How to create a squeeze page

4 Tips On How To Create a Squeeze Page That Converts Like Crazy

4 Tips On How To Create a Squeeze Page That Converts Like Crazy

How to create a squeeze page that will convert and grow your email list? If you’re an internet marketer, you might want to continue reading this article.

What You Will Learn Today

  • What is a Squeeze Page?
  • What are the main elements of a Squeeze Page?
  • How to choose a lead magnet
  • Auto Responders

1. What is a Squeeze Page?

The best way to describe what exactly is a squeeze page is to think of if this way. If your goal is to grow your email list. Squeeze pages are designed to collect a visitor email address.

How to create a squeeze page

If you going to focus your attention how to create a squeeze page that converts, then you need something to offer the user in exchange for their email address.

This is done by providing something of value in the form of a downloadable free product, eBook or whitepaper.

If you’re going to build an email list then your main goal should be creating converting squeeze pages.

2. What Are the Main Elements of a Squeeze Page?

Now that you know the purpose of a squeeze page, now you need to know the main element on how to create a squeeze page that will convert the user into giving up his or her email address.

How to create a squeeze page

Squeeze pages convert really well when you have these 5 elements.

  1. Headline Title
  2. SubHeadline Titles
  3. Description of the offer you’re giving away
  4. The Form
  5. Call-To-Action (CTA short term)


Headlines Title and sub-headlines are very important for learning how to create a squeeze page, simply because whenever someone visits your squeeze page, the headline is the first thing they’ll see.

How to create a squeeze page

Your headline grabs the user attention and peeks curiosity to find out more about your offer. The purpose of a headline is to get people to focus on the offer. It explains the benefits and it’s relevant to what they are seeking.

If you want to create more conversion get good at writing good headlines.

Here’s an example to show what I mean…

( Headline) The Free Training Course for Starting an Online Business(Sub-headline) Step-by-step teaching on how to get started.

One reason why this is a good converting headline because of it clearly states what the user will be getting: Free Training, Plus it states the benefits to the user: Step-by-step teaching


Whenever you create a sub-headline it should continue to capture your reader attention and get them to read your content. It should stand out to your readers. Sub-headline gives the user a summary of what they are about to discover from your squeeze page.

Description of The Offer You Are Giving Away

Description of the offer you’re giving away is the next important element in learning how to create a squeeze page. This is described in video format, or in bullet points.

It’s important to keep users attention on the page. So I recommend limiting the amount of text on your squeeze page.

People have a short attention span when you’re looking to convert into subscribers. Studies have shown you have about a 15 second into capturing their attention.

So, it’s important to get your message across quickly as possible.

Use Bullet Point & Shorter Sentences

By using shorter sentences and using bullet point will keep the eyes of your visitors more focus on the offer you’re giving away. The bullet point is like the people you see at your local grocery store giving out samples of products.

They give you a little taste of the product and most of the time that same product ends up in the shopping cart.

By using bullets points you’re giving them a little taste of your offer in shorter sentences. You learning how to create a squeeze page can be very tasty to your visitors will bullet points.

The Form

The form is where the users will be giving you their personal information. This includes first and last name, email addresses, and in many cases depending on the offer it can include location and employment occupation and more.

I would recommend considering what type of information you actually need from your form. In my case, a first name and email address are what I only need from my users.

By reducing what you have on your form will increase your conversion by 50%. Only ask for information that correlates to the offer you’re giving away.

Call-To-Action (CTA short term)

A call-to-action is something telling the users what to do next. This is often done by placing a CTA button underneath the form. In this area, you can make a big difference in getting more click if it’s done correctly.

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Some of the default settings in the CTA buttons will say something like “submit”. This is where you can make your squeeze more enticing to your visitors/users.

Instead, start using words that have benefits to the people you’re targeting. Use statement such as “Start My Free Trial Today” or “Download My Free Checklist Now”.

Another Helpful Tip

I found out just by using the word like “Start My” instead of “Get Your” has increased my conversion on my squeeze page.

Here are some other tips you can use to increase your conversion as well

  • Use buttons with colors that matching your squeeze page.
  • Be sure to make your CTA Buttons are Bigger
  • Use an Action statement -Like “Start My Free Trial Now”
  • Work on utilizing the white space around your call-to-action. You want to make it very clear where people should click.

These are just simple tips and tricks to help you learn how to create a squeeze page that converts.

Ok good now that we’ve gotten that down pack and you know what 5 elements make a good squeeze page.

Let’s take a look at some other feature of a good Squeeze page.

3. How to Choose a Lead Magnet

Now that you have your high converting squeeze page, now its time to decide on a something to offer your visitors/users in exchange for their email address. This is called a lead magnet.

