How To Be a Better Writer-17 Workouts That Improves Your Skills.

How To Be a Better Writer-17 Workouts That Improves Your Skills.

How To Be a Better Writer-17 Workouts That Improves Your Skills.

How to be a better writer was always the question that keeps popping into my head as I was building my website.

Every day I would go to gym and workout to improve my body, but what about my writing. How can I improve my writing skill? Maybe you’re asking the same question.


What You Will Learn Today!

In this article, you are going to find 17 workout exercise that will improve your writing skills. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or advanced blogger, This workout training will bring you success in your business.

How to be a better writer

Starting a new blog requires a lot of writing and I knew in order for me to accomplish my goals, I need to sharpen my writing skills.

Begin a blogger, it’s not an easy task coming up with ideas and putting them down on paper. If you’re just starting out with your business, it’s not going to be easy for you as well.

So wanted to put together some workout to help you learn how to be a better writer. In this article, you will learn 17 workouts that you can start implementing in your business today.

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As I mentioned earlier, it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to take some hard work. I’ve been writing blogs post for about 5 years now. I found, in the beginning, I need improvement in my writing skills.

I found my answer with the following strategies I’m about to share with you today.

As a blogger you want your writing to look and feel professional to your readers, every blogger has room for improvement. Over the last few years, I’ve grown and learned a lot about how to be a better writer.

For me, it’s been a long journey and I’ve written some bad blog post in the past. Whether you are a beginner or advanced blogger these 17 workouts can help improve your skills.

1 Workout- Read a lot of Books

I’ve learned that reading a lot of books helps to inspire and give you new ideas for your next blog post. Doesn’t matter what types of book you like to read, as long as you are reading something every day.

Reading books help sharpen your mind. Reading a lot of books helps find your own writing skills as a blogger. The only way you can learn is by reading books from other successful bloggers.

You can focus on their writing skills and implemented in your own writing. Reading also shapes your writing skills, by gaining the knowledge of languages and it’s inspiration in your work.

2. Workout -Write As Much As Possible.

One process on how to be a better writer is making sure you are writing every day. In the beginning, there are distractions that keep us from writing every day.

Maybe this can be one of your goal setting for this year, is to focus on writing multiple times of the day. Write as much as you can to improve your writing skill. This workout takes commitment and self-discipline to make it work.

In order for you to get better in writing, then you have to practice writing

3. Workout – Keeping a Notepad Handy.

A simple workout I learn from many other successful bloggers. Having a notepad handy is good for writing down your ideas for later blog post.

Start by writing down blog title and little conversations. There have been times that I was on the live webinar and watching a video, ideas came to my head.

Writing down stuff help inspired and motivate your brain to start writing a blog post. I always keep my notepad with me all the time, that way I never run out of ideas

4. Workout-Find Time To Write.

In our busy lives, time is the most important thing to learning how to be a better writer. Distractions interfere with our time to write.

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Find a time to write about your ideas with any distractions or interruptions. Make it a daily habit in your busy schedule to find time write.

It very important for you to do this workout daily and make a habit in your life. Having your ideas written down isn’t doing you any good if you don’t have time to put your ideas together in a blog.

Pick the best time for you, I usually write my blog post in the early morning hour such as 2:00- 3:00 am in the morning.

I pick that time because everybody sleeping and my house is quiet in the early morning hours. It a perfect time for me to write. It’s a perfect time to put my ideas into action.

5. Workout Brainstorm Before Writing.

A lot of times before sitting down and write your blog. Brainstorming my ideas helps me create an outline for my next blog.

A lot of times I like pre-thinking about topics while I’m out shopping or taking my dog for a walk in the park. Now when I’m actually ready to start writing my blog post, I have a general outline of my blog topic.

Learning how to be a better writer is challenging yourself every day. I like giving myself challenges before I start cranking out my text in a blog post.

One example I might do, and you can try it for yourself, Take out a blank piece of paper. Write a blog topic in the center of the blank paper this is the core of your idea.

Now write about everything related to that topic and put a circle around them.

Then keep adding new ideas from those topics in the circle. You get the picture right. This is how to be a better writer, practice every day, give yourself challenges.

6. Workout-Mimic What Other Successful People Are Doing.

I’ve read a lot of article on the internet saying steal other people’s ideas. All you have to do is copy what other successful people are doing.

Let’s be real here, You can’t steal other people’s work, you can mimic what they are doing, but even that doesn’t guarantee, that it will work for you.

Whenever you come across someone having success, try to mimic what they are doing, pay attention to what type of blog post they are writing.

Pay attention to what blog post are getting the most shared on social media site. Pay attention to their writing style.

Example, are they using stories, or motivational writing, how are they helping their audience. Try new thing with your own writing.

You have to discover your own writing style. Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things in your own business. How to be a better writer is mimicking what other successful people are doing.

7. Workout Revise your writing.

As a blogger producing high-quality content is important to our business. One process on how to be a better writer is proofreading your work.

After hours of writing your blog, your word began to get twisted during the process. I like to take a break for a couple of hours, between writing, to allow my mind to refresh itself.

After cranking out hours of text, you need to go back and revise your work. Most beginners make the mistake of publishing their article and it’s rated poorly, because of miss spell words and punctuation.

If you want to know how to be a better writer this is one workout you need to be doing. Proofreading your article is key.

