CPA Smashers

CPA Smashers | Uncovered The Myths Is This Legit or Scam

CPA Smashers | Uncovered The Myths Is This Legit or Scam

CPA Smashers product review what you should know before you buy this product.

Product Name: CPA SMASHER


PRICE: $6.95-$27-$17

OWNER: Nick Marks




CPA Smashers

I bought CPA Smasher, a few weeks ago, and I decided to write a review about my experience with the product so far. I will discuss how well it works, what the training the product provided also what are some of the drawbacks of the product.

Learn about 5 best CPA Marketing Strategies to boost your income.

I will give you information that I think would be valuable to you before purchasing the product hopefully by the end of this CPA Smasher Reviews you should have a good idea as to whether it is legit or a scam.

So let get started, CPA Smasher is a product that is promoted by warrior plus and the vendor of this product is Nick Marks.


CPA Smashers

CPA Smasher is a complete step by step guide that shows you a proven method of earning $125+ per day with CPA marketing and 100% free traffic.

So they say if it sounds too good to be true then it’s probably not. Nick Marks claim that he can show you how to make $125 a day promoting CPA offers. But let’s reveal if this claim really works or its just out to take your money.

What is Good about CPA smasher:

Upon purchasing this product, I was very excited and eager to learn some good strategies to use for CPA offer that I currently run with Max Bounty and PeerFly.

It interesting to see how easy it was to set up an account with Instagram, Nick explains step by step on how to set up 5 account using the niche making money.

Training was good and I was following all the step of the following instruction. The whole training method was good until I found out what I was really promoting right from start.


CPA Smashers

What was the bad thing about CPA smasher:

I didn’t like that fact that I was lying to from the beginning. When I first purchase the product I was told that I could receive 5 of his best CPA campaigns for the price of $27.00 but I didn’t want to pay that much so I click No thanks.

Then He offers me 2 of his best CPA campaigns for the price of $17.00 on top of the $6.95 I just purchase. I didn’t receive any of the 2 campaigns I bought for $17.00.

I didn’t like the fact that the video tutorial training module is so out of dated the video was made back in 2013-2014. Instagram has since changed all their rules are far marketing.


CPA Smasher

(2016 Update) After following the step-by-step training about setting up 5 accounts. Instagram shut down my account for making a duplicate account.

Notice in the CPA Smasher training they want you to do the same thing by setting up 5 accounts for Twitter. I wasn’t even going to risk my twitter account being shut down.

Who is CPA Smasher for?

This product is used for the online marketer, Network Marketers who are wanting to make more money promoting CPA offers.

What Kind of Tool/Training CPA Smashers

This course does provide video step-by-step training but as I stated before the videos are outdated and not up to date for 2015-2016

CPA Smasher Support:

I did find support for this product for answering any question or problem, but I don’t know the response time for getting your problems solved.

My Final Review of CPA Smasher:

I want to be honest here about this product When I purchase the product I was expecting some good training about CPA offer and may receive the bonus that I paid for 2 campaigns.

I was lie too and I was very disappointed that this product didn’t deliver. Plus, after following the steps my Instagram account was shut down. This product sound really good and it still up and running today, but buyer beware of the consequences when buying this product.

I soon learn that this product campaign is to affiliate of Partner with Paul, they are using CPA Smashers tell you how easy it is to make$125 a day, but what you are really promoting is Partner with Paul where they pay you a $1.00 per lead this system is the same concept of Project Payday where they pay you for every lead you bring to the affiliate page.


CPA Smashers

I later found out the Partner with Paul is really associated with Herbal Life. So what you are doing when you buy this CPA Smashers, you will then get directed to sign up as an affiliate for Partner with Paul.

So now you’re generating more leads for his Herbal life business. And getting paid a $1.00 for every lead.

But what I couldn’t figure out what does Partner with Paul have to do with CPA Smashers. Total Scam, He just scamming people out of their money’. Tell me how are you supposed to make $125 a day promoting What?

My Verdict of CPA Smasher

CPA Smashers
This product is a total scam. They just want your money, having you think you can make $125 promoting CPA step-by-step training, but all reality is the you’re just signing up for Partner with Paul to generating lead for him. Herbal life while leaving your out to dry.

(Note) If you try using this method in the training your account will get shut down. You will not receive any of the 5 or 2 hot campaigns he’s using to make money. Please do your research before buying this product. Look up Partner with Paul.

 If you really want to learn how to make money online and generate more leads to your business. 

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2 thoughts on “CPA Smashers | Uncovered The Myths Is This Legit or Scam”

  1. Herbalife is getting desperate. They are doing everything possible to generate warm leads. Most folks already understand that Herbalife is a scam and stay away. By doing a bait and switch, they are hoping to suck newbies into the system.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. With luck someone else may avoid this product.

    • Thank Craig, It really shock me about CPA smasher, everything look really promising and i was exciting about learn how to increase my CPA offers, But to only to find out the whole truth behind CPA smasher, It was all about Herbal life ,

      (Update) I file a complaint with my PayPal the seller refunded my money..But My view on the whole deal is just be honest to what you are selling don’t try trick people into buying something that is not true.


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