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Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

Clickfunnel vs leadpages which one is better and converts the most. Truth is it doesn’t matter which one you go with you still a a landing page if you wan to turn customers into buyers.

What You Will Learn Today 

In this Clickfunnel vs leadpages review, you will learn why you should invest in it or whether it’s the right fit for your business. Learning how to build a sales funnel for your online business is key to making money online. Of course there are hundred of free tool you can use to build a sale funnel, but I guarantee they are nothing like Russell Brunson Clickfunnels marketing platform.

2018-06-15_0229-632x215 Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

Because you are reading this Clickfunnel vs leadpages review that tells me that you are looking for a marketing funnel tool that will convert more sales and make you more money right?

Clickfunnels is a all-in-one tool that will teach you how to sell, market, and deliver products online using sale funnels to convert your visitors into buyers.

Learn 10 Signs You Should Invest in Russell Brunson Clickfunnels and Ditch Your Website…

What’s The Buzz Talk…

There has been a lot of buzz talks about Clickfunnel vs leadpages. People want to know which one is better. In my opinion, both tools have some very interesting tactic that will convert more sales.

Both clickfunnels , leadpages are very effective in building good quality landing pages. However, in this Clickfunnel vs leadpages review, I wanted to dive a little deeper to find out if Clickfunnels is worth the money or just another one of the scams out to get your money.

Who is Russell Brunson…

In case you wondering who is the founder of Clickfunnels, Well his name is Russell Brunson a well know internet genius that helps millions of people market their product or service through the power of a sales funnel.

ruselll Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

He’s the author of DotComSecret and Expert Secret books. I’ve learned a great deal about Clickfunnels through reading these books.

He started his first online business while he was on the wrestling team in college. Within his year of graduation. Russell has already sold over a million dollars of his own products.

Over a track record of 10 years, he has built an empire of millionaires of entrepreneurs, sold thousands of copies of his book and sales funnels. That why Clickfunnels is one of the top membership programs on the internet today.

What is Russell Brunson Clickfunnels...

If this is your first time ever hearing about Russell Brunson Clickfunnels, then you are about to discover something very powerful that can take your business to the next level.

Clickfunnel is a platform that teaches you how to create a sales funnel to increase more conversion and make you more money in the end.

If you are interested in take your business into a possible 6 figure income business, then you have an opportunity that can help you reach your potential goals.

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels platform helps you market, sell and deliver your products or services that will convert your visitors.

If you really want to learn more about Clickfunnels I highly recommend getting both of Russell Brunson books DotcomSecrets and ExpertSecret.

OK …Did you get your copy of Russell Books…. Good, Let’s continue…

ClickFunnels vs LeadPages…

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels is a great tool for your business, however, I wanted to show some comparison between Clickfunnels vs Leadpages.  Even though leadpages might be a little cheaper in cost, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to get better results.

cf-banner3 Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

Check out these comparisons.


  • Builds high-quality sales funnel that you can drive new leads and target traffic
  • Easy-to-design landing pages and sales funnel builder.
  • Integration for payments processing your business online.
  • Ability to Spit-Test your work.
  • Ability to create multiple streams of upselling products.
  • Integration with an AutoResponder

You have a lot more option to use with Clickfunnels


  • Drag and drop interface for creating landing pages
  • Mobile responsive design templates
  • Analytics for tracking your hits and conversions
  • Social media integration like Facebook
  • Built-in payment processing system with stripe integration.
  • A/B split-testing feature capabilities
  • WordPress plugin availabilities

However Leadpages does not build sale funnels on a custom domain, but you still have a lot of option you can use with Leadpages.

The Main Purpose of My Comparison

Now that you’ve have seen some comparison between Russell Brunson Clickfunnels vs Leadpages. Clickfunnel offers a much better opportunity for me that Leadpages doesn’t offer.

Although Leadpages is good for online entrepreneurs looking to get started with building landing pages then Leadpages is a good choice.

The main purpose of the  clickfunnels review is to show you why it’s one of the best tools that can help you scale up your marketing experience through sales funnels.

Clickfunnels vs Leadpages Pricing

Clickfunnels pricing

$97/mo – Clickfunnels sale funnel builder.
$297/mo – Includes Entire Etison Suite, backpack, and Actionetics
$997/6mo _ Includes Funnel Hask Package unlimited features.


$25/mo – Limited opt-in landing page builder and integration. 160 + free templates
$48/mo – Unlimited Mobile responsive pages, Drive Facebook ad, 160 + free templates, Popup forms, Weekly coaching calls, chat support,
$199/mo – Complete Leadpage package with loads of benefits and features and training

Let me be honest with your Clickfunnels is not cheap, however, it has some of the best options for converting more visitors into buyers.

