ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp- How To Retire in 100 Days

ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp- How To Retire in 100 Days

Clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp claims that it can help you make money online by promoting clickfunnels opportunities. The 100-day training course is designed to help average people like yourself and I retire in the next 100 days by following the strategies this course teaches.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp

In today’s article, I wanted to discuss what is the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp and how you can take charge of your life y accepting this challenge today. I want to be honest with you that this is a free training so I recommend that you don’t waste time signing up for this training. You are going to learn so much when taking this course.

Russell Brunson the genus behind Click funnels affiliate Boot camp has put together a band of internet marketers with real success offering to share their knowledge on how to make money promoting clickfunnels products and services

What is Clickfunnels?

Clickfunnels is a marketing platform that marketer can start generating more leads and conversions through the power of sales funnels. The platform track how many sales and opt-ins you receive from your marketing campaigns.

Clickfunnels has a lot of cool feature available for upgraded members such as marketing tools, webinars and funnel scripts and lead magnets that generated tons of profits.

How Does Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp Works?

As I mention earlier clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp main objective to help anyone retire in 100 days by promoting clickfunnels products and services. This is design to when you referral other to clickfunnels you earn 40% commissions every single month. Just in case you did catch what I just said that money coming over and over every month. Sweet deal right?

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp

clickfunnel affiliate bootcamp


What is Clickfunnels Pricing?

Clickfunnels works this way. There are two different prices model which starts at $297 per month or $97 per month which I use in my business. This is one of the best investment ever. You can promote your link over and over month after month. If someone joins through you link you will get a $40 in commission from that sale.

So on that note, if you refer one member to clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp that commission in your pockets. Let say you refer 100 people then you total commission would be a total of $3,800 + in commission. And that’s not all clickfunnels does for you if you get a 100 active people that are people who are paying for the membership.

What’s Your Dream Car?

Clickfunnels will give you $500 toward your dream car this is fun nominal. Let say you have 200 active people they will pay $1000 toward you new dream car.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp








What the Heck is a Clickfunnels Sticky Cookie?

Clickfunnels uses sticky cookies which allow you to earn a commission even if your referrals decided to buy other clickfunnels products. Although Russel promotes clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp. He also sells other products within clickfunnels. These are top-rated marketing tools and resource used to build a lifestyle of financial freedom.

These products range from ebooks, webinars, copywriting or funnel scripts. You can make money from all these tools when you refer decides to make a purchase. That means a lot of money right into your clickfunnels account.

Take a look at some of those other clickfunnels products listed below I promise you won’t believe your eyes.

Is Clickfunnels a Scam?

People have their opinion about what program is legit or whether that program is a scam. Here is my take on whether clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp is legit or scam. The real factor should be does the program delivers what it promises. That program should produce results and actual testimonials from people who already invested in the system.

Clickfunnels states that it can show people how to retire in 100 days. Why would anyone in their right mind promote a claim like that if it wasn’t possible? Each video n the website teaches you how to get the process rolling for your retirement in the next 100 days.

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp

I know this course is 100% legit if you follow the instructions this course teaches you. As you will discover that there are hundreds of people are making loads of money by registering for the clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp course. As you can see the actual results from my account above.

I’ve been using clickfunnels for about 3 years now and I’ve made quite a bit of money by promoting clickfunnels products . So I know personally it’s legit.

Click Here 106 Lead Funnel Case Studies…Whaaat!?

Now I want to talk about the pros and cons of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp.

Clickfunnels Pros

  • 40% passive income commissions
  • Awesome community and support
  • Free training from Russel Brunson himself
  • Video content training
  • Many other tools resources to make money
  • Sticky cookies feature that allows you to make money off other clickfunnels products

Clickfunnels Cons

  • Membership prices are little expensive for some
  • Moving forward with the bootcamp will not work with tire kickers
  • Staying committed might be a problem for most people

Clickfunnels Affiliate Program

In case you are wondering if clickfunnels has an affiliate program? The answer is Yes! And you can Affiliate Bootcamp the good thing you don’t have to be an active member to start referring people. You will also discover there are much other training within clickfunnels such as a program called One Funnel Away Challenge. Both of these affiliate programs can help you get started.

Right now I’m giving away a done for you proven clickefunnels system that you can implement right into you clickfunnels account when you join Clickfunnel today.

Click Here To Get Access To My New Spinning Profits Money Making System. 

