How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week

How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week

How to come up with blog ideas every week, can be a major challenge if your are just beginning your new website. If you are a blogger, one of the problems when starting your online business is blog ideas.
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Over time I find myself staring at a blank screen or notepad. As blogger often times you will find yourself doing the same thing.
Many cases new online businesses fail because they don’t know what to write about over time. Bloggers give up because it too hard to write.
How_To_Come_Up_With_Blog_Ideas_Every_Week-300x138 How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week
Learning how to come up with blog ideas every week is critical for your business and search engine ranking.
If you want to get noticed, then you need to come up with new blog ideas.
In this article my goal is the help you discover how to come up with blog ideas every week for your new online business. The important factor is writing about something that interest people in your niche.
Let’s face it. people are still search for answer to their problems. Believe it or not your business can help them solve the problem they have been looking for.
Creating content that matter and capture your visitors, converting them into loyal customers.
Create a blog post that direct them to the solution. ” How to end your money problem starting Today”
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Discover how to come up with blog ideas by knowing the problems that people are facing in their lives.
You have to know who your reader are. One way is asking yourself what problems does your niche does it solve? what solution does my product or service offers?
Let’s get into how to come up with blog ideas for your next post.

1. Read As Much A Possible

I’ve learned that you can get a lot of blog ideas by reading as much as possible. Reading book that’s inspiring, entrepreneurship helps keep the ideas coming more each day.
As an example, some of our popular blog posts came from reading these books 10 Books That Will Change Your Life
Take the time to read other blogs you will find it will give you great inspiration from your next blog post.
I wouldn’t recommend that you steal content from other blogs, but come up with your own ideas. Make your blog post unique from your competitors.
Reading is how to come up with blog ideas. If you read something new everyday, it will keep you from staring at a blank screen. You never run out of ideas to write about.

2. Keep a Notepad Handy

To come up with fresh new ideas, you need to get use of keeping a notepad handy. When you get an idea about a blog post, write it down and keep in a place that you can always find it
One tool I found it to be helpful in keeping my blog ideas is Dropbox 
There is other software that helps you keep track of your blog ideas. Evernote is one tool. Download the program and start taking notes.
This one of the best habit to get use on how to come up with blog ideas. Before long you will have an whole inventory of fresh new ideas for your next blog post.

3. Listen To Your Audience

One of the simplest way how to come up with blog ideas is to listen to your audience, listen to what question is being asked.
Bloggers search the internet for ideas, when the ideas can come to them, from other people.
Pay attention to the problems of people. Let your audience tell you what problems they are facing. Then write about it.
For example, my audience was asking a question about how to build a successful website. They wanted how they can get started with a low budget.
So I wrote an article about it. How to build a successful website.
Ask your audience what they like to read more about on your website. Then provide them with the answer, it’s that simple for getting new ideas for your website.
  • Social Media:
There are other places that you can listen to your audience. like Facebook groups and News-feeds, pay attention to what people sharing the most. You can ask question in the social groups.
  • Forums:
Visited like forums in your niche, look for question that people are asking in the forum groups. Then write a blog post about it.
  • Surveys:
You can learn a lot from surveys, asked your audience what topic on what they would love to read about. By listening to my audience. I’m able to build their trust and build a long lasting relationship.
This will make them want to buy products or services from my website.

5. What’s Blog Topic Is Working for Others.

One simple technique on how to come up with blog ideas is checking out what blog topic is working for others. I don’t mean stealing other peoples content.
But there are no copyrights on titles. You can borrow a title and put your own twisted on that title.
Example if I find a blog topic like that working for bloggers
“How To Make A Full Time Income From Affiliate Marketing”
Then, I would put my own twist on my title like this one.
“10 Ways to Make A Full Time Income With Affiliate Marketing”
You can learn a great deal about what blog topics are working for others in your niche. Then adding your own unique twist to your article.
BuzzSumo  has been one of my favorites for this. You can enter a subject into the search bar and they will give you a list of the top shared blog articles.
buzzsomosmall-300x158 How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week
This will give you ideas to write about, Topic that you can write about that resonate with people interested in what you have to say.
But keep in mind, because it worked for others, doesn’t mean it will work for you. And it doesn’t mean you will be in the top numbers of blog begin shared.
But this is a great technique for coming up with a list of new ideas to blog about. Be sure a take note of the blog topics that’s been shared the most on social media sites.