The bottom line if you want to increase your conversion and make more money online then Russell Brunson Clickfunnels is the best choice for your investment.

The True Fact about Making The Best Investment

Everyone has his or her own opinion about Russell Brunson Clickfunnels system. In fact, a lot of you will turn away from the best opportunity simply because of the price.

For instance, you might be thinking that $97/mo is too expensive to pay. But think about the huge advantage of this system that will pay for itself 10x times more.

If you going to invest in your business why invest in the best tools that going to help you reach your desired income goal.

Let’s Set The Record Straight

This is why I wanted to set the record straight and to give you 10 sign to why you should be using  Clickfunnels system today.

I know how it feels that when you go check to see if you made any sales only to find out you made Zip Nada! Zero!

If you continuing experiencing the same results over and over again then you have to do something to change your new outcome even if it means to pay a little more. You are at the point now that you have to make a decision about whether you are going to continue struggling or are you going to do something to get better results.

I use Clickfunnel myself, and I included a profile image to prove I am currently building sale funnels in my business. So believe me when I say it’s the best I mean every word.

Clickfunnel_Dashboard-632x264 Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

10 Signs Why You Should Invest In Russell Brunson Clickfunnels

1. You Can Start Your 14-Day Trial Today. If you have a business idea Clickfunnel can work it’s magic for you. This is the best thing about Russell Brunson Clickfunnels you can test the water out for free for 14-days,

2. You don’t need any technical knowledge to learn how to use Clickfunnels.

3. Clickfunnel has beautiful templates that you can choose from depending on your goals. Plus including a sales funnel and Thank you pages once someone takes action on your page.

4. Easy To Design and Build Your Sale Funnel. Check out the beginner guild to build your funnel. I highly recommend watching the below.

This video will walk you through the Russell Brunson Clickfunnel system.

  • How to choose the type of funnel you want to create
  • How to Pick your design templates
  • Editing your design and so forth
  • How to finalize your funnel setting.
  • Going  live with your sales funnel.

5. Clickfunnels Integrations With Stripe Softwares. This is one of my favorite feature of Clickfunnel is the integration software.

Here are some examples.

  • Shopping cart and e-Commerce
  • Payment processing, Strips, Jvzoo, Clickbank
  • AutoResponders system, Aweber, Getresponse, Mailchimp etc.
  • A webinar, Go To webinar, Zoom
  • Facebook, GVO pureleaverage WordPress

6. Russell Brunson Clickfunnel system does more than any other landing page builder, Everything includes Sale funnel, +Opt-in + Thank you page, Host your membership website, Clickfunnel has that system you can utilize to increase your profits. Whether you want to host live webinars Clickfunnels can help you collect your registration list.

7. Conversion and Tracking System: This one important tool you should be using conversion and tracking your progress and results. Clickfunnels give you the option run some A/B testing to make sure you are getting the best conversion from your sales funnels. It just makes sense to split test your funnels to see which one is working better than the other.

8. Make Money as an Affiliate of Russell Brunson Clickfunnels, Yes if you want to become an affiliate of Clickfunnels you can promote this system if you don’t have a product to offer to your visitors.

How to make money with Clickfunnels Affiliate Program Boot-Camp

9. Quick and Easy Help In the beginning Clickfunnels can be a bit confusing, so in case you get stuck do something you can have instant access to help by clicking on the blue get help tab in the bottom right corner

10. Reliable Owner & Company Track Record. Russell Brunson Clickefunnels has been around for a long time and Russell has the track record for begin well-known owner by many entrepreneurs. Forbes mentions Russell for self-funding over Million dollars in Businesses.

Russell has found a solution to many online entrepreneurs problems and challenges. This why Russell has a 10 + year track record and he is the one you need to follow and learn from starting today.

There you have it… 10 signs that you should invest in Russell Brunson Clickfunnels system. You might want to pay close attention if you want better results, make more money, and convert more visitors. The sign are here you just have to take action.

Clickfunnels Training

If you like to work out in the gym like me it’s good to have a personal trainer to help you achieve your goals.

Well, that’s what Russell Brunson Clickfunnels is all about.

Along with your Free 14-day Trial Clickfunnels provides you with a 21-day email series,

I recommend learning more about Clickfunnels by taking a course at Udemy.com.

They have awesome courses that will cost you about $10-12 to start.

Russell Clickfunnels Support…

Yes, Clickfunnels does have a way for you to contact support as I mentioned earlier in this article. You can either click the blue icon at the bottom right corner in your dashboard or submit a support ticket.

2018-06-13_2002-632x298 Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

They are pretty quick to answer your question or if you are having trouble with something in Clickfunnels.

Who is Clickfunnels For…

Who will actually benefit from using Russel Brunson Clickfunnels system? If you are an online entrepreneur, small business owner, blogger or affiliate marketers, Clickfunnels can work for you.