Clickfunnels Support

Does clickfunnels have a support system? That is Yes! Once you register as an affiliate member you will able to contact support with any problems or issues that you have with your account. Clickfunnels support team usually answer a question very fast and effectively. So if you come across any problems feel free to contact them they are awesome. Beside clickfunnels have over 70,000 + active members willing to respond to your customers’ needs.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

If you want to make changes in your life then you going to have to invest in something that’s going to help you change it. Most people who look at what the cost to maintained clickfunnels but don’t look at the proven results it produces. 70,000 active member can’t be wrong by investing in clickfunnels

If you are looking for a real proven result and legit opportunity then clickfunnels is the best option for beginners. Let’s say you don’t have any idea about Affiliate marketing.

You might want to check out my #1 top beginners training course called Wealthy Affiliate. It’s a course that will teach you everything you need to know about how to build a successful affiliate marketing online business. Other if you would like to start a Free Click Funnels Trial don’t hesitate to Click the Banner below to get started

clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp

Clickfunnels Affiliate Bootcamp is a winner in my book. If you have any question about this program please contact me I usually respond with the next 24 hours. Plus love to hear you thought about the post please leave a comment below.


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22 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Affiliate Bootcamp- How To Retire in 100 Days”

  1. At the moment I am a little confused.  In the second paragraph, you said that “this is a free training” and a few paragraphs further down you say that “two different prices model which starts at $297 per month or $97 per month” which you use in your business.  Confusion is no more.  I was reading your post and trying to take notes as I went.  It’s easy to get confused that way.

    So I guess I have to ask:  How long have you been involved with CF? Are you or have you taken the 100-day challenge and how did it or is it going for you?  How soon did you see earnings?  Also, what happens at the end of the 100-day challenge?  How much time is involved each day to do this?  I hope you can understand that I don’t want it to take over my life.  I’m interested but I need more.

    As good as this sounds, I have a problem with the cost of this program.  You have two upgrades.  The second one is going to be a big layout for a lot of people.  WA teaches us all we need to know about Internet and Affiliate marketing for way less.

    Is ClickFunnels better?   To be honest, I don’t know anything about click funnels or how to use them.  I don’t know. It’s just a little more money than I’m willing to put out on a fixed income.  My only option would be the Challenge but, as I said, I need more,


    • Hey Wayne 

      Yes I understand it can be a bit confusing, So I’ll will try to help 

      Here is the deal you can try clickfunnels out for Free for 14 -days this will give you total access to the membership area to where you can get a better understanding on how the system works. During that free 14-day trial you still can earn 40% commissions even as a Free Member.

      Before the ending of your trial period. You have the option to upgrade your membership to either the $297 plan or start with the simple $97 plan. I hope that makes sense. If you don’t think clickfunnels is for you then just simply cancel your subscription with no question asked. No out pocket money lost.

      If this is still confusing, I highly recommend starting with the Affiliate Boot-camp this an awesome training for beginners. es, I understand it can get a little confusing 

  2. Thanks for explaining things about ClickFunnels. This can be a good opportunity and what’s great is that it has a 14 day trial period. It is also giving great percentage of commision. The sticky cookies feature looks pretty interesting to try. Everything looks flexible in this type of online marketing business. Just a quick question, you said that even if we’re not yet a member we can do referrals. Does it mean we can already earn from it and collect the amount once we become a member? Hope to hear from you!

    • Hey Missus 

      The answer is Yes you can , but recommend becoming a active member this assures that you will earn those big commission checks. Consider this would you rather make 5% commission or 40%commission. 

  3. Good review of Clickfunnels. I’ve always wanted to invest in clickfunnels but it’s pretty expensive. It’s a monthly subscription and for me it’s a hefty price to pay (at least for now). I am a member of wealthy affiliate, and I like the way they teach beginners like me to start and grow their online business. But I’m really thinking of subscribing to clickfunnels. Is the 97$ per month the lowest? If I’m a beginner, perhaps, I won’t be able to use all the features in there correcT?

    • Yes Aj 

      Clickfunnels is not cheap, I recommend learn all you can about clickfunnels before making the investment. Wealthy affiliate a good in teaching you how to make money online. That a good start maybe sometime in the future you might take another look at clickfunnels. However thanks for checking out my post. 

  4. I just checked out your website and let me tell you I have learned more about click funnels than what I read online anywhere else. I am glad I came across this website. I was looking for ideas as to what I could do for my website and you just gave me something to think about.

