Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Online Business

Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Common blogging mistakes to avoid when blogging with wealthy affiliate. Over the years of build my business with the wealthy affiliate, I’ve seen many members get discouraged, give up and quit all because of the 6 mistakes.

When I first joined wealthy affiliate the excitement of being able to create a blog was pumping through my mind. It sounded like so much fun, but then reality hit me like a ton of bricks.


No one told be about writing content for my blog. No one told me about the challenges I’ll be facing building my blog. The fact of coming up with a new idea was a challenge on its own, but now I have to put my ideas in the form of a blog post.

Common Blogging Mistakes

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I have made plenty of mistakes during the process of learning this new blogging venture of mine. Mistakes that could have ended up with me failing as a new wealthy affiliate blogger.

So I wanted to share some mistakes that most wealthy affiliate blogger makes when they start on this journey.

1. Stop Letting Your Leads Get Away

This is one of the top mistakes I see in the blogging. People are just letting their leads get away.
Blog owner have some great content and product information but left out the lead capture page.

Collecting your leads is your top priority when starting an online business

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2. Common Mistakes to Avoid When Blogging.

Choosing The Wrong Domain Name

The first mistake is choosing the right domain name for your new blog. The excitement of getting started with wealthy affiliate runs through the minds of each new members. So the first thing they do is go purchase a domain name for their WordPress blog.

mistakes to avoid when blogging

New members choose the wrong domain name for their blog. Only to find out that they hate the domain name they bought in the first place. Now they are stuck with useless names that have nothing to do with their blog.

Choosing the best name to fit your product or business opportunity is important to your readers and yourself. Choosing a good name that has authority in your niche. If you choose a domain name make sure it a name that fit your business.

The ultimate results, you’ll be paying for a domain name that has nothing to do with your blog or opportunity.

I’ve learned over the years when choosing a good domain name is to do some keyword searching for the best possible name to fit my blog.

3. Mistakes to avoid when blogging

Satisfying People

Most bloggers think that they have to satisfy other people who visited their website. The truth is you don’t have to please everyone who reads your blog.

When I join wealthy affiliate I didn’t know anything about writing or who I was writing for? It was a learning process that I had to develop.

I stop trying to think with other people thought of my blog. In just starting writing about things that made me happy. If you are not having fun in what you are doing then you won’t last in this business.

Bloggers think they have to be serious all the time. Just have fun writing what people want to read.

4. Mistakes to avoid when blogging

Copy Right Images on Google

When you have written new blog content all the first mistake new bloggers do is go to Google and grab an image and place it on their blog post.

This can wind up getting you in serious trouble with Google because you didn’t have permission from the owner to use the image.

This Infringement of copyright may result in monetary damages, lawsuits, costly legal fees and under some rare circumstances, criminal charges.

Below I’ve added a list free image site that you can use for your blog.


 5. Common Mistakes to avoid when blogging

Engaging In Comments

One of the mistakes blogger makes is not responding to comments made on their blog. It tells your reader that you don’t care about their thoughts or opinion shared on your post.

Most people don’t leave comments, but when someone do leave a comment. Engage by responding whether it is a good or bad comment you should respond. Let your reader know that you care about their thoughts on your blog.

Engaging in comments tells Google your website can be trusted and it help your site get better page ranking. Engaging in comment help the quality of your post. The more conversation can also keep people coming back to your site.

Engaging in comment help get your site be found in Google by Search Optimization Engine. People like engaging in other conversation, so if your blog post is attracting a lot of attention most likely you will be found under those search term that people are searching on Google.

That why I started responding to comments made to my blog post. I want my readers to know that I care and their opinion matters to me. Don’t make this mistake of leaving your comments unanswered.

6. Mistakes To Avoid When Blogging

Using the Social Media Frenzy

Most common mistake is not using social media to gain more traffic to your blog post. If you are writing content you want to people to know about what you just publish on your website.

Social Media can be a great way to gain more exposure to your blog. Add social media button on your blog post this will increase your social media engagement. Don’t miss out on the social media frenzy.

7. Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid

Commitment to Your Goals

I have to say this is one of the hardest things when it come to building your website blog. It’s so easy to give up and quit. Writing new content is important to your business growth and your future dream of becoming a successful entrepreneur.

The problem is that new bloggers think they are not capable of staying on course with their training. Begin able to writing and post one or two posts a week.

Wealthy affiliate training involves a lot of thinking and writing to get your website ranks in Google. The training can take hours to complete and it can get very frustrating at time.

Wealthy affiliate bloggers think that just spreading the word about their business is enough. That’s the wrong Idea, you have to create good content that keeps your visitors coming back to your website.

Stay committed to your writing skills and goals to be a successful blogger. Have a set goal on posting one or two blogs post a week.

Commitment is important to growing your business. Stay focus and don’t give up on your dreams.

Stay clear of making these mistakes and you will be on your way to a healthy new blog that your reader will enjoy and remember.


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6 thoughts on “Common Blogging Mistakes To Avoid When Starting a Online Business”

  1. As a beginner in WA and learning everything on how to build a blog/webpage has been a challenge. I have actually back off for about a week. This Motivated me a lot actually. Gave me a different way to look at things. Knowing you have the same struggles and over came it has inspired me to keep working hard.
    So I thank you for that!

    • Awesome Bobby thanks for commenting, I hope this has given you some true value as a wealthy affiliate member. At times we do make mistakes, but we can bounce back my friend. Thanks again

  2. Awesome post! Thank you for sharing this information. I found it to be a good reminder. I know I’ve made some of these mistakes when I first started. The key is to learn from mistakes and not quit.

    I know I still make the mistake of not being fully committed to my goals. I don’t always feel like working on my website and then several days pass and I haven’t made any progress.

    Very helpful post! Thank you!


    • Great Weston, I glad to help shed some light on some mistakes we make in the beginning, but we learn from our mistakes to grow our business. Thanks again.

  3. I just visited your website and read your article . I really appreciate the information concerning where to find free images for my blog post. This information was very helpful thank you

    • Hey Tanja appreciate you stoppig bye and reading some of my article plus I always willing to help anyone who need help in their business, if you need help just let me know…thank again


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