How Sumo Also Help You Get Free Subscribers & Increase Your Sales

How Sumo Also Help You Get Free Subscribers & Increase Your Sales

How to get free subscribers, one of the top most asked questions among beginners. Maybe you’re looking for a secret marketing tool that will help you increase more sales, traffic and grow your email list faster.

Beginner’s Guide To Sumo

Well, there is a marketing tool that can do just that.

get free subscribers

I’ve been using Sumo for over three years as my numbers one source for increasing my website traffic and get free subscribers to my email list.

In the article, you will discover if SUMO (Formerly Known as SumoMe) is for you. This article will help you become a better marketer and build a healthy relationship with your visitors.

Sign up for Sumo via this link and I give you my awesome beginner’s blog checklist that will help your content get better ranking in Google search engine.

What The Heck is Sumo

It’s a marketing tool for bloggers and online marketers to use to grow their businesses by building relationships and generating more leads.

Whether you are a beginner blogger and just starting out with your blog, Sumo can offer you some huge benefits by implementing the resources available with this marketing strategy.

Benefits of Using Sumo

  • Increase your website traffic
  • Get more subscribers on your list
  • Track your click
  • See what your visitors are doing.
  • Increase more social sharing on your post.
  • A/B testing your email campaign

Sumo helps you automate all the marketing strategies you need for your online business. If you have no experience, this marketing tool can teach you everything you need know about capturing your audience attention.

Sumo Feature Apps

Here is a list of some of the top Sumo feature listed below, Imaging these eye-catching methods use on your website. Imagine a cool little strategy that will get free subscribers to your email list.

  1. List Builder Popups:
  2. Welcome mats:
  3. Smart bar:
  4. Scroll box :
  5. Social Media Sharing:

Why Should You Be Using Sumo?

First off for bloggers is very important to the growth your business by connecting with your visitors.

One method is getting your readers to exchange their email address for something of value.

get free subscribers

It’s very difficult to keep them on your website long enough to ask for their email because most people visit your site and never return.

Sumo is the solution to the problem. The marketing strategies are the state-of-the-art marketing that keeps your visitors on your website long enough to converts them into customers.

If you want more conversion and make more sales. Sumo does the job right. If you want free subscribers then you this tool.

Why should you be using Sumo to get free subscribers that an easy answer it simply works?

How To Go Your Email List

List Builder

One of the best ways to get free subscribers and grow your email list is using giveaways or discount that your visitors will take notice.

get free subscribers

Sumo List builder tool can help you create some pretty awesome giveaways for your readers.

Wondering what types of giveaways you can create?

Here are some ideas.

  1. Create a checklist
  2. A sample of your latest book
  3. PDF downloadable file
  4. Offer strategies and tips bonuses

By using this approach these will get you some amazing conversions.

Welcome Mat

A welcome mat is a great strategy I use to get free subscribers to my list. It’s a call to action that entices visitors to opt-in to your email list.

get free subscribers

Anyone visiting your website will be present with a full page screen call-to-action page. Now they have the option to opt-in to receive your giveaway or simply click the No thanks button.

The best feature I like about welcome mats is that you don’t have to worry about annoying your return readers it will only present itself to new visitors to your website.

Scroll Box

Often time I find the welcome mat can be a little overpowering to my readers, So I like to use a softer approach to get free subscribers to my list with the use of the scroll box.

get free subscribers

It’s a more gentle way to getting your readers to exchange their email address.

Whenever a visitor comes to your website, Scroll box will usually appear at the bottom right-hand corner with a call-to-action message to prompt them to opt-in. Super way to getting more people added to your list.

Learn more on how to create a effective call-to-action plan

The Scroll box feature can be configured so only new visitors see it. One helpful is whenever you are setting up a Scroll box try offering a bonus related to the article they are reading.

This will help increase your opt-in rate.

Smart Bar

Sumo has a feature called the smart bar, it a way of letting your visitors know about another great post, product or service on your website. A smart bar appears at the top of your website homepage or a blog post.

get free subscribers

You can get free subscribers to your list by announcing something to your readers.

The best way to use a smart bar on your website is to find the most popular blog post and set up a Sumo Smart Bar on each of those posts to direct them to another blog post they might have missed.

Social Shares

Sumo social shares tool is a great way to drive new traffic to your blog post. If you’re not using social share apps on your website, then you’re missing tons of traffic to your site.

get free subscribers

Sumo, offer a way to fix that problem by placing social sharing buttons on your website. You have the option to decide where the button will appear.

It can be placed above, below or beside the blog post that your readers can share with a simple click.

You can configure which social media site you want your readers to share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or other media site of your choosing.

This is an awesome way to get free subscribers to your list.

How Can Sumo Improve Your Content

Maybe you’re the type of blogger that more into stats. Here how sumo can improve your content in the future. If you understand what your readers need, then it much easier to write better content related to them.

Heat Maps

Heat maps are designed to see where your audience is going to your site.

