GDPR Compliance Guide-What You Need To Know To Get Prepared

GDPR Compliance Guide-What You Need To Know To Get Prepared

GDPR Compliance Guide-What You Need To Know To Get Prepared

GDPR compliance guide is here to help you figure out what you need to do to prepare your website before May 25, 2018. In today’s article, you will learn all about the new regulations for GDPR.

What is GDPR?

General data protection regulation. As an online business owner, it’s important that you stay in compliance with sensitive and personal data of your customers.

GDPR compliance guide

Failing to comply with this can lead you on the wrong side of the law. In this GDPR compliance guide, you’re going to learn how to stay up to date with the regulations. If you don’t this can result in penalties and fines. So take this seriously.

How Does This Effect You Current Business?

Well, if you are collection emails then this could affect that way you handing your email marketing data. In today’s GDPR compliance guide you will learn what to do so that you are in compliant with the new law.

The first step you should always best to ask your new subscriber for permission to join your email list.

This can be done by adding a subscription form on your site requiring them to check the box related to the GDPR compliance guide.

Especially if you operate an e-commerce site. Once they check the box then you are in compliance with the GDPR rules.

GDPR compliance guide

If you remember the Can-Spam that was implemented years age regarding spam emails. Well, GDPR is doing the same big buzz that everyone has to comply.

So, in order for you to not get hit with outrageous fines and penalties, it’s best to stay up to date with these new regulations by keeping your eye and ears open to latest development that relates to your online business.

I’m hoping this GDPR compliant guide will give you that up to date news just in case you haven’t heard the latest.

Please note that fine is determined by nature and infringement severity, so prepare yourself now or pay the prize later.

This GDPR compliance guide has already been placed and it’ important that you understand what you need to stay in compliance.

Here a checklist from Aweber if you are currently collecting emails

Your Business Locations

GDPR compliance has affected business in the EU, but you should also be aware of this information. Just because your business is not located in the EU doesn’t mean your customers are not.

GDPR compliance guide

This GDPR compliance guide also affects businesses that are not in the EU but they sell to customers who do live in that country. This should not be ignored because of your business location.

What Right Does EU Subscribers Has Now

In this section of this GDPR compliance guide, you will learn what is EU subscribers rights. Once you understand what they are will help you better serve your list.

  • EU subscribers have the right to about personal data and how you plan to use, and why.
  • EU subscribers have the right to request a copy of their personal information at any time they want.
  • EU subscribers can request an update to personal information any time they want.
  • EU subscribers can request Aweber, Getresponse or you to erase their personal data
  • EU subscriber can unsubscribe from your email list at any time

How Do You Prepare Your Business?

Now that we come to the part of GDPR compliance guide so that you can prepare your business for the new regulations that taking place on May 25, 2018. I’ve included a short video on how to get your business in compliance with this new law. Watch the video below.

To make sure you fully understand this GDPR compliance guide. Forbes put out a great article that also explains how this GDPR will affect advertising and e-commerce sits.

Read that article here :  How Does GDPR Impact Your Advetising

This is a major deal to those who have shopping carts and order form on their site. This is also a major deal for online business, blog, website that collect personal data through email marketing.

Let’s not forget this site that places cookies on their customer’s computer seriously this should bring a huge awareness to all of us.


To ensure your business stay in compliance with GDPR you want to implement these regulations in your business as soon as possible.

If you are not sure how to consider hiring an expert service that can do this for you plus they can inform you when change is made.

I know there is a lot of talk about this GDPR compliance regulation and it’s going to be an interesting ride in the few days and months to come as this new law goes into effect.

I hope this GDPR compliance guide has helped you in understanding the new law. Stay safe everyone.

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