How To Create An Action Plan To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

How To Create An Action Plan To Achieve Your Goals and Dreams

How to create an action plan to achieve your goals. For the most part plan your goal comes with life challenges to make them come to reality. In this article you will discover an action plan for achieving your goals and dreams.

Whether you’re trying to start your own business online, make more money or sell product online I’m here to help to make the best decision for your lifestyle. But first we must figure out you want. What are you wanting to accomplish?

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There are a lot of people want a better lifestyle, but don’t have the mindset and determination to bring their dream to reality. You have to have the motivation to learn how to create an action plan to achieve your goals and dreams or you will end up failing.

Be Clear About Your Goals

You should know what you want to achieve in life, be clear and specific about it. Think big about your dreams the bigger the dreams and bigger the challenge.

Thinking big allows you to stretch your imagination beyond your comfort zone. It helps in challenging yourself to reach that goal. Determine the Who, What, When, Where, How are you going to accomplished your goals.

These are thing you need to think about when putting an action plan together. Such as, setting a deadline on your goals. For example, if your goal is to make $10,000 a month, then you need figure out what will it take to reach that goal.,

How many sales will you have to convert, Where are your traffic coming from?,  Who will be your targeted audience? And When are your expecting to put this into action.

All these elements play a big part of learning how create an action plan to achieve your goals and make your dream become a reality.

What is Your Why?

Reaching goals  can be determined by you discovering your purpose “Why

Discovering your “Why makes a big difference on how to create an action plan to achieve your goals. If you know what your purpose of what success, then your mind will stay focus on your dreams.

One of the big question is Why? is it more money, freedom, spending more time with your family. What is your main purpose?  See, you have to have a why, without it you will give up on your goals and dreams.

Discover your purpose for achieving success along with learning how to create an action plan to achieve your goals and dreams

Write Down Your Action Plan.

How bad do you want to be successful in a business adventure. How much you want to earn on a monthly basis?

Writing down Action Steps Reach Goal will help you have that passion.

How much will make you happy? And how are you going to achieve that goal?

Believe it or not many people have a plan until they get punched in the face those words coming from “Mike Tyson”

Understanding your why and purpose of achieving the dream and goal that you have set, is the ultimate plan.

What does goal setting actually means?

Why Some People Fail And Others Succeed.

 Why? some companies fail and some companies have great success
Why? some people succeed in life and other don’t.
But I want to talk to you about my ” Why? one of the realities is that
People don’t buy what you do”  People buy “Why you’re doing it“.
  • Discover Your Purpose To Achieving Success, Why did I choose some of the business venture, that I discover on my website, I believe that anyone can have a great lifestyle and freedom.
  • Discover Your Purpose To Achieving Success is why I wrote this blog post to help you discover your why, why do you want to earn money online. Why do you want to be successful in any business.
You have to have a passion about something, that driven force that keep you believing in your dreams, When you are tired of being sick and tired of being in that same situation you will do something to change.

Finding Your Purpose

There are a lot of people who jump from one company to another company. They remind me of people in my church.  I think they call it church hopping.
They just jump around from one church to another church trying to find that right atmosphere, the right preacher or the right musician.
Why does most people do that? because they haven’t really align themselves up with the church purpose.
Start online business is the same way,  you have to align yourself up with the why of the opportunity.
Have you ever went to a car lot and the salesman is try he best to sell you that car, but something deep sown inside says “something just don’t feel right” You Like the Idea! but some just not right. there is  a lot of company out there, but the real question Why?

You Can Live Your Dream Doing Something Your Love 

I’ve been with wealthy affiliate for about 3 year and I can say I’ve found my purpose. If  you like to learn more about this opportunity, that will give you the tools on how to create an action plan to achieve your goals and dreams. Join Wealthy Affiliate Today
I had to ask myself some question about wealthy affiliate platform.
Why did the wealth affiliate choose to create this blogging platform for someone like me?  I had to asked myself ,was it because they want to make money? or was it because they wanted to show others how they can be successful online.
 Wealthy affiliate have over 800,000 members and still growing today. Anyone can get started today free or choose to upgrade their membership to premium of $49,00 bucks a month.
I wanted to learn everything about blogging and how to achieve my goals, so I asked myself the question.
Why did I choose to upgrade my membership with wealthy affiliate? The answer is, That I wanted to create a lifestyle of financial freedom for my family.

Why People Do What They Do

My Question?” Why do so many people stand in line for 8 -10 hours whenever (Apple) come out with a new ” iPhone or New Product.” is because they has to be the first to buy the IPhone or is it because of what they believed in the  apple company”
Why do they do that.?  The goal here is not to sell what you have, but to sell to what you believe. The goal here is not to get people to join your business ” the goal here is to get people believe “Why” they should join, or buy your product.
When you hire people just because they need a job ” they will just work for the money or pay check” But when you hire people who believed
They will be loyal to your business and they will work for you with blood sweat and tears why because they believed in your vision.

Believed In Your Vision

A true vision is to teach others how to start there own business, teaching others on how to live out there dreams and create a life changing experience for others.

When you align yourself with the Why? then success will follow you.

When you inspired others be inspired by the vision. success is waiting. Why you should discover success.
You “Don’t have to chase after the Money” Money will  chase after You”  What is your Why?

Question? Why Do You Think People Fail In Achieving Their Dreams

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