Heat maps let you see how much your readers are reading your content and what areas are drawing their attention.

Visitors are most likely to read the entire post, Some people click ads, some people only read headlines and sub-headline or they might scroll to the bottom and read the conclusion.

Heat maps help you improve the quality of your blog post with your readers. I found it to be helpful by using bullet points to break up your article to get them to read more of your post.

Google Analytics

This is a great tool for keeping track of your results on Google. Google analytics provide you with the answer you need to find out how well your site is doing, but if you’re a blogger you don’t want to have logged into your account every time you need information.

Sumo provide you a way to check thing out right from inside your sumo dashboard now that really awesome right? Everything you need is right in front of you.

Simply connect your Google analytic account with Sumo start seeing the activities of your site.

The Cost of Using Sumo

Well, for starters you can use the limited features of Sumo that will help you get started with marketing your products and grow your email list at no cost. In other words, it’s Free

get free subscribers

Good news is if your currently using WordPress you can install Sumo for free and start driving traffic and get free subscribers to your list. Just remember the free version has limited features.

When your traffic begins to grow that’s when Sumo will be a little more expensive for you. However, you have the option to change the plan at any time. You’ll have no problem with the support system to help you along the way.

Is Sumo Right For You?

In this article, I’ve only covered a small portion of the what Sumo can do for your business.

There is a lot more to learn from this marketing tool such as creating contact forms and other types of plugins that can help you grow your business.

Sumo is all about long-term goals and achievement. Which means this is going to be a long-term investment on your part. Sumo is a goldmine investment for bloggers with the budget for long terms.

If you plan is to check out Sumo for short term, then this probably not for you simply because you’re not going to take the time to learn how Sumo can benefit your business.

Build an online business can take years and you need a tool that is going to help you get results faster.

Maybe you are a freelance writer looking to get your Kindle book published, then this tool will not do you any good, However, I can show you how to get your

Kindle book publish on Amazon with some this unique training course available for writers.

Now back to this matter. Is Sumo right for you?

Well, it depends on you and what kind of results you want.

Who is Sumo For?

Sumo is for blogger and online marketer looking to drive more traffic to their website and grow their email list all in one.

What Are The Pros?

  • A powerful way to drive traffic and increase more sales.
  • Great marketing source to get free subscribers
  • Easy to learn how to implement on your site.

What Are The Con’s

  • The cost might not fit new bloggers budget
  • This is not for writers. It more target toward bloggers.
  • Learning how to use the feature apps can be overwhelming for starters

>>>>Ready to install Sumo to your site click here to get started. <<<<

My Final Conclusion

I had a lot of fun writing this article for you. Just because I know the value it’s going to bring in your own business. Sumo suite apps are useful when it comes to growing your business.

There is no better way to increase your sales and grow your email list all under the same roof.

If you have a high standard about your business and you care more about building a relationship with your readers. Sumo gives you a huge benefit in reaching more visitors and keeps them coming back.

Sumo is a marketing resource tool that is used by over 2 million people from home business, cooperate, bloggers and online marketing. If you’re not using Sumo on your site, you are missing tons of lead and sales.

Get this tool starting today! and watch the ending results.

Ready To Install Sumo Get It Right Here.

Thanks for reading this article, I would love to hear your thoughts and experience with Sumo. Please Leave a Comment Below.


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6 thoughts on “How Sumo Also Help You Get Free Subscribers & Increase Your Sales”

  1. I see potential in using Sumo for building an eventual business empire. I haven’t started using Sumo because I haven’t gotten that far along In my online business. However as grow my brand I will give Sumo a try.

    • Hey Aaron thank for commenting Yes it took me a while to really understand the power of Sumo. I wish I’ve done sooner but however this simple took has father me over 100 new leads in within a couple of months. And I can see more conversion , sump is something every new blog owner need in his arsenal of traffic method. Thank again and I hope you jump on board soon

  2. Sumo sounds like a great way to get free subscribers and increase traffic to my website.
    I really like the idea that it is free for bloggers just starting out like me.
    What are the “limited” features of the free version of Sumo?
    Also, does it integrate with MailChimp?

    • Hey Ed with the Free version 200 subscriber limit. Yes you can integrate with Mailchimp however you get a lot more feature with the Pro membership. But for the most part it a great start. https://help.sumo.com/hc/en-us… Here a little tutorial on how yo intergrate mailchimp

  3. Glad to see a well-written review of Sumo.

    I am a regular Sumo user as well, and I use it to grow my opt-in email list as well. You did a good job of showing the different facets of Sumo. In particular, I like the corner pop in that Sumo does to attract additional subscribers.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how big have you grown your list so far? Looking forward to your reply, and nice article!

    • Hey Allen I’m glad you stop bye, I right about 100 subscriber sense I added the Sumo plugin and I looking forward to growing my email list even bigger. As I continue learn more and more about Sumo. Which mean there is a lot of cool feature Sumo has to offer.


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