6. Revisited Your Old Blog Post.

I know you’ve seen in your own blogs, overtime blogger write many article that get forgotten. One method on how to come up with blog ideas is by revisiting your old post.
What you want to look for is how you can this blog post be helpful. Think about what can you write about that will help new beginners looking to started in your niche. Ask yourself what can I do to change your old post to give a fresh new thought for your readers.
If you revisited your old post from time to time, you can come up with some great ideas that will be beneficial.

7. Time Yourself For 20 Minutes

One strategy, that’s been working for me is timing myself for 20 minutes. By using the techniques you will be surprise on how much work and ideas you can achieve.
Time yourself for 20 minutes when brainstorming for a new blog title as mention in #5.
By setting time, you can focus on nothing else but blog ideas for 20 minutes. One of my favorite tools I recommend is the Tomato Timer. 
This has helped me come up with great ideas for my blog. I also use this for writing new content for 20 minutes. This may take some time to get in a habit of doing, but you can get some great ideas by timing yourself for 20 minutes.

8. Have a List of Pre-Ready Titles

As you begin to use some of the methods in this article. It’s a good ideas to have a list of pre-ready titles on hand. When you have found some good blog titles make sure store them on file.
This can help you when you need something fresh to write about on your blog.

9. Get Inspired Ideas With Blogging Prompts.

One tip for coming up with blog topic is using blogging prompts.
Blogging prompts are list of blog topic that you can write about. If you were to search online for blog prompts you will find hundred of them that you can choose from.
My favorite that I like the most is the one from Problogger. You can download a copy for free. Click here to Grab Your Free Prompts
They give you six months of blogging prompts that will inspired to write on your website.

10. Start Using Keyword Research

Writing content is important to your business as a blogger. You want people to find your blog post. I found that using keyword research to coming up with new ideas is the best method.
When writing content you want your blog post to hit home with your readers. Solving problems and delivering the solution to their problems. Using keyword research you can find the best keyword that gets your blog noticed.
I have created some great blog post, by using keyword research. This has help me come up with new ideas to solve the problem of people in my niche.
The main goal is to deliver the solution and find the right keyword is an important step in the process.
Here’s how I use keyword research:
I like to start by heading over to Yahoo answer and type in a general topic I’m thinking of writing about. For example, Does affiliate marketing really works.
does_affiliatesmallersiz-289x300 How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week
I then head over to my Jaaxy keyword tool and type in the topic that I want to find ideas for. This is an amazing keyword tool for generating tons of ideas.
Jaaxy give me tons of different search engine keywords ideas, that people are searching for in Google that relates to my topic.
It takes a lot of training your mind to get in the habit of using these methods in the article.
Learning how to come up with blog Ideas every week will take practice, But you can do it.
I hope you have learned a lot from the article and let build a business online together.

Please come again and Post your comment below.



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4 thoughts on “How To Come Up With Blog Ideas Every Week”

  1. What a great article! I really like the idea of writing down possible titles to use down the road. I’ve been doing this as title ideas for my blog come to me, and its been working so far. Reading and researching for my niche and topics has also been helpful for me too. Thank you for all these great ideas!

  2. Hey Antony, I am writing for my website the last few months and many times I stuck when I want something new to write about. I think that finding ideas from keywords work better for me. But I will start trying the techniques you suggest. Also, I have noticed that when I write, I have many new ideas for my site.

    • Thanks for commenting llias it hard sometimes coming up with new ideas to write about I hope this article has giving you some helpful tips to overcome writer block.


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