone looking to build a business online.
The good thing about it, is that anyone can join for free without having a credit credit. As a free member you have access to training that will help you learn the fundamental of building a website.
Members can learn at their own pace without any pressure. If you create a website you never have to worry about losing your work, if you decide not to upgrade your account. Take you website with you.
The training courses are very easy to understand and to follow. Most of the courses relate to building blog, and earning revenue from your efforts. Notice I did say your efforts, meaning there is a lot of work involved in building a successful website.
Great support system with like minded entrepreneurs that are willing to help you.
When building your business problem will happen. It’s good to have a community right there by your side when you faced with a problem. Kyle and Carson right there to answer any questions.
What can you expect?
  • Boot camp getting started classes
  • Entrepreneurs certification course.
  • Step-by step video workshop training
  • Live Webinars Every Friday
  • Live Chats
  • Community support
 Wealthy affiliate is a community that I have grown to love and support others in their new venture.

Wealthy Affiliate Con’s

I have to say that wealthy affiliate is not for everyone and it do have some bad things about it.
Cost $49.00 a month, might not be affordable for new beginners. You have to decide whether your budget is right now before deciding to upgrade.
One thing need improvement is some of the training might seem outdated. Wealthy affiliate has made some improvements. Now you have the option to request for an update on any training you see need it.
Many people might have trouble staying focused on the training. The training might become overwhelming for many newcomers.
You have to stay focus on your dreams to see the results. I’ve seen people get so attached to live chatting, that they forget the whole reason why they joined.
Most of the problem with wealthy affiliate is people not staying focused. The cons are people choosing to give up on their dream. The cons are people joining wealthy affiliate with the wrong mindset.
You can research wealthy affiliate on the internet all you want. You can read negative reports about the program. This is my wealthy affiliate honest review about people with the wrong mindset.

What Kind of Mindset Do You Have?

 Most people in the business don’t have the right mindset to become successful in life. Some people look for all the wrong thing about a particular opportunity. There are two type of people who have two different mindset.
Negative Mindset
This is a person who is going to read a couple negative reports about it, then go back to your everyday life routine. This is a person who has made up their mind, that this is the way life is going to be. A person with a negative mindset, have given up on their dreams, they let opportunities pass them by.
Negative minded person don’t take action, they settle where they are in life. Is this you?
Positive Mindset
This is a person who is looking for change. This is a person who takes action. They don’t let opportunities pass them by. You are reading this wealthy affiliate honest review because of change in your life. Positive minded person knows a good thing we they see it.
Is this you?
Don’t let negative people cause you to miss out on your opportunity to become successful. Believe in yourself by making a change and take action.

Who is Wealthy Affiliate For?

In this wealthy affiliate honest review, you will learn the truth. Who is wealthy affiliate for?
Wealthy affiliate helps everyone who willing to learn and develop new skills. Wealthy affiliate is for beginners and advance bloggers.
This is perfect for stay at home moms and dad looking to earn money online. Unemployed individuals that need to create a steady income. This for bloggers looking to make money from their creations, product and services.
This is for local business looking to grow their current business. They learn how can reach a much bigger audience.
This is for adults and teen willing to put their entrepreneurial mindset to test. Learning how to turn their passion into profits.
It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to quit your 9-5 job, or need extra money to pay the bills every month. Whether you retired or wanting to make money online, Wealthy affiliate is for you.

Wealthy Affiliate Support

  • 24 hours support
  • Community support
  • Owner Support with Kyle

Sometime you need support when you find getting stuck on a particular project or task within wealth affiliate, It’s always great to know the you have a support to solve any problems that may arise during the course of building your website.

You have a community that stand by your every needs to gild and help you achieve the success. There are other programs leave you out to dry by letting you figure it out on your own.

Wealthy affiliate will never leave you, with the awesome support that is there 24 hours a day.

 What Wealthy Affiliate Tool/Training

This is a 10-lesson course that is part of the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneur Certification.

It will walk you through the steps of creating a successful online business that generates revenue.  This getting started course (level 1) is your first step to realizing your potential as an online business owner.

This jam pack training has everything you need to know about how to get started build your website for total success.

I promise, you will not find another website training site like this anywhere on the internet.

Wealthy affiliate has help over 800,000 member who are currently making money with their own website.

Wealthy affiliate honest review

There are other training courses available for free members and premium members.

Getting started training course that I’ve mentioned above in this review. If you are looking to promote wealthy affiliate as your niche.
I recommend checking out the Affiliate Bootcamp Training. This training teaches you how to make money online with a particular niche.
Jay Neil training every Friday. This help everyone learn a new skill and technique.Plus live Q&A session at the end of the webinar.
Wealthy affiliate gives each member some tools to get started building their business.
  • 2 Free SiteRubix WordPress website
  • Free WordPress Themes To Choose From
  • Free Jaxxy Keyword Research Tool
  • Upgraded members get Unlimited WordPress Websites.
  • State of the Art Hosting By SiteRubix.
  • Advance Training Courses for Upgraded members.
  • Much More.

What is the Cost To Get Started:

There are 2 membership options within Wealthy Affiliate.

    1. Starter Membership: $0 Join Here
    2. Premium Membership:  at $19.00 USD for the first month then $49.00 USD monthly or $359 per year

In mean time it really free to join and try out the training before you commit yourself. Check out my bonus special at the bottom of the page.

the wealthy affiliate scam


Get My Special Bonus Package!

the wealthy affiliate scam

Join right now as an Starter Member totally FREE! $O Just take a look around , yes it’s free. When you decide to join I will contact you within an hour.

Please setup your account so I can make good on my special bonus. It’s my way of saying thanks for completing your account and joining. Once you join you’ll be giving a walk through around the community.

How to claim my special bonus

When you join as a Free Start Member Account

I am going to offer you a bonus if you do decide to become a PREMIUM member in the first 7 days (including a 59% discount).  When you create your account at Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a awesome experience when you become a premium member. I will be contacting you with my personal message and I will be sending my special bonus to you as promise.

Final overview about The Wealthy affiliate Scam

Why People Keep Joining because it is Legit and Honest Opportunity for everyone who want to learn how to start making money online.

Wealthy Affiliate is the ONLY internet marketing product I’ve seen that allows for a 100% risk-free trial in its truest form.

This isn’t something, “We say it’s FREE,  then bill you automatically after seven days” trial, it’s 100% legitimate and you won’t ever get billed unless you decide to upgrade to premium.

Question To Asked Yourself about the wealthy affiliate scam

  • Did wealthy affiliate say that they was going to make you a wealthy and rich person?
  • Did  wealthy affiliate say that you are going to make million in 6 months?
  • Did wealthy affiliate try to sell you some get rich quick system?
  • Did wealthy affiliate tell you that you have to pay XXX amount of dollars to receive training?

Does that sound like a scam?  This is free training and you can decided whether you want to upgrade your membership.

You can keep your free membership at Wealthy Affiliate as long as you’d like – no strings attached. There’s no payment information required and you’ll get access to a MASSIVE amount of tools and training courses to help you succeed with your online business. Is wealthy affiliate a scam or legit?

THE VERDICT?  The Wealthy affiliate scam is false.

 wealthy affiliate honest review

the wealthy affiliate scam

If you have questions about wealthy affiliate, If you like to comment about your experiences with wealthy affiliate, Please leave me a comment below,

If I can help you in any way, please contact me.



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