Bitqyck Review | Legit Opportunity or Just Another Scam

Bitqyck Review | Legit Opportunity or Just Another Scam

Bitqyck Review | Legit Opportunity or Just Another Scam

Bitqyck review

Here is another one of those bitcoin opportunities that is raising a lot of attention among investors. In the article you will learn if this is a legit opportunity or just another scam.

What is Bitqyck?

Hello,  you’ve heard the buzz about this new company that’s gain a lot of attention.

One thing I like to mention is that I always write an honest review of business opportunity or products. So, if you’re thinking about joining bitqyck then you can get my honest review about this business.

In this review you will gain some true knowledge about the business so you can make the best investment.

In this review I will go over the compensation plan and what are benefits of joining this business.

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Program Overview

Product: Bitqyck
Website: www.bitqyck.com/
Co Owner: Sam Mendez
Price: Free to Join-Investment in the business $199-$749

Product Review:

Bitqyck is a cryptocurrency company that was created in Texas.

As I mention that Sam Mendez is the Co-founder of the company there are no other founders available at the moment.

A little bit of information about Sam Mendez, he came on the scene in 2011 with the business model My Shopping Genie. Until his return in 2014 of many mobile dating apps.

He has since launched the next Amazon cryptocurrency based eCommerce platform in 2016. This business is Calorchi.

What is the Benefits

Bitqyck doesn’t have many offers about retail products and services.

People who join this opportunity can only get people to join their team or sell the packages. I will show you more about in this Bitqyck review.

It’s important to remember about this bitqyck review It’s 100% FREE To become an Affiliate Member. And you get paid 10-80% commission on all sales sold by your referrals.

One thing about this opportunity, Although it’s free to sign up. Affiliate members must invest in Bitqyck currency to become successful.

Affiliates Compensation Plan

If you wanted to invest in the bitqyck company as an affiliate marketer. You will get paid for sponsoring others into the program plus get a piece of the company currency.

Here is a list of the packages and the commission available as an affiliate.

  • Buy the $199 package get you $200 worth of bitqy coins
  • Buy the $349 package gets you $400 worth of bitqy coins
  • Buy the $499 package gets you $600 worth of bitqy coins.

I have something special bonus for you at the end of this review. I’m going to show you have you can start collecting 40 bitqy coin a month for joining my team. That right, 40 bitqy coin a month.

If you can’t wait until then end, ready to join my team right now Enrolled Today. Yes I’m Ready To Be On Your Team

Who Is This For?

I wanted to mention in this bitqyck review who this opportunity is for. This business is for liked minded people. Such as affiliate marketers, investors, business opportunity seekers, stock investors etc.

Bitqyck have 3 affiliate ranking for those who want to join this as an affiliate.

  • Affiliate Marketer -These are people who sponsor other people into this business. You also have the option to invest in the company.
  • Gold Members– Sponsors 2 other people or businesses that maintain downline investment of $4000 every 60 days.
  • Platinum Members– Sponsor 2 other people or businesses that maintain a downline investment of $10,000 every 60 days/

Here a training video about how the commission plan works.

Training Provided

If you are serious about investing and taking the business to the next level Bitqyck does have some training that teaches you all about the B2B marketing.

If you are looking at building your business on social networks, traffic sites, etc.

bitqyck review

Then you’re going want to get Beqyck management system. One thing about my bitqyck review. I wanted give you the resources to increase your investments.

Now this sale funnel management system will cost you $34.95 monthly.

Support Team

If you are like me, you want to know if bitqyck have a good support system. During my research I found out they do have members that have created Facebook groups. This is help members get answers to their question about the business.

bitqyck review

One group I recommend is Geo and Tim’s Crypto-Coin Group they are a awesome support team. Visited the Page Here

Bitqyck Me the Pro’s

One of the pros of the company, is that it’s 100% Free to become an affiliate. You can join and start referring people to join your team.

Although it might take a little longer to start getting bitqy coins.

Affiliate members can get paid in cash with package sold by your referrals.

However, if you are are serious about investing in this opportunity. I would recommend buying one of the packages mention in this bitqyck review.

Here are some example of the pros of bitqyck in the images below.

Bitqyck Me the Con’s

Although this business has some good thing about it. There are some con’s about the program I must mention in this bitqyck review.

For beginners it might be too expensive to buy the packages mention in the review. Plus, it might be a little confusing to learn everything about the company.

I recommend watching all the video training that I have included in this review. Other than that, it still early in the game to tell you all the bad things about bitqyck.

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My Final Thought

Wow, there is a lot to learn about this business opportunity. Bitqyck me is something to take a notice of. As they continues to gain more attention. There is a chance for affiliate marketers to make money by investing in the company. 

If you are like most people miss the opportunity to invest in bitcoins back in 2010 for only 2 cents. That investment would be worth $1300 as of today. So, for me to tell you not to invest in Bitqyck me before it goes viral is plan stupid.

If you have a vision and see where Bitqyck me is going in the future,. then, you should jump in head first so you don’t miss the opportunity to buy bitqy coins right now for 2 cents.

If you don’t want to become an affiliate and want to only invest in the company, now is the time to do it.

More Info For This Bitqyck Review

Will the Colorachi eCommerce be the next Amazon. I don’t know, but are you willing to take that chance, by not investing in the company. Watch Sam Mendez Video to get a clear understanding about the business.

So my final opinion is you should think about the future of this opportunity. It’s going to go viral, it’s are you going to become a partner of bitqyck. This is a legit business opportunity and in time this will become more powerful than bitcoin.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re interested in joining my team and get 40 bitqy coin a month. Enrolled Today Become a Partner Here:

If you have any questions or need help Please Contact Me, I be more than happy to help you get started.

Hey could you do me favor, share this post on your social media site. I hope you have enjoyed this bitqyck me review.

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2 thoughts on “Bitqyck Review | Legit Opportunity or Just Another Scam”

  1. This sounds like a profitable opportunity but what sort of risks are involved?

    I have never dealt with bitcoins before so this is all really new to me.

    Is it possible to become an affiliate of bitqyck without investing? I would like to know more about the company before buying.

    • Hey thanks Craig , Being that this is a brand new currency program, that is going to be a lot like Bitcoins but much faster and much better. It with any new opportunity you take a risk when doing business. I’m sure the same question was ask when Bitcoins arrived on the seen. Myself I didn’t want to take the risk of lost money so I didn’t get involve and now I regret not taking the risk to invest in Bitcoins now it worth millions. To be honest I’m sure there risk you have to trust and Invision the outcome. Thanks for reading this article. Please share the post .

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