    • Hey Vic 

      Thanks and hope you continue to come back and visit my blog to learn new thing about clickfunnels and any other marketing strategies on my website. Let me know if you need any advice maybe I can help…thanks again 

  5. Thanks for this article.  I have heard of Russel Branson’s One Funnel Away Challenge and his affiliate program, but he’s a little too salesy for me and my niche isn’t for promoting things like this.  He’s definitely legitimate if you’re in the making money online niche, but if I ever need a sales funnel, I’ll consider this program, definitely. Thanks again.

    • Hi Seleniity 

      Thanks for your thought about clickfunnels, I understand click funnels isn’t for everyone. I can only what my personal experiences with this program 

  6. Hi there, thanks for your article.

    100 days to retire is a fairly big promise to make.

    Have you been able to succeed in making this happen in 100 days? And get your dream car?

    How much work per day is required to able to be making this amount consistently? I feel that 100 days is realistic, but if you have succeeded in this, that’s awesome. It would good to see a break down of how you did it.



    • Hey Stevie 

      If you as with any other opportunity it takes time and president in getting the results your looking for in program like clickfunnels. I can say the same with Wealthy Affiliate it not going to happen over night. Trust me I know the claim seem a bit far fetch, because that doesn’t mean it can’t happen if you have the determination and work hard in getting the right outcome. If you are looking for something instantly then you might forget about promoting clickfunnels or Wealthy Affilaite but instant success will not happen.  

      Yes I made money but have I landed my dream car the answer will No not yet..Thank for sharing your thoughts 

  7. Hi!  I’ve run across several different blog posts lately on funneling.  I must say your take on ClickFunnels has captured my attention.  However, I’m not looking to spend any money, which is why for now, I’ll stick with Wealthy Affiliate.  The information there is a gold mine.  I did upgrade to a Premium membership and I’ve learned so much!  I do like the 14-day free trial, but that means I’ll probably like what they’re selling and want to sign up for more information!  I’m not saying never, just saying not now.  I have to work on getting traffic to my websites.  Thanks so much for researching this and presenting a fair review.  Blessings!

    • Thank you for commenting on this post. Wealthy affiliate is great investment I myself has been an premium member for many years now and it was the best decision I made in my life. Love WA. Best Wishes hopefully you will remember this post in the near future one you have achieved success with Wealthy Affiliate 

  8. I have heard about clickfunnels before, but honestly had no idea what the heck it was.  Your post was an awesome way to explain and help me understand what they are all about.  Wow it sure sounds like their is money to be made there, but the fees like you said are a bit high.  

    You do have to spend money to make money, so I can see why you are interested in and have clearly made some money doing it.  

    I really enjoyed your post and you did a great job on it. 

    • Hey Coralie 

      It ok a lot people probably haven’t heard much about clickfunnels. I glad to be the first to what this bit of information to you. Thanks for stopping bye and commenting 

  9. Wow, this is a really wonderful post i must confess. I have heard quite alot about the money making process of clickbank and the reports have left me in a cross road. However reading through this post have cleared my doubt about clickbank and I’m certain its as very good means to making cool cash for oneself. I’ll give it a try and also inform my friends about it. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Hi Chloe 

      Yes I would recommend  southbound about clickfunnels before investing in the progra. Clickfunnels will take some timeless how to promote and building sales funnels. 

  10. Oooh, I love Clickfunnels! Not only is it useful for building out funnels, you can create an entire website with it.  The back-end infrastructure with the Ettison suite is super useful, although a little bit expensive for a newbie. 

    I  am currently looking for some more training to be an affiliate for it and stumbled upon your blog. I will definitely checkout the 100 Day Bootcamp as I’ve been procrastinating a bit with starting. Do you recommend any other training for promoting this software? 

    • Hey Wilson 

      I’m sure you can find a lot of other training tools and resources by checking out my business for success on my website. There tons of training that I’ve personally use in the business everyday. Thanks for checking out this  blog post and commenting 

  11. I have personally heard of clickfunnels affiliate bootcamp and read about it too and it is legit. I think the reason most people say it is a scam is because they expect to just invest and start earning after 100 days without the required amount of work. They forget that there is no legit work online that pays you without putting in the effort. I will ask friends to visit the site so that they do what most have failed.

    thank you so much for piling up the information for our folks out there to depend on.

    • Hi Brendan. 

      I totally agree with your statement I haven’t found a opportunity on the internet that pays me money with little effort at all. My thought is even if you become successful with Wealth affiliate you still going have to put in the work to maintain your business that mean , promoting , spending money on advertisement, writing article, driving traffic and build your list and not mention finding  ways to keep them. Successful entrepreneur’s still have to work somebody has to be boss…

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