How To Earn Money Online Without an Investment – In 2020 & Beyond

How To Earn Money Online Without an Investment

How to earn money online without an investment is possible with the right resources. In today’s article I’ll be showing some of the best programs that you can start today.

Let’s get started shall we…

How To Earn Money Online Without an Investment - In 2020 & Beyond


Learning how to earn money online without investment is going to take a little more time than if you were to invest in a particular program. One reason why people look for ways to earn money online without investment simply because it Free.


I put this at the top because it one of the best and everyday hungry individuals just like yourself are looking to make a living from blogging. I’ve been making money online from my blog for over 8 years now.

How To Earn Money Online Without an Investment


One method on how to earn money online without investment is through taking online surveys. If you have time to burn and just want to earn some cash you can spend 15 to 20 minutes filling out online questionnaires. Most survey companies will pay you up to $20 per survey or $1000 per year. Below is one of the best online survey programs

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Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to making online for beginner’s. Discovering how to earn money online with investment through affiliate marketing is not going to be easy as it sounds. Good training is needed in order to start seeing those large commission checks. One of the best affiliate training courses on the planet called Wealthy Affiliate. It a platform that teaches anyone how to make money online through over the shoulder video step-by-step simple training that easy for beginners.

How To Earn Money Online Without an Investment


Making money as a freelance writer is one way to make money on the side. This is good news for bloggers and online marketer who enjoys writing. Freelance writers typically work for small or big companies who will pay good money for skills. Most writers can earn up to $2000-$3000 dollars basic on the job task at hand.

Find a some the top freelance jobs today ( Affiliate Link )

There are tons of other freelance jobs on the net like Upwork, freelancer Fiverr and other site to search in your spare time.


Discovering how to earn money online without an investment is easy when you have something as simple as a cellphone. You can become a Youtuber and earn money by uploading some videos.

You can start your own YouTube channel where you share prank video, how to video, business video, cooking videos, travel video anything you see that’s a real value to viewers. Once you get subscribers to your channel then you want to sign up for the YouTube partner program so you can start earning money from your channel.


One tip on how to earn money online without an investment is with a smartphone. We all spend hours on our smartphone whether it’s checking emails, shopping online for items we need. In that case why not make some money?

This is one of the easiest ways for anyone to start making some money online. There are smartphone apps that can check out today and start earning cash back.

  1. Receipt hog
  2. Ibotta
  3. Job2shop
  4. Easyshift
  5. Paribus
  6. Swagbucks
  7. Viggle
  8. Poshmark
  9. Decluttr
  10. BookScouter
  11. Uber
  12. Lyft


Did you know that some websites will pay you up to $100 dollars per image? It true if you are a person who likes to take the camera everywhere and snap pictures then you can start earning some extra money In the process.

Start selling your photo to website and cash In on the profits. Just keep in mind that not every company is going to have the same payout structure. So as long as you follow the rules of your state laws you can earn some good money selling photos online.

Here are some places you can sign up today and earning.


One of the coolest ways how to earn money without an investment is watching videos in spare time. If you like killing time watching movies, trailers then you might want to sign up for a program called InboxDollars   (Affiliate Link )

On top of watching movies you can also register for surveys. Surveys are where you express your thoughts on different subjects. Then companies will pay you based on the survey question. InboxDollars is a one stop money making place to cash in a get paid.


Virtual assistant are remote workers who get paid working for big executive business. The reality of it all virtual assistant save these companies time and you get paid big bucks if you land a job. Discovering how to earn money without an investment is very rewarding as virtual assistant but remember if you can handle the workload you won’t last long.


Another one of the easiest tips on how to earn money online without an investment is selling your unwanted items. Everyone one of us has stuff piling up in our closet, garage that we don’t need or use anymore so why not sell it to make some money. One of my favorite places to sell is Facebook, Craigslist. So go find your unwanted stuff and start selling.


Do you have a spare room or cabin in the woods, lake house? You can make some money renting out to people looking to get away for the weekend etc. This is a great way to make money without an investment Airbnb won’t cost you anything to get started.


There are tons of ideas on how to earn money online without an investment arts and crafts, pet sitting, coaching, selling books etc. You just have to remember it’s going to take time to get the results. So patient is key to learning how to earn money online without an investment.

Be persistent and follow your ability to make things happen in your financial situation. It is possible to learn how to earn money online without an investment if You have the right road map to guide you on your journey. I’m hoping this article has shed some light on how to get started and shared to good resources that will help you along the way.

Feel free to leave me your thoughts about this article by commenting below. Love to share your experience with making money online.


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