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SumoMe Review | The Best Advice You Could Ever Receive

SumoMe Review | The Best Advice You Could Ever Receive

SumoMe Review, why you should be using this tool to help grow your business, plus grow your email list instantly.

As a blogger, you spend hours writing content for your readers to enjoy when they visited your website. It’s good to provide them with valuable resources, but you also want to build a relationship with them as well. In this Sumo review, you will discover how this tool will become your best friend.

SumoMe Review

What is SumoMe

SumoMe is a WordPress plugin tool that allows you monitor the activities on your website. You can see where people are going and clicking on your website. SumoMe has a lot of helpful tools to grow your email list.

You capture lead with great looking list builder templates such as, welcome mat, pop up email templates that you can design yourself.

During this SumoMe review will show you some awesome features this tool has to help grow your business, plus grow your email list.

SumoMe Review

SumoMe Weekly Analytics Stats.

As an internet marketer you want to know how well your website is doing, SumoMe has an analytic tool that you can use to check your stats.

SumoMe Review

You can receive weekly stats in your inbox on how your website is performing.

Getting this bit of information can be very helpful because you can make changes if needed. You get a notice on how many subscribers, email conversion and how well your welcome mat is performing.

Google Analytics with SumoMe

One feature with SumoMe you can track your progress with Google Analytics right from your dashboard with going to the actual site.

By clicking on this in your SumoMe dashboard you can track your bounce rate and your overall traffic information on your site.

Heat maps are one tool I mentioned earlier in this SumoMe review that you track where visitors are clicking on your site.

List Building with SumoMe

Great advantage tools that SumoMe provide for its members is the list building feature. Growing your email is vital to your business and with SumoMe you can integrate with MailChimp, Aweber, GetResponse, Constant Contact and many other email service providers that you are using.

SumoMe Review

In this section of this SumoMe review, you will learn some of the many features of list building tools to use to grow your email list.

#1 The Welcome Mat Feature

Although this feature is very effective in getting leads to your list. It sometimes can be annoying to your visitor, but it works. If done right you can increase your conversion rate with a good design welcome mat.

SumoMe review

Here’s an example of The Welcome Mat Feature.

The great thing about this is you can design and customize your welcome mat any way you like. Including where you want your leads to go after they opt-in, this can be a product page, affiliate page or even a training course on your site.

If you have enjoyed this SumoMe review more advanced features let continue reading more….

10 WordPress Plugin That Every One Should Be Using.

#2 Scroll Box Feature

Scroll box feature triggers pop up at the corner of your website when your reader scroll down to a certain percentage of your page. This is one of my favorite tools I like to use on my website.

SumoMe Review

SumoMe allows you to set the amount of percentage of how far your reader go down your website before they get a pop-up email.

This feature allows you create a pop-up email that not annoying to your visitors. SumoMe customizes features help ease the aggravation of annoying pop-ups emails.

#3 SumoMe Smart Bar

Although I haven’t used this feature on my website. The SumoMe smart bar is a great tool to use for building your email list. It’s a lot more inviting than the welcome mat. There are a lot of bloggers that only use this feature to grow their list.

#4 Social Sharing with SumoMe

SumoMe social sharing tool is a great way to drive more traffic to your post or website. As internet blogger getting more eye on your content is important to the growth of your business. SumoMe has social sharing apps that will help solve your problem.

SumoMe Review

Now you can connect with your social media platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Google + and many other social networks you’re using.

Drive more traffic using image highlighter to share a content on Twitter, share image instantly on Pinterest. These tools just increase your followers to get engage and share your post.

What The Cost To Use SumoME

One good thing about this tool is that you can start using this app totally free. Although there are upsell option for a more advanced features of the SumoMe app, for the most part, it’s free to install and start using the tools mentioned above.

SumoMe Review


OK, Now that you have a good idea what SumoMe is about and how to use this tool in your business. SumoMe provides everything you need to track and grow your email list. This is one tool I think every internet marketer or blogger should be using in their business.

Here the reason why…

  • It’s Free
  • Don’t need hire designers
  • Don’t need to know tech HTML and CSS knowledge
  • A/B split testing
  • Proven testing
  • Easy Upgrade Option
  • Integrate with email service providers you’re using
  • It just works.

SumoMe just provides that best tool possible to get the best result you need in your business. If you have enjoyed this SumoMe Review and interested in getting started Join SumoMe Today.

However, if you’re already using this tool and like the share your experience with SumoMe.

Please leave your comments below.

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Quora Marketing-How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website Like

Quora Marketing-How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website Like Flies. 

Quora marketing may seem to be brand new to beginners but in fact, online marketer’s have discovered a powerful way to attract more visitors to their website like flies. What makes Quora marketing so for because it been around since 2009. 

It’s founders Adam D Angelo and  Charlie  Chiever,  Both did a lot of work for Facebook. They set out to establish something totally different and they discover Quora. 

It a community of special people with a lot of knowledge in particular niches. You can connect with people who are experts and building businesses based on your niche.

If your niche is affiliate marketing such as mine, You can connect with people who are in the same niche. That way you can ask or answer questions in the community. 

What is Quora? 

Quora is a community that anyone can ask or answer questions on certain topics. The community also votes on with answer is the most helpful to others in the community.  It a community of experts sharing their expertise about a  business, product or services. 

If you haven’t join Quora, then you’re missing some awesome traffic to your website. Go Here To Join Quora.

How Can Quora Help Your Business? 