8. Workout-Set Deadlines For Writing.

Have you ever wonder how fast you can write an article? How much time does it take to writing an article?

As a blogger, you have to set a deadline to write. It easy to get swept away with our busy lives, then we start putting off our writing tasks.

Try to mark the dates on your calendar a starting date and finishing date. By setting, deadlines for writing will keep your focus on your writing assignments.

Don’t forget to reward yourself for meeting your deadline goals.

9. Keep it Simple.

A good writing tip is to be concise when you are writing. Try to keep things simple, clear wording, so that your audience can understand what you’re writing about. Get your point across in shorter sweet sentences.

10. Workout-Take Control Of Your Fears.

In the beginning of starting my online business, while in the process of taking my training classes.

I learned that there is a lot of writing is going to be required of me.

I could remember the look I have on my face, the fear of writing seems like the end of the world.

I learned to take control of my fears about writing. The fear failure is not a great place to be as a blogger. You have to keep trying and keep motivating yourself to achieve your goals.

There will be a time where people will criticize your work. You must prepare yourself to always think positive. There’s going to be typos and missed spell grammar during your writing.

The best part is that you learn from your mistakes and gain more knowledge. Don’t let fear hinder you from achieving success in writing. Take control of your fears.

12 Workout-Let Others Know What You’re Doing.

Tell people what you’re doing so they can support and give you feedback on your writing. It helps to get criticism on your writing.

This also strengthens your writing skills by receiving feedback from a friend, family or another blogger in your niche.

13. Workout-Just Be You.

Many people try to be like someone else. It’s nice to have success mentor, but you are different from them. You have to find your own talents.

Your thoughts are not like everyone else, your writing style is different, your ideas are different from others. Learning how to be a better writer is just being yourself.

14. Workout-Learn How To Type.

If you want to know how to be a better writer, then you need to learn how to type. As a blogger typing is a vital tool you must learn how to achieve.

If you don’t know how to type there are typing program online that will teach you how.

One of my favorite typing programs is keybr.com. This program will teach you the basic of typing. Within a year’s time, you will be well advanced in typing faster words per minute. Your writing skills will flow out of your head.

15. Workout-Take Writing Courses.

It never hurts to learn how to be a better writer. You might want to enroll in some writing courses to improve your writing skills.

I’ve included some information on one of my suggestion online training courses. If you are 25 years or older, you can be on your way to learning Today.  Join over 1,957,100 graduates around the world.

Here are some other free online courses that you can begin researching. Search Now for Free Writing Courses

16. Workout-The Hemingway Editor.

This is one of my favorite tools to enhance my writing skills. The Hemingway editor help improves your writing.

It helps point out the different improper grammar wording and suggest correct passive and complicated word.

This is a great tool for beginners and advanced bloggers.

17. Workout-Don’t Try To Be Perfect.

Just because you are just starting out, don’t try to be perfect. It’s going to take some time to master the art of writing.

Don’t let the lack of knowledge keep you from doing what you love. Just start writing and learn as you continue to grow. Keep practicing until you reach your full potential in writing.

In beginning, there are going to be Typos that you will make, but it’s all about learning how to be a better writer that make you successful.

Now that you have my 17 workouts on how to be a better writer, If you implement these workouts into your daily habits, you will improve your skills in writing.

Remember practice makes you a successful blogger, knowledge is key. Check out what customers have recently purchased to improve their skills.


I hope you have gained some valuable information in this article. If you have any question, contact me.

If you have other workouts you like to mention, Please leave your comment below.


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4 thoughts on “How To Be a Better Writer-17 Workouts That Improves Your Skills.”

  1. Hi Anthony
    Another helpful post. Really enjoyed the read.

    There is one thing that I am guilty of , that is not reading enough books. Even though, I made an effort to get a library card, I need to try and sit down and read for at least 30minutes a day.

    I like your suggestion of the Hemingway editor. Is it free? I use Grammarly. Not sure if you tried that one.

    As you said, the more you practice these workouts, the better of a writer you become.

    Thanks once again

    • Thanks Roopesh, for commenting, Practice makes perfect, You just have to set a daily routine, when it comes to improving area that you need the most. I read about 3 book a day. I know the Grammarly is another great writing tool. I use both of them. Thanks again

  2. I must admit I take inspiration from other people’s blogs who are in the same niche as I am in, you learn so much from just by visiting the first page of google to what you are about to write about. These are the successful bloggers to which I have learnt so many successful techniques from, how they write naturally, display, make a pleasurable reading experience to accomplish visitors reading the entirety of their post and how they achieve conversions. There’s so much that can be learnt here.

    I’m not an avid reader of books but I am regarding blog posts within my niche.

    I like your brainstorming ideas, having a notepad with you constantly enables writing snippets down so you don’t forget them, it’s amazing the things you come up with when out and about yet without it written down in a notebook I tend to forget what I thought. Then like you say, I write an outline of my topic, a series of headings which I incorporate within my blog posts leaving me to fill in the sections, simplifying the process.

    There’s no perfect blog post, yet proofreading and constantly updating accomplishes a better standard.
    Great tips, thanks so much,

    • Thanks Simon, I like the brainstorming workout myself, I like reading my books as well, Just one of those daily habit. Thanks again

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