How To Build a WordPress Website From Scratch Less Than One Hour

How To Build a WordPress Website From Scratch Less Than One Hour.

Learning how to build a WordPress website from scratch can be pretty scary if you are just starting out. The reality about how to build a WordPress website from scratch is pretty easy if you follow the instructions I’m going to share in this post.  The first step is getting over the fear that actually can build one from scratch.

So to help you discover your true potential in this article you will learn some simple steps to getting started. Learning how to build a WordPress website from scratch doesn’t have to be hard. If you following the steps in this article.

how to build a WordPress Website from scratch

Discovering how to build a WordPress website from scratch for beginners will take some training  to know more about WordPress. Take a look at this Beginners Free Training Course 

What Do I Need To Start My Own Website From Scratch?  

For beginners truthfully the first step is figuring out why you want to start a blog or website. Finding the right niche. Is the foundation for your new website. Next you want to take the following steps for creating your new website. 

Everyday there are thousands of websites created for various reasons. For that reason, you might be wondering how can you compete in the internet world. Just remember you can get a piece of the pie with the right training on how to build a website from scratch.

People create websites to share their ideas of expertise to the world. Another reason is to make money. Here are some examples to help you make the best reason why you need to start a new website.

  • Share your expertise: skills you have that can help others 
  • Connect with new clients or people: build relationships with like minded people
  • Share your passion: building on something you love doing, hobbies, crafts, arts.
  • Helping people: become a problem solver for people 
  • Make more money: Affiliate marketing, selling digital products, information products.
  • Promoting your business: use to get more customers, clients, through online marketing 

What Types of Blogs Makes The Most Money?

Blogs are a great resource for making money these days. People are not creating blogs just for fun anymore. People are creating blogs to make money online. Now you have to discover which types of blogs are making the most money. 

  • DIY/Craft 
  • Finance budgeting 
  • Health & Fitness 
  • Pets 
  • Food Recipes
  • Travel 
  • Entrepreneurship 
  • Parenting 

Get a Domain Name 

First off you must get a new domain for your website. A domain name is the identity for online website. It’s basically your website address or URL that people type into the browser to visit your site.  One of the biggest mistakes beginners make is choosing a domain that is too long. It’s best to keep it short and simple. Try choosing a domain name that is easy to remember here are some great examples of good domain names

The goal of learning how to build a website from scratch is choosing a domain names the is suitable for the content you are going to be writing articles. This is important because you can find keywords that related to your online business. 

Another key factor is choosing the best domain extension for your website. Such as dot.com, dot org, or dot net. The goal getting one of these three extensions which is the most commonly used on the internet. Dot.com is best choice.

 Where Do I Get a Domain Name?

There are many places that you can get a domain name. See one of my favorite free training on how to find the proper domain name Click here to see my #1 training course.

Another  list domain providers that you can easily buy domain name are mentioned below. 

Just a quick reminder if you decide to purchase a domain name from any of the links that you have some knowledge on how to properly host your domain these sites. These can challenging to beginners. If you looking for a training course that teaches you everything from start to finish on how to build a website from scratch then you need to check out a community called Wealthy Affiliate.  

Keep in mind that I may receive commissions when you click my links and make purchases. However, this does not impact my reviews and comparisons. I try my best to keep things fair and balanced, in order to help you make the best choice for you.

What is The Best Platform To Start a Website? 

One of the many questions I get asked is what is the best platform to start a website? So I put together of my top recommendation for starting a website. Although there are many these are my top pick so just feel free to click on the link.

  1. Wealthy Affiliate  ( Affiliate Link )
  2. Wix 
  3. GoDaddy 
  4. Weebly 
  5. Hostgator   ( Affiliate Link )
  6. SiteBuilder 

How Much Does It Cost To Build a Website From Scratch? 

If you’re wondering how all this is going to cost you. Well building a website with WordPress is free. Although  you have to buy the domain name and determine which hosting site like BlueHost that will best fit your budget then you are ready to go. 

Other cost of building a website can range from $50 up the $250 per year. There are also free site builder such as Weebly, Wix that you can create for free. In today’s world many of the builders are drag and drop to customize how you want your site to look.

