how to create a thank you page

How To Create a Thank You Page That Get 90% Conversion

How To Create a Thank You Page That Get 90% Conversion

How to create a thank you page is one of those question asked by many of the online marketers I work within my business. In this article, I’m going to share some information about thank you pages.

Our parents have raised us with good manors, thanking people for doing something out of their way. In order to learn how to create a thank you page then you must understand the importance of having one on your website.

Your visitors have requested a download or ebook in exchange for their email. It just common curiosity to respond to your subscriber with a thank you page.

How-To-Create-A-Thank-You-Page-632x356 How To Create a Thank You Page That Get 90% Conversion

What is a Thank You Page?

You’re thank you page says a lot about you. It shows that you care about their needs. Building a relationship with your subscribers builds loyalty and trust to subscribers.

This biggest mistake marketer makes redirecting your subscribers a boring old white page with a generic thank message. This is a huge opportunity that being missed. It’s important as a blogger to understand how to create a thank you page.

Why Do You Need a Thank Page

This is the best time to sell when you have peaked your prospects interest and attention to your newsletter. Knowing how to sell your business is crucial at this point.

If you don’t know how to sell then you can’t make any money. Learning how to create a thank page is key to building a relationship with your list.

The internet is full of money making opportunity that you can redirect your subscribers, maybe you have an idea to where you can make money from, finding products with an affiliate marketing program that you can start earning a commission.

Offer a product that solves a particular problem that you can provide to your list. Creating Thank You Pages can help you reach that audience.

Learning how to sell your thank you page will increase your chances of making a sale through your thank you page.

Start by having a good landing page when promoting your offer to your readers. When someone opt-in to your landing page, a couple of things happen. That person email is sent to an autoresponder, then the person is redirected to a Thank You Page.

 The Purpose for Creating a Thank You Page

Thank pages thanks to the person for subscribing, This is where 90% of marketers lose big chances of making money online. This should encourage them to take a look at others offer while they wait for the information in their inbox.

(Example) Thank for signing up Everything we promised you will be sent to your inbox shortly

While you wait for your material to arrive in Via email, I recommend you read the page below to help you get the most out of your Free Report.

Then include a call to action promotional link or affiliate offer to take them to a sales page. Now you have an opportunity for making money if they decided to buy the product.

This method has just extended your conversion rate beyond your thank you page.

Just be mindful not to over extend your promotion, by flooding you thank you page with to much content. Your goal is to grab their attention to other sales page.

ClickBank is a marketplace for grabbing good online educational products to redirect your subscribers which can lead up to earning 50%-75% commission.

How to Promote Clickbank The Right Way To Boost Your Commissions. 

There are other companies that offer affiliate programs that you can start earning a commission. If you have a good sales page of your own and are looking to make money from, start sending your subscribers to that sale page. Some of your subscribers will decide to make a payment right way.

Enhance your Thank you page is by Social Media

Social Media is a great way to stay connected with your subscribers, suggest that they follow you on social media. You can provide links in your Thank you page allow them to follow you on Facebook, Twitter etc.

When you are selling a killer Thank you page, It’s important to sell promotional material to your subscribers that you think they would benefit from when making a purchase. I like finding a good product that can help my subscribers.

It’s your reputation on the line, and if you start selling bogus products to your subscribers, they will start dropping off like flies.

Thank Pages is a good way of generating more conversions, always endorse products that you believe in and that you know can provide value to your subscribers.

You can destroy your list if they feel you are a scammer and just after making money. So take care of your list and they will take care of you.

Now that you have a little bit more understanding of how to sell a killer Thank You, Page.

What if I can show you a system that you can create beautiful landing pages, with autoresponders, and you can personalize you Thank you page that gets you 90% conversion

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I love to hear your thought on creating thank pages?  Please leave them below….


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