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How To Earn A Passive Income Online-Winning Practices

How to earn a passive income online seems to talk around the internet these days. Everyone has the best methods for making your dreams come true. Who wouldn’t want to live in their dream home, drive luxury cars and travel around the world anytime you desire?

One question If earning a passive income can change your life then why isn’t everyone doing it? Today I want to share my thoughts about how to earn a passive income online. I want to share some of my winning practices for achieving success online. Plus talk about the truth behind making a passive income online that most people won’t tell you in the beginning.

Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links. This means I may earn a commission should you choose to sign up for a program or make a purchase using my link. It’s Okay – I love all of these companies anyways, and you will too!

How Does a Blogger Make 100,000 a Month in Passive Income?

The misconceptions about making a passive income are that it easy and no work is involved. Just because a blogger makes 100,000 a month doesn’t mean he or she gets all the money. Instead, there is a lot goes behind the scene that you need to know.

how to earn a passive income online

There are other people involved that gets a cut of the profit. Think about advertisements, marketing and customer service people who help maintain issues of your customers.

how to earn a passive income online

Your team is what keeps the money flowing month after month. But somebody has to be the boss of the team. The boss is the one making the decision and on the phone making deals. The boss is the one thinking of new ways to improve their business and making sure everything is running smoothly.

So when you hear people talking about making 60,000 a month online, one thing to consider is that most people never tell you their net profit after paying for their team. However, it still a good living but the reality of all is it freedom?

I say that because you still have to work and maintain your business. Nobody gets paid passive income doing nothing at all. So with that being said, you can learn how to earn a passive income online, but still, have to work hard keeping it. You have to be the boss and you have to continue finding ways to improve your business.

Want to know how an average person generate a passive income online?

Let’ discuss it?

What is the Best Way To Make a Passive Income Online?

1. Selling Banner Advertising Ad Space On Your Site

Setting up Google ad sense on your website is just one way to earn a passive income online. Another way would be to sell banner ad space to other companies looking to attract visitors to their website. You get paid depending on the amount of traffic. One example is if your website is getting 10,000 visitors that could generate hundreds of bucks a month.

The good thing that’s a lot of traffic to your website monthly.

Here is my #1 recommendation for letting the world know that you are selling ad space on your site.

Buy/Sell Ads

Apply for Google Adsense

2. Earning Passive Income Through Affiliate Commission

Pat Flynn is the prime example of earning a passive income. Do it rights you can earn a lot of money from affiliate commissions sales. Pat has a record of earning over $100,000 a month in affiliate commissions. He is the godfather of where most internet bloggers want to be at in their businesses.

Profiting from affiliate commissions is when someone buys a product from an advertisement on your website, you earn a commission from that sale. Other ways to earn commissions is when someone clicks a banner ad or links within your article and make a purchase you earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is one of the tops ways for generating a passive income online. It comes from advertisements and selling other people stuff on your website. Learning how to earn a passive income online is highly competitive the good thing that anyone can still make money online from affiliate commissions. You just have to find out what works the best to become successful.

My #1 recommendation for learning how to earn a passive income online is Wealthy Affiliate. This is an online beginners course that helps you learn how to build an affiliate business online. It’s a course that teaches you how to turn your passion into a full-time online business.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches you step-by-step with video, tools, and resource that will have you set up and running in a matter of hours. If you want to learn more about Wealthy affiliate check out my latest article review “The Bizzard Truth Behind Wealthy Affiliate Success” please leave a comment love to hear your thoughts OK.

3. Online Store

An online store is becoming more and more popular these days for generating a passive income online. This is where you are selling other companies products. When visitors come to your site and buys you then submit a ticket order then the company drop shipped the product to your customers.

The good thing about have an online store is you don’t have to have direct experience with the product. Another good thing is that anyone can start an online store and have tons of product to sell to customers. Although you still have to deal with question and complaints from your customers about the products.

However, it’s still a good way to earn passive income online.

4. Selling Digital Products

The odds are great for learning how to earn a passive income online with informational products. This is where you provide ebooks from kindle, PDF file, audio recording or digital video recording directly through your website and getting paid on the spot from any purchases. The downside of it all is finding the right digital products to promote on your website that people will be willing to buy.