However free website builder are not recommended if your are looking to develop your brand. I recommend investing in premium website builders that will be beneficial in the long run. I recommend you check out MYTHEMESHOP    ( Affiliate link )

Making You New Site Look Professional 

Now that you have purchased your domain name and you have your hosting all set and stone. Now it is time to make your website look professional and with the tons of option that WordPress allows you to choose from jump start.  When starting lighthouse can be a little scary but don’t worry I got you covered with my #1 top beginner’s training course that’s going to teach you anything from start to finish. You going to inside look at WordPress dashboard and learn how to build a website from scratch. 

Just recap: WordPress are Free themes with many options to choose from to get started. However you can choose to buy your own premium theme for more flexibility. Premium gives you some great option for controlling your site such as support and updates vs free themes you might have to wait months before you see any updates to your website. 

Plugins Needed For WordPress Website

Plugins helps to optimize your website in many ways. It can increase the action and engagement that happen on your website. Installing good plugins can help your website soar in the search engines. Plugins helps your online business become more successful and make guidelines in the end.

By installing good plugins allows you to do things like share your website or blog on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest which increases more engagement and traffic to your website. Although there are hundreds of plugins you can installed on your website. Here are some must have plugins you need to start installing on your site.

  • Yoast SEO
  • Sumo 
  • MonsterInsight 
  • Pretty Links
  • WooCommerce 
  • Contact 7 form
  • Wordfence security 
  • WP Super Cache
  • Ultimate Social 
  • All in One SEO Pack
  • JetPack 

The Most Important Pages To Have On Your Website 

Now that you have your plugins you still have to create some pages for your website layout design. These pages are essential to your site growth success. The main goal is to focus on what you want your audience to do next. In other words what call-to-action you want them to take once they land on your page. Here are those pages needed below. 

  1. Homepage: This is where visitors decide whether they want to explore more of your site. It your job to encourage, entice them to investigate more by heading and free newsletters or joining your email list. The goal of your homepage is to capture their attention and to stop them from leaving your site.
  2. About Page: This is where you tell the world about your expertise. What do you do? And what can you offer to your visitors. Your about page should relate to your visitors by adding real video of the owner describing your business and why they should listen to you. 
  3. Contact Page: This where you let visitors know how they can reach you. Using the contact form on your website they can ask questions about your product or services.
  4. Blog Page: Your blog is what sets you apart from others. Visitors can read your article on your website to gain more knowledge about a particular topic In your niche. Your blog page builds trust with your audience and build trust as a leader in your field. 
  5. Privacy Page: This page is the legal page for your visitors to acknowledge the terms of your site for collecting information. This page states about your website using cookies and how the information is used and any disclaimer terms and conditions.
  6. Product & Service Page: This page talks about what your product or services is and how it can help them. Then tell them why they need it, and more importantly the call to action on how they can buy it. The is to create a lead magnet that captures their email to build your email list. 

Start Adding Your Content

If you ever heard that content is king. It certain is an important aspect of your website. It is what keeps your site interesting, fresh, and full of life. Adding your content is what brings people to your site. Creating the kind of content is entirely up you or your niche. Content is what makes your website stand out from all the rest. 

Writing content is a way to express your thoughts to the world and help many people find the solution to the problem. If goal is to learn how to build a website from scratch then I recommend learning how to design the perfect content that Google loves. 

How To Get Traffic To Your Website

Awesome now that you have your website up and rolling. The next best thing is getting traffic. Traffic is the key soured for learning how to build a website from scratch. You need traffic and lots of it. To do that you need to learn about monetizing your content with problem solving solution that going to bring traffic to your website. 

Here are some ways to bring tons of traffic to your website 

  • Write longer article with 1500-3000 words 
  • Write articles that talk about the solution to the problem
  • Continue write weekly don’t give up. 

Other ways to monetize a website to start earning some money.

  • Affiliate marketing 
  • Information products
  • Google Ad sense 
  • Sell Ad space 
  • Digital product 
  • Sponsored blog post on your site
  • Accept donations

Psst.. Check out How To Build You Own Traffic Producing Website. 

