Article Video Robot Review | Convert Article Into Videos

Article Video Robot Review | Convert Article Into Videos

Article video robot review is to help you make the right decision on using this product. There are article video robot reviews online, but I wanted this review to be different from all the rest.

Every once in awhile a new product seems to cross my desk and grabs my attention. This particular marketing tool has done that. So I decided to write this article video robot review to share my own experience with the marketing tool.

Product: Article Video Robot Review
Website: Click Here
Price: 0-$47 Month/ $97/ Month
Owner: Navneet Rai
Pagerank: 4/10

Product Overview

I generally don’t jump on products that comes across my desk. But this was something very interesting. If you been in blogging for as I have, you should know that getting more eyes on your website is important. So, I had to see what this product can do for my business.

The purpose of this article video robot review is to give you the best information about this tool. And to help you determine whether it will help get more traffic to your website.

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As a blogger we know that creating good content help drive visitors to our website. But what I like about this tool is that you can make your article come alive with article video robot.

What make this so unique is that you can take any article and turn it into a live video, that is so cool right?

What is Article Video Robot?

This cutting edge of new technology can turn your blog article into a live video. Plus you can upload your video to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter with a click of a button.

If you’re looking for ways to update your old blog post, this tool can bring them back to life. No need to spend countless hours trying to create YouTube Videos.

What Do People Think of Article Video Product?

As I continue to provide you with good information with this article video robot review. I wanted to see what other people thought about this product. During my research. There are some good positive feedback from online marketers who have signup.

Article video robot review

According to the discussion. Most of them seems to like the prices of the membership packages that they offer. Considering the many feature you get with the upgraded memberships the isn’t that bad.

Although it Free to join, but you’re only limited to certain feature of the app. So if you want to benefit and get more from this tool, then you might want to consider upgrading your membership. From my experience with this tool, I can agree with everyone else. I’m happy so far.

What are the Pros of Article Video Robot?

In this section of this article video robot review. I will explain some of the advantages for using this tool. I like this tool because it compelling and it allows you to upload your images to match the video.

It create soft music in the background of the video for more pleasant viewing.

Upon creating the video. You can link your video back to your website generating more visitor to your website. Plus you are able to submit your video to 13 videos site and social media sites.

Once your video made. You will get email details about the video you have created. You are able to click on the video to see what it looks like.

All together this tool help create some great looking video for your business or website.

What are the Cons of Article Video Robot?

In this section of this article video robot review. I will explain some of the disadvantages for using this tool.

Although this tool has some good feature about it. But it also has some bad feature about it as well. The first would be some of the feature will not link to your social site or other site.

You have to spend a little time adding these site to the application.

But even the price $47/month is far, it might seems a little expensive to others.

The videos are good. But at some point the video might not seem high quality compare other video making tools.

I don’t have a lot of negative things to say about the application for now.

What Tools and Training Do You Get?

Once you become a member. You get access to tutorial that show you how to create your first video and submit to your social network site. Step-by-step training showing you how to link your accounts, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc.

The training is very easy to follow along.

Can You Get Support?

This application does have a support system included. If you scroll down to bottom of the page you will see a HELP tab.

When you click on that tab there are list that helps you with question or problem that you are having with the tool.

If you don’t see what you’re search for on the list. Then you can contact us tab for getting more information that you need.

My Final Thoughts

This article video robot review. I would like to share my final thoughts about this application. This product comes in handy, if your blogger and want to create cool video for your article.

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I like that fact that you can use this tool to update you old blog post as well as new article.

For my business, I would be using this tools on some of my older post. For your business can be something different depending on your needs.

For the most case tool can benefit your business or website.

It works wonders if you don’t have the time and equipment to create videos.This product saves you time.

The Article video robot tools is one application that I would recommend investing. With video marketing is on the rise this would be one resource that keep you on top of the game.

If you decide to not miss this opportunity, Be sure to get my go ahead. Learn how I get a $250 video for my website done in just 0.97 cents!

Thanks for reading this article. If you have any question. Please contact me using the form on this website, I will reply within 48 hrs

What are your thoughts about Article Video Robot ? Please leave your comment below.

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6 thoughts on “Article Video Robot Review | Convert Article Into Videos”

  1. It’s amazing! It is the first time I heard about Article Video Robot. How can someone develop this amazing tool?

    Nowadays, visitors prefer to watch some video clips rather than read some articles. I have been searching for making some video clips myself but failed. It is really hard to do so without any video making techniques.

    Now, with Article Video Robot, I can make my video clips easily. Thanks for introducing it to me.

    • Awesome Nico, Thanks for commenting on this article,Yes I didn’t believe myself, but once I gave a try it was so easy to do. What I did like about this tool is that you can put in any keyword such as wealthy affiliate. The software will search the internet for the best articles and give you a choice of some article to choose from to make your video that you can link back to your own website. This is really a cool tool. I recommend watch the training videos and start making videos. 

  2. Thanks for this review. Have actually being on the look out for this type of software that converts article to videos without me sync my voice with the video.

    Really awesome. And they allow even for 30 sec trial without credit card. That’s simply amazing.
    This is really a big deal and beneficial for internet marketers that wants more traffic. I hope to check this out real soon.

    • Anuoluwapo , Awesome thanks for checking out this article, I think it a really cool tool for online marketer. Yes the great thing about you get to try out for free…Nothing wrong with that deal. I hope you continue to use the tool for your business Thanks again 

  3. This is really interesting. I am amazed at the number of tools that are available to us marketers and bloggers these days.
    For now, I am using other peoples videos on my website and for promoting but I like the fact of being able to convert an article to a video. From what I know, videos rank better and faster in google than articles do. It is enough to make a google search and you very often end up with several Youtube videos on the front page.
    I will bookmark your review page for the future.
    Thank you.

    • Hey Jojo thanks for commenting, Yes this was very interest to me as well I didn’t believe it work until I actually tried it out for myself. Amazing of how many tools are out there I agree. Thanks again.


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