How to create a squeeze page

There are tons of potential lead magnet you can use to give away depending on your niche.

Here are some of the most popular lead magnet uses by bloggers and online marketers.

eBook: You can create a small 20-100 page article about a particular topic add images and cover photo put it into a PDF file and give away.

Checklist: This is one of my favorite lead magnets to use. You can give away advice and helpful tips to help the user grow his or her blog. This benefits people who are looking for steps in build their website/blog etc.

Having your checklist help them by more manageable with their goals.

Live Webinars Teaching Recording: This is where you give people access to video training/teaching, tutorials etc. You can also use a setting to let people see a glimpse of the tutorial before requiring their email to continue.

This is a great way to increase more conversion. Here one tool that allows you do that visit Wisita

Coupon Giveaway: Depending on your niche giving away coupon is a great lead magnet for getting people to convert. Using coupon is a great way to drive more traffic to your squeeze page.

Blog Subscription: This is the most common lead magnet used by website owners. Use this method gives your readers a chance to stay up to date with your blog post, product, announcements, and discounts.

Case Study: This is showcasing the use of your products and show the user the need for your product or services. It also shows proof of how well your product is doing in helping people.

Giving Away Free Trial : In this business people love free stuff, by giving away a free trial of something can increase your conversion by 50%.

As I mentioned earlier in this article using lead magnets like “Start My 7-Day Trial Today” can be a software tool or marketing software give way that will help the user grow their business.

Magazine Subscription: Subscription is a great lead magnet for capturing emails. On many sites, you will notice they offer digital format or printed magazine subscription to build a long-lasting relationship with there readers.

As you can see learning how to create a squeeze page can have some good results if it did the right way. Creating your own lead magnet is going to require some thinking on your part.

Bloggers and online marketer knows the importance of a lead magnet in order grow their email list. The example mention above are just the tip of the iceberg, but it gives you some ideas on which lead magnet will work for you.

4. Auto Responders

We’ve made it to the last element on how to create a squeeze page that converts. This would be an autoresponder. This is just a simple easier way for sending out emails, follow-ups, trigger when someone enters their email address to get what you’re giving away.

This is all done on autopilot. If you’re going to convert more leads and grow your email list, then you need an autoresponder that will do the work for you automatically. An email autoresponder is the most important element of creating a good squeeze page that will convert more leads.

I recommend using one of the two best email autoresponder platform on the internet which is AWeber or Getresponse. They are the top two of the best email providers for capturing more leads.


So, in a nutshell there you have it. Everything you need to know how to create a squeeze page that will convert and get you more leads.

One quick pointer I like to mention about squeeze pages is that you want to make sure they are optimized for mobile devices this will surely increase your conversion as well. One of my favorite website for creating high converting squeeze pages is a site called Lead pages.

Lead pages tool are truly one of the best platforms for building your email list, but it’s going to cost you money, but it’s well worth it the membership price for what benefits and values it brings to your business success.

If  you want the best results with your squeeze page, then  you need lead pages.

Squeeze pages give you the ability to capture your readers to the lead magnet which grows your email list for future sales. Some people really don’t know the true purpose of a Squeeze page and what it’s used for.

My main goal for this article was to explain the main purpose of the using a Squeeze page versus a Landing page.

So, we’ve made it to the end, I hope that you have walked away with more knowledge than you had before you landed on this article.

I would love to hear your thought about this article if you like to share your thought Please comment below.

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4 thoughts on “4 Tips On How To Create a Squeeze Page That Converts Like Crazy”

  1. Great tips! It’s funny because ‘get your’ is one of the phrases I use. Now, I’m going to change it to use ‘start my’ instead and see what happens! Thanks for the great info! I too have found that the checklists or something they can find immediately useful works better than just a general offer. I currently am using Mailchimp for email management & autoresponding. Any thoughts on that?

    • Hey Kristi for commenting, I also use Mailchimp for my email newsletter at the bottom of the post. There nothing wrong with Mailchimp I just find very difficult when you want to create a campaign it’s much more easier to use Aweber or Getresponse for less complications.

  2. Thanks for your sharing, it helps me understand the whole about what is a squeeze page that how it works inside.
    Building a highly converting page is really important for sales.
    But, to do this requires some skills to attract customers to the destination we want.
    I’m still trying to practice, your share is really useful to me to improve.
    Let continue sharing more, I will follow you.

    • That’s awesome news, I be more that happy to follow you and share ideas and strategies. Yes it takes a little bit of knowledge getting things setup the way you wanted on your site. That why it’s good to have like-minded friend to help each other during the process. You can also follow my new Facebook page this where I’m going to be sharing a lot of ideas, tips on blogging. https://www.facebook.com/blogg


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