Design Your Own Business logo: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

Design Your Own Business logo: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

Design Your Own Business logo: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works

Design your own business logo is one of the features that you need on your website. Every online business needs a way for their customers to identify with the business value.

Having a logo is the most creative way to add value to your business. If you are just starting out in the blogging world you need to understand why it is important to have a logo on your site.

Design your own business logo

When I first started my blog, I often asked this question myself. If this was so important, why wasn’t anyone talking about creating logos? So I wanted to answer the question in this article.

Why You Need A Logo?

If you think about some of your favorite fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s, Burger King, Dairy Queen just to mention a few. It’s the logo that makes you remember that Big Mac and Fries. These are logos that you will never forget.

This is what you want to create for your business is a design that your customers will never forget. This is a way of branding your business with your visitors. Why you need a logo? Because it builds an everlasting impression on your customers.

It tells people what your business name and represent your business with a visual symbol. Logos help people remember your business.

Logos help your business stand out from the crowd and also attract customers to your business. Plus it makes your business look professional.

Key Tips For Designing a Logo

Before you go off and design your own business logo. Here are some key tips for creating a great looking logo. When it comes to your business. Your goal is to think about your brand and what should it tell your customers. What is the first thing you want your customers to think of?

Tip # 1 – Colors, it important to think about your business colors. Think about how McDonald’s use the color yellow and the symbol of a smiley face. It tells their customer it’s always a happy buying experience when you eat at their restaurant. Colors are an important key to giving your visitor that friendly buying experience. It important to identify your colors.

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Tip# 2 – Keep things simple when you design your own business logo. Don’t try to design those long drag out logo names. Just keep it simple. If you think about Pepsi or Coca-Cola its one powerful creation. It’s short and simple and everlasting impression on the world.

Tip # 3– Focus on your business name and how it fits with the design of your logo. Will it last for years ahead? Concentrate on whether it will be short and simple like Pepsi and Coca-Cola? Will it have a symbol or letters along with your business name? What impression will your design make on the world?

Tip # 4– You can get some great ideas about how to design your own business logo by looking at your competition website. Don’t copy their design, but get some insights on some styles and colors they are using on their website. Think about what stood out, when you visited their blog or website. Imagine how you can make your own design stand out when people visit your website. Look but don’t steal,

How Can I Design The Perfect Logo?

Did you know you can create a contest for your logo? If you want to design your own business logo using contest. If have the right resource for creating the perfect logo for your business.

Designing the perfect logo on your own is a little bit of a challenge, so that why have a contest for other people to design a logo for you is perfect. Once you choose your design and give them a little information about your business. You Vote On The Best Design.

In hours you can have a whole list of new logos to choose from. Then you pick the winner. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it.

Ready To Start Your Logo Contest 99 Design-You pick the Winner 

Designing Logos is fun and exciting to create for my business. I found out by following the tips mention in this article have double my conversion and build more loyal customers on my website. Every day people are having a happy experience with my blog.

You can design your own business logo.

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5 thoughts on “Design Your Own Business logo: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works”

  1. It is very good to know stories and it is very interesting to know about your logo and how did you get it.
    I noticed that your blog has amazing illustrations that show you in various situations, this work is incredible!!

    • Thanks Lisa, for checking out my article, I’m always trying to enhance my website with different illustration that bring a more friendly atmosphere, I hope you continue to reading my article and commenting on them, I hope what you read help you in your own business journey. Please come back and visit.

  2. I’m in the process of creating a business logo myself, so this was a very timely and informative post! The 4 tips are very helpful, so I will certainly use them in the effort. Creating a visual identity is critical to branding, so I want to get this right. Would you recommend a service like Fiverr? Certainly it would be cheaper to create a contest where others do the work for free (less the prize offered), but how about the quality?

    • Hi Bobby, Thanks for stopping bye, I use Fiverr in the past, and there are some designer, but I recommend checking out there rating before buying. This is something to bookmarked for future references. I goal is to provide you with the best knowledge to help grow your business. This is your future success and I want the best products and service that will make your business successful online. Thanks again for reading this article and I hope you have received some valuable information.

    • Hey Bobby, I think fiverr has some good talent to bring your ideas to life. Just look for the high rating star and reading the comments about them. Get an idea on their work. I hope and wish you great success with your logo design..Please stop back in and visit.

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