How To Come Up With Blog Topics That Grow & Converts

How To Come Up With Blog Topics That Grow & Converts

How To Come Up With Blog Topics That Grow & Converts

How to come up with blog topics is a hard job, when you hit a brick wall. Blogging is hard work trying to stay in focus. Providing your readers with an interesting topic is a struggle as a beginner.

So, How to come up with blog topics  that grow and convert your readers? If you’ve ever wondered how to do it. Here are a few methods you can use…

How to come up with blog topics

In this article, I’m going to share some way to find inspiration for your next blog article. Over the past year since starting my new blog, it was a challenge to find new topics to write about.

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I was like you, everything sound fun excited until you find yourself running out of ideas to write about. Do think the biggest advantage we have as bloggers is knowing our audience. I recommend using these resources when you find yourself stuck.

Find Your Forum

Today’s technology with the internet you can find communities of all sorts. Whether your niche is baking you can search for a community dedicated to baking. If your niche is painting, you can find a community that’s dedicated to painting.

Forums are filled with people asking and talking about different topics they are passionate about.

Did you know there tons forums related to your niche that you can get interesting topics to write your next piece?

How do I find forums related to my niche is pretty simple. For an instant, if my niche is affiliate marketing. I would type in the search bar

Forum+affiliate marketing. Google when display forums related to affiliate marketing that I can join or browse topic of interest.

Another way on how to come up with blog topics to write about is using sites like Reddit. This community is one the most active places with well over million of visitors coming to their website every day. You can spend hours browsing top discussion to find ideas to write your article.

How to come up with blog topics

So, then next time you’re feeling stuck, put this method into action. Let me know how many blog ideas you’ve come up with.

Get Inspiration from Quora

One of my favorite sites I like to use to get ideas for question type articles is Quora. There is no better place to find out what question people are needing answers from the community.

How to come up with blog topics

Whenever you need blog ideas that asked a question about your niche. Head over to Quora’s type in the search bar the question you’re looking to write your next blog post.

This is one of the best strategies on how to come up with blog topics is writing answers to blog questions.

Convert More Readers with How To Guides.

I found out in my years of blogging, that people subscribe to your email list better with how to guild articles. How to guilds is one of the most read articles on the internet. Information article has been on top of people searches on the web.

They search every day for how-to guides, information, and step-by-step guides for advice. Your goal is to provide the answer to their problems.

If you want to increase your ranking with Google. I recommend writing how to guilds to boost the engagement on your website. Google love to see engagement going on….

Pay Attention To What Other Bloggers In Your Niche.

Don’t steal other people work, but pay attention to what’s getting shared the most. This is a great tip on how to come with blog ideas.

If your niche is about weight loss. One of my favorite place I would go is Buzzsumo. This where you can type in how to lose weight and get a list of blog that has the most shared content. Like I mentioned before, Please don’t steal other people’s work, but visit the website.

How to come up with blog topics

Read what’s begin shared by others. Check out how its structure, does it have YouTube video, Pay attention to the headline title. Does it capture the reader attention?

Pay attention to the comments, what question are they asking. Checking your competitor’s social media pages. such Facebook, Twitter Etc. You’ll learn how to come up with blog ideas based on these resources.

You can also see what your competitors are posting. See the reaction and engagements to their post.

The key to this is writing down a topic that strikes your interest to create a blog post. If you think it will increase engagement on your website write it down.

Once you have a general idea, create your blog post with your own unique touch to it. Add videos and enticing images to boost the engagement.

Asking Your Community Questions

This very article that you’re reading at this moment. I wrote this by asking in the community I’m involved in called Wealthy Affiliate.

The question I asked  was “what is your biggest struggle” and most of the comments I received was content.

Most people were having trouble coming up new content. So this is how this article was published. How to come up with blog topics that grow and converts your readers.

You can get a lot of good ideas to write about when you asked your community questions. In most cases when you asked questions, people tend to respond with some good answers.

Magazine Covers

This is a fun way on how to come up with blog ideas. Don’t throw away that magazine to soon. Have you subscribed to a business magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, Idea, Magazine, etc?

I’m like a pack rat when it comes to my magazines. I keep them because of the headline cover or for finding catchy headlines.

Some of the best catchy headlines were established by these editorial authors. See the goal is to get people to click on your blog. Using Catchy Headline will do the trick. No matter what your content idea may sound. Your headline should capture their attention.

So, take out all the magazine you have store away. See what headline catches your attention, then use that headline in your next article.

Final Words.

Whenever you find yourself getting stuck with blog ideas. Bookmark this article for resources to refresh your mind. There are lots of resources on how to come up with blog topics

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You have to train your mind to stay focus on the things around you and on the internet. Once you get the hang of the things, you become more inspired to write new blog post.

I hope this article has helped you gain some true value on how to come up with blog topics. One good tip I recommend. Start doing this right away is spending 15-20 minutes a day brainstorming new ideas for your blog.

If you train yourself to this, you’ll get more inspired to write.

What are some strategies you use to come up with blog ideas? Thanks for your advice.

how to come up with blog topics

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4 thoughts on “How To Come Up With Blog Topics That Grow & Converts”

  1. Hi there, you make some interesting recommendations on this post.

    I check out daily forums and question & answers websites and I find many new content ideas daily.

    I have not tried Buzzsumo but I will.

    Also, I would add to the list sites like Wikihow, you can get many “how to” ideas on these sites.

    Thanks for the great post.

    • Awrsome IIias Yes Wikihow is a great resource as well, thanks for mention, Thanks for commenting 

  2. Wow, thanks so much for this article!

    It’s too true. Sometimes I just get stuck. I know it will get easier with time and practice but in the meantime it’s been really hard to find true inspiration. I could write a thousand mundane articles in my niche but the good ones are harder to come by. I need to consistently find the unique, eye-catching titles and information for my website.

    These are fantastic suggestions and I will definitely be incorporating them into my writing technique.

    Thanks for a good read!



    • Hey Helen thanks for reading this article, I’m glad it has given you some valuable information on how to come up with blog Topic. I appreciate very much

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