13 Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners That Will Help Grow Your Blog

13 Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners That Will Help Grow Your Blog

Blogging tips and tricks for beginners who are just starting out in the blogging world. In this article, you will discover some good tips that will help you reach your goals.

So, you decided to start your new blog. For the most part for a starter is figuring out the best practices for their site. The point I’m trying to say it can be a bit challenging trying to take your blog to the next level.

13-Blogging-Tips-and-Tricks-For-Beginners-That-Will-Help-Grow-Your-Blog 13 Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners That Will Help Grow Your Blog

Trust me I’ve been where you are today. Just remember there is no quick and easy trick to writing content, every blogger has his or her own style of writing.

There are tons of ways to building your new website my goal for this article is to provide blogging tips and tricks for beginners who are looking learn how to grow their blog in due time.

*Mistakes Are Going To Happen*

When starting out on your blogging journey there are times when making mistakes will hinder your progress in moving forward, So I recommend that you keep these blogging tips and tricks for beginners close by.

If you’re looking to make a living from blogging, it’s good to focus on the tips mention in this article. These  blogging tips and tricks for beginners will start you on the right path in creating a successful blog.

*Why You Need Support On Your Journey*

Staring a blog is very rewarding, but there are times when you feel stuck and frustrated with the thing you’re trying to do with your website. It’s important to have support on your journey with blogging.

This is like-minded people who are right by your side when you have a question you need an answer.

One of the best community is Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a community of entrepreneurs who are your backbone when times get tough. With over millions of active members who are there to help guild and answer any question that you have about your site.

This is one  blogging tips and tricks for beginners that will help you learn more about setting up your website and grow your website.

*Write Like You Talk*

When starting out you want to be professional with your English that true, but the misconception with blogger is afraid to write like they talk.

Truthfully I never understood why people think you got to be so perfect in your writing style.

Duh. the main point in blogging is getting your message across to your readers, right?

So, my best advice on blogging tips and trick for beginners is to start writing as if you are having a conversation with your best friend or family member.

In due time your writing style will be perfected if you begin to write like you talk. So don’t try to be so perfect in your writing. Just be yourself and have fun.

*Check For Grammar Mistake Before Publishing*

One blogging tips and tricks for beginners is checking for grammar mistakes before you hit the publish button. When you writing articles there are times when your wording or misspell wording will go unnoticed.

Your article should be written so that your reader can understand your message. Even though you’re writing the way you talk, you also want to make sense to the visitors reading your article.

I recommend using a simple free tool Grammarly when writing your articles. This tool makes writing fun it detect mistakes you have made in your writing.

*Create Your Own Blog Content*

When you’re thinking about your audience on your blog, use this blogging tips and tricks for beginners. Focus on creating your own blog content.

One most important strategy is finding the best keyword to write your content. You can do that by using a keyword research tool that will help find the best keywords.

One advice to share with you is when writing your blog content. You want to see what your competition is doing.

Pay close attention to what article is getting the most share by people.

One simple tool that can help you spy on your competition is a too call SEMRUSH.

One you have spied on your competition then be unique with your own content. But please don’t copy their work. Dude…You don’t want to be hit with Plagiarism in the eyes of Google by copying other people work.

It a good reason why I’m saying this to you, you just can’t go around copying other people work and putting it on your website. So please don’t do it…

*Create An Call-To-Action Plan*

Now that you put together some great content on your blog. You now have some good images, internal images, external links in your article. You must decide what you want your readers to do next.

The goal is to lead them to a particular direction which could be a product or service that you want them to purchase from you. Getting your readers to go somewhere on your blog is very rewarding with call-to-action buttons. This is one blogging tips and tricks for beginners is a must.

Using enticing call-to-action to trigger a reaction with your readers are phrases such as Free Trial, Buy Now, Get %50 off, Try It For Free etc.

If you learn how to master your call-to-action strategy it wouldn’t be hard for your visitor to take action by clicking the button for more information which can lead to more sales.

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*Set Goal For Your Blogging Journey*

I once read that %75 of people learn more about a company is through its blog. I believe this is very true when your thinking about your own business.

Setting goals for what you like to achieve with your blogging journey. When you understand what goals you like achieve with your business.

You can have a better connection with your audience. Some things you might want to think about.