For starters, you get massive exposure to Quora 2.5 million monthly visitors worldwide
Demonstrate your expertise and knowledge in a niche or topic

Get other insight and strategies from experts in any industry for

Give solution to anyone asking for a business, product or services. 

Lead and share content from another website including your own website that focuses on a particular subject or topic. 

Get advice to people looking for answers about your business or niche. 

Learn from other people in your niche. 

So, you can see how Quora marketing can help your business grow and drive more visitors to your website. 

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Let Quora Build Your Authority In Your Niche

One of the great benefits of Quora marketing is that it builds authority among your followers. Letting quora build your reputation in your niche will drive more traffic to your blog or website. 

Quora helps build trust with people in your niche that needs questions answer. It’s hard getting traffic to your website if people don’t trust you. This allows you to show off your knowledge in your niche. Letting people know that you care about your business and want to help them along the way. 

Quora marketing helps you get the attention and gain influence among people in your niche. 

Why Should You Be Using Quora 

It’s very helpful in marketing your blog or website using Quora as a platform to connect with people in your niche. This is a strategy that will bring a lot of traffic to your website. The amount of traffic you can attract has the potential of reaching over 200 million visitors every single day. 

The good thing about using quora marketing is you can reach targeted people within your niche. People are looking for answers and you can provide the answer and the solution to the problem by directing them to your website.

Therefore you should consider using Quora to attract potential prospects to your site. 

How Can Quora Marketing Grow Your Business? 

BrainStorm  Article Topic

You can learn what your audience wants by writing an answer to the relevant question they asking. Quora is a platform for topic and discussion. You can start off by answering a popular question in the community. If you have the answer on your website just paste the link into the box and  Quora will automatically put it in hyperlinked. This is good if you have good content on your site. 

Learn About Your Niche

With the expert discussion going on Quora, you can easily look for topics and question in your niche. This will give you a lot of ideas to write about and help drive more traffic to your site. 

Increases You Awareness In Your Business Niche. 

By answering the popular question, this will increase awareness in your business niche. People will begin to following and implement what they have learned from you.

So, you can learn a lot by doing Quora marketing in your own business. I highly recommend given Quora a try in boosting traffic to your site. 

Getresponse Email Marketing | Trailblazer Leading The Way To Sales

Getresponse Email Marketing | Trailblazer Leading The Way To Sales

Getresponse email marketing is one of most important tool you need to grow your business. My goal is to provide you with the best tool to help grow and expand your business online.

What You Will Learn Today

In this Getresonse email marketing review you will learn why I made this my #1 recommendation for your business growth. If you are one of my subscribers you’ve probably noticed, I’m on a mission to expand my business.

So I’ve been trying every list-building technique taught by many mentors. I wanted to get more subscribers, more potential sales from my website.

I use many email marketing providers to grow my business, but I know what’s working the best for me so far. Getresponse email marketing has given my visitors a-lot of ways to sign up for my newsletters.

So I’ve been exploring the collection of form types included in my GetResponse email marketing account and the results are great.

 GetResponse Feature

GetResponse email marketing includes interesting ways to grab attention — a shake form that … well, it shakes (very gently) to catch the reader’s eye. Remember the goal is to grab your visitor’s attention.

You only get one shot to capture and to entice them to join your list. That’s Getresponse added an exit pop-up form you can set to appear when the reader is leaving (to reduce bounces). And an image pop-up form that allows you to add a colorful photo or image. That’s awesome, right?

One of my strategies is to offer a sign-up incentive. I use a download my ebook to entice the new subscriber to my marketing list.

The forms are easy to design and created enticing information.

You can customize these signup forms. In fact, there’s a Color Magic tool that matches the form colors to the colors on your website or blog automatically. And any form can be coded to add the new subscriber to the campaign of your choice.

Nothing To Worry About

You might be worried about you knowledge in coding these forms. Relax Getresponse got you covered. Once I design my new form the way that I wanted. It’s easy to place the form on my website.

Did I have difficult? Nope. After I finish choosing the settings, I copy a snippet of code and paste it into the website HTML — and there it is, looking great.

Getresponse email marketing

Other Great Features

What else? Oh yes, you can add custom fields to the form. The extra data is useful for segmenting my list, personalizing messages, and providing dynamic content.

If you’re a blogger like me,  I started using social media to build my list. (If you’re not, it’s time to wake up and smell the roses, my friend)
Social media is an awesome way to build your email list. I’ve been marketing my business and getting more subscribers with the power of social media.

Check How I Get 200 Subscribers a Week Using This Tool

GetResponse email marketing has free tools that integrate sign-up forms with everyday business tools like Facebook, WordPress, PrestaShop, Joomla, WooCommerce, and much more. If you want more clicks and signups. Getresponse email marketing is the way to go.

Getresponse email marketing

The Benefits Of Using GetResponse Email Marketing

I like the fact that Getresponse has some great benefit to help grow your email list and increase more sale. If you looking to expand your business Getresponse email marketing will help create what I called my three M”s of success.

  1. More Subscribers
  2. More Sales
  3. More Money

If you want to learn how to sell thing through email, I’ve included this infographic to help you better understand how it works.

Getresponse email marketing

Now, that some awesome benefits for your business.


To sum things up, I couldn’t be happier with the growth of my email list. Once I get my forms in place, they keep working night and day, week after week. And if a particular form seems to be under-producing, I can run an A/B test and then tweak it to find out what works best. If you do not know anything A/B test don’t worry there is training available to teach you all about it.

GetResponse free for 30 days

Getresponse email marketing

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