Selling a digital product on your website then there are some steps to take for getting paid. You need a shopping cart on your site. You can easily installed a plugin on your WordPress blog. Another method is setting up a Paypal Account. It makes easy to get paid from online sales.

Maybe you are the type of person who likes to create digital products you are special because you have to be driven to reach the point of generating passive income through membership site or online courses. It takes a special kind of person to achieved success with digital products.

5. Selling Leads To Companies or Bloggers

Every day business owners are looking for ways to generate new leads to come to check out their products. Getting leads is vital to the growth of any business. It doesn’t matter if you are an affiliate marketer, blogger, or local business owner you need lead to make money off of your product.

By selling leads to blogger or companies you are the matchmaker for offering new leads. You are selling your leads to them and getting paid instantly. So you might be wonder how to build a list that you can sell.

The first step is building your list my #1 recommendation for doing that is a place called Udimi It a platform for buying new lead as well as building your list.

Step #2 is that you need an email service provider to help store your list and manage them at the same time.

I recommend Aweber they are awesome and I’ve been using them for many years now for building your list.

6. Selling Software Apps

Now, this might seem to be a little far Fitch, but with today world it’s now possible to start selling software apps. Creating mobile apps are a lot easier to develop that years ago.

Creating this software’s app can be done without knowing any coding or shopping for a developer.

You just have to have the mindset and a driven passion to make it happen. Some key focus to keep in mind when creating these software’s apps.

  1. What makes your apps unique
  2. What problem does it solve
  3. What does it offer that other software don’t?

Another key factor when creating or selling apps is to figure out your audience. Keep those factors in mind and you can become successful selling software apps and earn and the pay off will be worth your while.

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What Does Passive Income Have To With Blogging?

So you might be wondering what does all this passive income talk have to do with blogging? Although you don’t need a blog to earn a passive income online. Having a blog is a place to attract people to your offer. A website is a way to stay in touch with your subscribers and customers.

Let’s face it a blog is a way of getting people to your product or services. And then you generate leads and build your list with the methods mention above. It’s not easy work you have to stay focus on creating an awesome blog that you can monetize traffic.

Most people don’t understand the concept of blogging.

Most people can just build it and they will come. But it much more than that it takes a lot of skills to learn how to earn a passive income online

Skills are key and finding ways to generate traffic to your blog. Some example of skills is listed below.

  • Creating content takes skill to bring visitors to your blog.
  • Using keywords for search engine optimization that people are searching for in Google
  • Creating copy-writing material that increases click-through rates and more conversions
  • Creating an irresistible opt-in call to action
  • Find the best WordPress hosting

This is just the tip of the iceberg you have to master the skill above before you even began to make a passive income online. The other side is learning how to monetize your website for maximum growth and profits.

To master learning how to earn a passive income online you need to invest years in learning how to achieve it.

Blogging is not as easy as everybody makes it out to be. It a lot of hard work. Don’t let me burst your bubble even though it takes a lot of work it still a better opportunity for anyone willing to learn how to make money online.

The Deal of A Life Time

This could be a deal of a lifetime if you are willing to invest a lot of time learning how to earn a passive income online. What mean by that is  you must be willing you spend 40 hours a week learning everything you need to know about earning a passive income. If you do that you will never have to worry about money again.

Don’t be like most people that spend countless hours spent on the internet looking for the magic button for creating wealth. A year later only to find themselves in the same situation they were four years earlier.

What if you can skip all those years of searching and make a decision now? If answer yes and have read everything mention in this article. Then you are ready to take the world by storm. On the other, you might have decided that learning to earn a passive income online is not for you. That great you just save yourself a lot of time and headache.


Building a passive income isn’t for everybody only a few survive this road trip to success. I understand there is nothing wrong with working 9 to 5 job all your life. Sure you can go to college for 4 years only to hope you land the dream job.

You can be n place in life where you feel good and happy this is just one of them that can bring you a lifetime of happiness.

You just have to decide is this the right one for you. At least you will walk away with the knowledge of what it takes to start earning money online.

My job is finished here and I hope you gain the knowledge that will help you make the best possible decision about your future.

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