How To Boost Your Website Traffic-One Blog At A Time

How To Boost Your Website Traffic-One Blog At A Time

How To Boost Your Website Traffic-One Blog At A Time

How to boost your website traffic is one of the biggest challenges as a new blogger. Traffic is one skill that can’t be learn overnight. As you continue to get advice from others.

You will learn that paid advertising such as pay per click (ppc) can bring tons of traffic to your site. The downside of using pay per click ad is that it’s very expensive to generate good quality traffic.

What You Will Learn

In this article you will why it’s important to have your own website/domain name/hosting. It’s important to learn how to boost your website traffic to reach out to your audience.

How to boost your website traffic

If you haven’t started your website I recommend check out this blog post.

Marketing your blog is very important to your business. If you new to blogging marketing has a major role in getting more eye on your website. Discovering how to boost your website traffic is a major task for flooding your blog.

It is the ultimate dream for many of bloggers looking to build a successful online business. So, with no more delays, Let’s dive into how to boost your website traffic.

Get Your Own Domain Name

Let’s face it, some of you are still using free WordPress or sub-domain name? If you’re serious about building a successful business online, you need your own domain name. In most cases if you have a free website, you only end up quitting what you set out to do.

If you invest in something like buying your own domain, you tend to work much harder to achieve your dream. Getting your own domain name sets you apart from all the rest.

You domain name is you internet blog to the world, so choosing the related domain to your niche in important. To help you understand a little more about what is a niche check out this blog post.

So, how is a domain name related to how to boost your website traffic? Having a domain name builds authority about your business. It help to spread the word about your about your new business through word of mouth.

Thus boosting your traffic to your site. So, you can see how important it is for getting your own domain name.

Write More Blog Post A Week

Committing yourself to write 2-3 blogs every week is one tip on how to boost your website traffic. Providing the information that your readers are hungry to received. Your readers are expecting something fresh and new for you each week.

Besides that why they subscribe to your newsletter in the first place. Quick Email Newsletter Ideas will provide you will some tips on how create a newsletter campaign.

When continue to write more blog post, it tells your readers that you are serious about your blogging. And that you appreciate their commitment to read your post. So, write more blog post a week shows that you are passionate about a particular topic in your niche.

How Aaron Orendorff Wrote The Most Shared Posts on Copyblogger, Unbounce, and Shopify

Write A lot of Tutorial Article.

You can learn how to boost your website traffic by writing a lot of tutorial articles. This is where you are aiming to teach your audience something about your niche.

Some bloggers call this Pillar Articles

This article you are reading at the moment is to be a pillar article on how to achieve a goal. In most cases, these article don’t have be very long with a least word count of 500 or more. Writing tutorial article are

This article you are reading at the moment is to be a pillar article on how to achieve a goal. In most cases, these article don’t have be very long with a least word count of 500 or more.

Writing tutorial article are important to building an online business.

Everyone has some expertise in a niche. If you can provide your readers with your own experiences in a particular niche. Learn how Pat boost his traffic using tutorial article. How to Publish a Ebook Series

I’m sure you get the ideas on how these pillar article works and how they can boost your website traffic.

Commenting On Other Blogs

If you think commenting don’t work, then you’re being lead wrong. It’s the number one way for increasing more engagement on your blog post. Discovering how to increase a website traffic through commenting on other people’s blogs. Commenting is not dead, in fact, it helps boost your ranking in search engines.

So, I recommend trying to comment on blogs related to your own niche. Comment also help you get valuable backlinks to your website. Forget everything you’ve heard about comments don’t build backlinks.

One of my favorite platform. I like to use is Dropmylink. It’s a blog commenting service that you can find the best blog to comment on to build backlinks. (Note Please Don’t Spam These Blogs). Other resources that you can use to find blog related to your niche is PostRank. You can look up topic of your interested.

Submit Your Article To Directories.

Submitting your article to directories is a powerful way to get more traffic. There are some benefits that come with Ezine marketing. On the Internet, it is very possible to learn how to boost your website traffic. One way of doing this is submitting your article to eZines.

Although eZines might not produce a lot of traffic, but it will help with SEO. The Pros about submitting to them is that other blogs could use your article on their website. This provide their readers to backlink to your website. This add more boosting for increasing more traffic to your website.

Make sure that your article is within good standards before submitting. Make sure your grammar is good and content provides valuable information. So, here are a few article directories that you can start building backlink and traffic.

  • Ezine Article
  • GoArticle
  • Article Base
  • Street Articles

If you decide to give it a go, make sure you follow the rules in these article directories.

Encourage Your Readers To Comment/Share Your Blog

Comments goes a long way when learning how to boost your website traffic. You should encourage your readers to comment and share your blog on the social media site.

People comment on your blog love to engage with others on a particular conversation.

As blogger it’s important for you to engage on the conversation as well. Provide a quick response when your readers leave a comment on your post.

A helpful tip for increase you traffic, is to make sure you have all your social media plugin in place. If you haven’t place social plugins then your audience can’t share your content. Social media can bring a lot of traffic to your blog.

Engage In Pinterest Boards

One way on how to boost your website traffic using Pinterest Boards. The is a tool that bloggers, including myself, use to drive more traffic to their blog.

Before generating traffic from Pinterest. You need to be posting and repining other people’s pins. Start creating pins that have high quality images that people would want to repin.

It important to comment on pins that relates to your niche. If you enjoyed someone pins, leave a comment letting them know. Be sure to mention your website in the comment.

Adding Product Reviews To Your Site

Writing reviews on your website can boost your website traffic. Reviews are information that people search online. In most cases looking for the pros and cons before making a final buying.

If you write a valuable content related to solving a problem. If you’re receiving a 5 star rating from your audience. More people are going to check out what you have to say by visiting your website.

How To Get Star Rating Reviews

If you want to learn how to get star rating on your review, check out this training by Jay Neil.

Connect With Influencers

Finding top Influencers in your niche is a powerful way to boosting your website traffic. My latest Post About Influence Marketing. Your main goal is increasing engagement on your website.

Connect with Influencers can drive tons of quality traffic to your website.

Some tops people to look for in in your niche.

  • Online entrepreneurs
  • Authorities in your niche
  • Successful Bloggers.

Connecting with top Influences. you must have related products, email list, and large social media following. Once you have discovered 3-4 Influencers to connect with.

Start building a relationship with them. Send them an email asking them for help with your product marketing.


Boosting your website traffic doesn’t have to be hard. There are tons of ways to increase your website traffic. I’v covered some basic strategies to help you get a little closer to your goals.

The some of the steps in this article have driven a lot of traffic to my website, it’s continued to grow daily.

You don’t have to use each of the traffic methods in the article all at once, pick one the best fits your needs.

I’m hoping this article have given you some ways on how to boost your website traffic on your own blog.

If you need any help, Please contact me using the contact form on this website.

Hey, if you have enjoyed this Post, Please leave a comment below, I love to hear your thoughts.

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