Alibaba Online Shopping-The World Best Wholesale Suppliers Shopping.

Alibaba Online Shopping-The World Best Wholesale Suppliers Shopping.

Alibaba online shopping is on the rise. Over the recent years marketers has been flocking to their website for products and supplies. Whether you are looking for Protein Supplier at Wholesale Prices., Mobile, Clothing and Fashion, They can provide the resources you need.

In this article about Alibaba online shopping. Today we’re going to look at the best supplier for your product Ideas. Alibaba has millions of the latest product that you don’t want miss. Alibaba china suppliers have everything that you need for your business.

Alibaba online shopping

Most of the popular product ranges from the hottest fashion, mobile phone accessories, auto supplies, latest lighting and security products and even beauty supplies. It like your own little shopping extravaganza at the click of a mouse. By visiting Alibaba express wholesale you can get your product a lot faster.

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Alibaba Breaking All Records In Sales

There is no other shopping extravaganza like Alibaba online shopping biggest sale breaker in a single day. Sales reported $17.8 billion in a single year. Black Friday has a long way to go if they want to break these sales.

Alibaba Offers Virtual-Reality Shopping on Singles’ Day.

Alibaba online shopping is kicking off this amazing opportunity for online shoppers. China biggest annual online shopping event is about to take place in hopes to boost sales in a single day. Shopper can now shop from everywhere in the world using virtual reality. This is the world first virtual shopping experience.

What amazing Alibaba online shopping is you can shop at Macy and Costco using a VH viewer headset. Shopper can do shopping in New York, Tokyo and Sydney. Watch this Video by WSJ

The Pros and Cons of Alibaba Online Shopping


The one reasons why entrepreneurs look to Alibaba online shopping is to take advantage of the low cost of products. Some Pros of the opportunity is that entrepreneurs can purchase bulk merchandise for online marketing and for local store products.


One of the disadvantages of Alibaba online shopping. If you are order merchandise from the company. Just expect longer shipping.

Alibaba online shopping Buyer Beware

As awesome as Alibaba  shopping is , it also plagued with scammers, middlemen, and quality control issue. Alibaba has put strong effort to resolve these issue from their platform. Just beware, there are still dishonest suppliers that you need to be cautious of.

It’s just call safeguarding yourself. Ask question and verify suppliers. Alibaba online shopping has verification’s badges that will show up on the product listing. This is a good way to safeguard yourself when buying and selecting products.

Helpful Tips For Safe Shopping on Alibaba

There are few things you should know before making a purchase. As the products aren’t sold in India, you won’t be able to get them repaired in case of any problems.

You also have minor risks, where the device you order may not start at all, and sending it back isn’t an easy task. Secondly, most of the products are shipped via China post, which takes a lot of time. Some vendors also offer express shipping option, which is a bit expensive.

Buy from established sellers only

Being a marketplace model, it’s easy for merchants to create an account and sell products.

But, some of them sell low quality and fake products too. To ensure that you don’t fall in the trap, ensure that you buy from the reputed seller.

Just below the product photos, you have a section where you can find information such as sold by, feedback score and percentage of positive feedback.

The feedback score ranges from 200-499, so better look for the one with the higher score.

Clicking on the store link, you can also check how long the seller has been on the site. It will also be a good idea to check customer feedback before you buy a product from the seller.

Read item description and seller guarantees

There are times where people just look at the product name and price before buying.

But you should also read the description before placing the order. There are times where the sellers do mention if it is a brand new box packed product or an open piece.

Some of them also mention if it is original or replica of the product, which can make your buying decision easier.

A lot of sellers set their own guarantees. Some of them charge for returns (if you have to send back the faulty one), some of them don’t accept returns at all, nor some let you cancel once product is shipped and you change your mind.

To ensure you don’t get stuck in such a situation, it is better to look for these things in advance to avoid further disappointment.

Google Translate Is Good for Online Shopping

When contacting supplier’s overseas is good to have a good translator to have your back. Language barrier is critical when purchasing products online. A simple tool I like to use is Google Translator. It’s a good tool for replying and following up email. As an entrepreneur you need to have good communication when dealing with overseas products.

Now that you have an overview about Alibaba shopping. It’s time to go shopping. Alibaba might be an awesome shopping experience. It’s good to walk away knowing you have the knowledge to have a better and safe shopping experience.

Do background checks on the companies themselves (I actually have contacts who get more in depth information on these companies), and ultimately make sure you always request a sample

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