Hey, are you still there? good, I’m glad you found some good value today…

Russell Brunson Clickfunnels Pros’

The good news about Clickfunnels is that its a fantastic tool for anyone looking to scale up their business. Clickfunnels makes it so easy and saves you time and energy. Plus it will make you tons of money if done right.

I like the fact that Clickfunnels makes so easy to build great looking sales funnel with their drag and drop feature. Plus, you have the option to do some Split-testing to figure out which page outperforms the best.

If you are looking to grow your email list Clickfunnels easy integration make thing much easier to link your Aweber or Getresponse accounts.

Overall I like that I can create high-converting sales pages that I know will convert my visitors into buyers with Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson

Russell Clickfunnel Cons’

You just can’t have the good without the bad, So I wanted to mention some of the cons about Clickfunnels. Let’s begin with the Price.

The price of $97/mo might not be suitable for many people. If you think this too much. then Clickfunnels isn’t for you.

In the beginning, it can be a little confusing when you first create your account, but once you learn how to use Clickfunnels you will be creating sale funnels in no time.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts…

I hope this clickfunnels review has explained some great detail in getting started. It’s a great investment for your money.

I’ve been using Clickfunnels for over a 2 years now and I absolutely love it. Yes, there are a few drawbacks but for the most part of its work and it convert really well.

Even with the costly $97 per month. Clickfunnels is well worth more than that cost. This system has already made me that money back to cover the cost of my membership.

If you are looking for a huge discount, I recommend watching this Funnel Hack Webinar where Russell teaches you some amazing stuff. Click the link to get access today… FUNNEL HACK WEBINAR

fhwebclass Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

This is where I learn how to start building a sales funnel for business and earning more money than ever. Funnel Hack is where you want to start.. That is my main reason for writing this clickfunnels review.

Psst… I have a special bonus for you when you join Clickfunnels through my link Start Your Free 14-Day Trial Now! …

My Special Bonus Deal – Never Done Before!

I’m going to give you a 6 multiple money making streams of income that you can implement right into your account today.

If you decide to join Clickfunnels through my link on this page.  You going get Free Done For You Money Making Sale Funnel that you can start making money from.

I’ve been using this funnels by one of my mentors Josh Rhodes that has help me become more successful in my business.

Go Grab Your Free Special Sale Funnels Deal Right Now! Click Here!

2018-06-13_2347-632x80 Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts

So, Start your free trial today and get my 6 bonuses sales funnels.

My Last Final Thoughts

Continuing with my final thoughts of  clickfunnels review. So if you’re looking to make more conversion and make more money the You should invest in Clickfunnels.

If you are just starting out then I recommend going with Leadpages first to learn how to build landing pages and how thing work to get that experience under your belt. Then give Clickfunnels try.

If you think you ready for Clickfunnels then create your account today. Because great things are about to happen in your business.

So I’m hoping this clickfunnels review has guided you in the right direction.

Whether you choose to take action today or to keep struggling to try to convert your visitors into buyers without Clickfunnels I wish you all the best.

Please if you have any comment or thought you like to leave. Please leave them below, I would love to hear your success stories or thoughts.

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4 thoughts on “Clickfunnel vs Leadpages- Which One Is Better & Converts”

  1. I never knew clinfunnelss did all of whst you described in this review, but I guess that’s also why it’s cost almost $100 dollars a month.

    You say you use clickfunnels, had it helped you earn more money since you started using it?

    Also when would you say is the best time to start using it to build your email list?

    • Hey Michael, I know a $100 a month is quite expensive, I felt the same way my friend, until I realize the importance of growing my business. I need the tools that;s going to help me reach my goals. You have to look at this way what is the main objective in your business and what are you willing to pay to achieve it. So, I recommend start Clickfunnels when you feel comfortable investing $97.00 bucks a month..The sooner the better if you are ready to make changes and get better results..Thank for commenting and best wishes

  2. I do use another, but I do quite like Click Funnels. It has a lot to offer but is expensive. I’m interested to know if I use them and promoted them what would the return be because $97 per month is tough to pay if you’re not making enough, then it’s obviously got to pay. I’ve looked into them a few times before and have seen that they’re very good and their services, which them very tempting to buy.

    • Hey Sharon, Yes I’ve used Leadpages as I mention in the article before which is a good start for beginners. Plus its less expensive than Clickfunnels. But  I only use Clickfunnels simply because is much more advance than Leadpages it allow me to create high converting sale funnels that I know will convert really well. If you really what to invest in your business then I recommend going with ClickFunnels it’s so much you can do that I haven’t even covered in the article. Yes, paying $97/month is expensive if you are just looking at the cost, But in the long term of your business it well worth the cost. Thanks for commenting and come back soon..


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