  • Figuring out your Why?
  • Who is your target audience that going to focus on the most?
  • What type of value will you be bringing to the table for your readers?
  • What action do you want your readers to take from your blog? ( Join Now,
  • Buy, Download

* Go Green Using Yoast SEO Plugin*

If you blog, you might hear a lot about SEO, which means search engine optimization. So whenever you create a new blog post, You should be shooting to go all green using Yoast SEO plugin.

This SEO plugin is important for getting rank on Google. So pay close attention to this section of this post. SEO should be the main focus when writing a blog post for your website.

Here a blogging tips and tricks for beginners. Each of the content should center around getting higher ranking in the search engines.

Going green using Yoast SEO means that you have met all the criteria Google is looking for in a blog post. Going green with Yoast Seo is one blogging tips and tricks for beginners needs to master.

* Take Lots of Notes.*

During your journey with the world of blogging as a beginner. One of the struggles is trying to remembers things you need to do or write about.

The best advice to give you base on experience is to get used to taking a lot of notes. There will be times when an idea, blog topic, a task will come mind. You need to jot down on paper.

There are many ways to take notes nowadays when you don’t have a pen and paper nearby. Some of them would be such as cell phones, notebooks tablets and even now you can record voice message right on your cell phone.

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* Create Attention-Grabbing Headlines*

One blogging tips and trick for beginners I must mention in this section of this post. You must learn how to master creating attention-grabbing headlines. This is one of challenging task as a blogger to accomplish in your journey.

One tip that you can to do when trying to master writing headlines. Pay attention to the headlines in your local newspaper or magazines. Look for those headlines that instantly grab your attention.

Try figuring why it caught your attention. This is one blogging tips and tricks for beginners worth learning more about how to get good at.

*Learn How To Get Good At Collecting Emails*

Collecting email is vital to your online business and you should consider getting good at it. One advice for beginners bloggers is to focus more on collecting emails. Building a large email community is the key to making more sales from your product or services.

The best blogging tips and tricks for beginners is signing up for the 1# recommend email service providers like Aweber and Getresponse. They are simply the best providers on the internet period.

*Choose The Best Hosting Company*

There are a lot of bloggers that will choose or recommend hosting companies like Bluehost and Hostgator simply because that’s what everyone else is doing.Yes, they are good, but you just get hosting that it.

One good advice as a blogger is choosing the best hosting company that’s going to go beyond hosting.

Maxbounty Hosting is that hosting company that will take your blog to the next level.

This is simple web hosting made easy with their plan. Maxbounty Hosting goes far beyond all the other hosting companies out there in the blogging world.

For instance Faster speed, Enhanced security, Reality, and 24/7 live support and no to mention the price of $3.95 a month.

*Be Patience With Your Blogging Goals *

Although blogging can be quite rewarding. Most bloggers find themselves getting discouraged because they haven’t seen any income from all the hard work.

When that happens most bloggers lose interest and this is where having patience is key to your blogging journey.

Learning how to be patience is whats going to make you focus on your goals even more.

Every blogger dream is to start making money with their blog. Besides blogging is a like a job but more fun when you start seeing some income from your information you provide to your readers.

Blogging reward doesn’t come easy, it going to take a lot of patience and consistency to accomplish. Just keep writing and keep believing that it will happen.

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5 thoughts on “13 Blogging Tips and Tricks For Beginners That Will Help Grow Your Blog”

  1. Thank you for your informative post that has reassured me that mistakes are part of the learning process.
    I agree with you bloggers go through moments where they get stuck and run short of ideas.
    I’m sure that’s where being among like-minded people really matters.
    I have learned a lot from the hints and tips you have given here.

    • Hey Zegu for commenting on this post. This post was very personal to me simply because I have experienced it and overcame it as well. I hope you have learned something truly valuable today…

  2. These are some great tips! I love what you said about the community. It’s so useful not only for questions but to keep you company on this crazy journey. Starting from scratch to get to success is a LONG way. The least we can do is to have fun along the way! 😀
    Writing like I’m talking is what I’m trying to do on my blog, too and I think it works really well until now!
    Thanks a lot for the tips. I’ll try the ones from the list I haven’t used yet to make my blog better!
    Have fun!

    • Hey Jenny thanks for stopping bye. Yes for year I thought I had to write like a professional until I figure out I needed to just have fun with my writing but in a professional manner. Writing like you talk let’s people know you are a down to earth person just like them. So just have fun with it…..


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