Overall Summary 

Discovering how to build a website from scratch is not an easy task nor is it a set and forget deal. Growing your website is going to take time and hard work to become successful. If you ever wanted to build a website of your own now has never been a better time than right now. 

Whether your dream is to own an e-commerce site, blog or just looking to make money as an affiliate marketer. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to doing.

You can get a piece of the pie and create your own destiny. Congratulations on learning how to build a website from scratch there are no more excuses.

There are still a lot of work to with your new WordPress blog. Continue to stay focused and keep growing your blog.

Check out my must have business tools that you will need to grow your business. 

By following the steps mentioned in this article you are ready to launch your new website. Just continue to make improvements and adding plugins that will help take your website to the next level. It doesn’t have to stop here continue to learn how to build a grow your blog.

If you have any new tips on how to build a website from scratch. I would love to hear from you. Just drop a comment below. 


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12 thoughts on “How To Build a WordPress Website From Scratch Less Than One Hour”

  1. Dope article on How to Build a WordPress Website from scratch. The first WordPress site I ever built was very overwhelming, I could have used a roadmap like this. It can sometimes be tedious, but I believe there is no better platform for building any website, the functionality you get from plugins is awesome and drag and drop website makers can’t compete.

    • Hey Marvin thanks for checking out this article and I appreciate you thought on building a WordPress website from scratch . 

  2. I started my first wordpress website using Wealthy Affiliate, it was very easy and the website was live and running within minutes. What is great about Wealthy Affiliate is that they host your websites and use ground breaking technology so it’s very safe and secure. It takes a lot of time to grow a website to the point of making money, it took me 4 months before I made my first affiliate commissions, so it’s definitely a long term journey.

    • Hi Son that is so true building a website is a long journey it important to understand there are going to be some up and down when it comes to making money online but never give up keep moving forward with your dreams 

  3. I think music blogs also make good money from blogging, what do you think? Because I’m thinking of launching my music website anytime soon. I want to start somewhere and I hope that someday, my website will be a home for superstars in the music industry.

    I already running a YouTube channel for it. So please tell me what you think about it. Thanks

    • Hey Harrison if music is your passion then I say go for it. I only hope you follow some of the method mention in this article. Wealthy affiliate is one of this best training for beginners on the planet. 

  4. Building a WordPress website from scratch could be a great and difficult task for newbies. I agree with you that choosing a good and perfect niche I the first step to resolve before any further action. This step could be so so confusing and time consuming if care is not taken and if the wrong niche is chosen, the website may not last for long…

    • Thanks shifts for sharing your thoughts on building a website. I do agree it can be confusing  at first but if you are a member of wealthy affiliate in sure you be at ease in building your first website from scratch. 

  5. For me, it was never difficult to learn building a WordPress website from scratch; I had access to free resources on the internet to learn from whenever I am having any challenge or difficulty. I wanted to learn html before, I was even learning it already before I discovered WordPress so I decided not to bother myself anymore with coding since there is a way out.

    • Thanks Ovb for commenting learning how to build a website is not so easy for most people. By following to sample mention in this article can help smooth things out a little. A WordPress is one of the best choices for getting started out coding and any other techno feature. 

  6. You are absolutely right that operating WordPress can be overwhelming. If you do not have the proper guidance then you are going to be lost. 

    I have gotten proper training on how to use it through Wealthy Affiliate, and I have been getting more comfortable with it in the last two months as I have made over 30 articles. 

    Once you have spent some time with it, you will find your confidence will go up quite a bit as you navigate through it.

    There is just SO MUCH that it can seem like you will never get it, but you absolutely will just be patient. 

    I would respectfully advise that your best possible way to learn how to sign up through Wealthy Affiliates free version. 

    Great article and thanks very much.

    • Absolutely Jake  thanks for sharing your thoughts on this article about building a website from scratch. I do believe that Wealthy Affiliate has taught many liked minded individuals how to create a website from start to finish. There is so much to learn about WordPress but its a exciting journey  Thanks again 

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