How To Get Backlinks To Your Website And Have Fun Doing It!

How To Get Backlinks To Your Website And Have Fun Doing It!

How To Get Backlinks To Your Website And Have Fun Doing It!

How to get backlinks to your website is one of those questions I get asked by readers. Whether you’re just beginning or starting a blog with a particular niche. Learning how to get backlinks to your website is important to your success.

Backlinks is a huge factor when comes to getting more traffic back to your website. If you looking to get rank higher in the search engine, then you might what to start focusing on backlinks. It’s a way to get Google to recognize your site as begin important to people.

This is why you need to produce good content on your website. Stop wasting time with Facebook. Learn my easy method for creating backlinks to your website.

What are backlinks?

A backlink is a link that direct online users attention away from one site to another site. This is important to add some backlinks to your content. If you going learn how to get backlinks to your website, then you must understand how backlink go hand and hand with each other.

How to get backlinks to your website

A backlink is a source of driving organic traffic to your website from Google. Backlinks tell search engines how important your content relates to the need for online users.

This put your website on the top of the SERPs results so you can receive tons of organic traffic to your site.

Dofollow & Nofollow Backlinks

Dofollow backlinks are links juice that link back to you. If a webmaster is linking to your site that means search engines and your audience can follow you.You can also allow anyone to use a targeted keyword as anchor text so they can follow you.

Nofollow backlinks simply don’t allow search engine bot to follow you. Only real people will be able to follow you. Although they would benefit you as for as getting better ranking but can get you more traffic from other sites.

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Internal backlinks are one method on how to get backlinks to your website. By placing an internal link into your content give your visitors a way to easily navigate through the pages on your site.

How to get backlinks to your website

The main problem with internal links is that people use too many in a post. This cause a lot of confusion with your readers. Try using them a couple of times throughout your post.


It’s important to use internal links properly considering how Google looks at your content for ranking.

Guest Posting

If you are good at creating good content for blogs, You can maximize the power of backlink with a Guest post. The method on how to get backlinks to your website with guest posting is simply sharing your knowledge with your others.

How to get backlinks to your website

Why is this important is basically you get free exposure from a wide range of new audience in your niche? Getting backlink is very powerful especially if you post regularly on a blog or website that gets tons of traffic and Google ranks them high in the search engines.

If you’re good then you might want to try guest posting on a couple blogs. If you are interested in writing for this blog and you want more backlinks. Submit your work here

Write Valuable Content

Everyone knows that content is king, By writing valuable content for your audience in your niche will increase your backlink results.

Writing content is the backbone of your business and it is the source of your SEO strategy. If you’re not producing valuable content the odds of you getting more backlink will decrease.

How to get backlinks to your website

Content is the main reason people are searching on the internet in the first place. So you need to write a lot of valuable content to increase your odds.

If important to pay attention to what your audience needs. Discovering how to get backlinks to your website is simply providing the content that people are searching on the web.

Here are some questions to ask yourself

Is my content valuable enough to link to other sites?

Is the content I’m providing well organized?

This is some of the things Google looks for on your website.

Submit Your Blog to Top Blogging Directories

Blog directories allow you to submit your blog post to gain more exposure to your website. Although a lot of online marketers doesn’t like submitting their blog to every blog directories on the internet for the sake of getting penalized by Google.

How to get backlinks to your website


But there are some benefits to submitting your article to blog directories. Here is some reason why you should?

Backlinks: If you’re reading this article about how to get backlinks to your website.This why you should submit your blog. You can gain quality links back to your website.

More Exposure: Whenever you submit a blog post to some top directories you can get more exposure and traffic to your blog.

Domain authority: It shows Google you have something important to give readers. Domain authority allows you to receive better ranking in Google. By submitting to blog directories it allows you to get a quality link that builds your domain authority backlinks.

Here is a great site I found for submitting your articles called Guest Post Tracker.


If you’re not using infographics you’re missing out on a great strategy on how to get backlinks to your website. Do you know the infographics gets share 3 times more than any other blog content?

One of the reason is infographics are attractive and eye-catching to readers. It offers interesting facts and statistic to help guild your readers.

Therefore people are more likely to share a post that is interesting and attractive to them. So creating infographic is a great tool to use in your business.

Let’s continue.

I had a lot fun creating the inforgraphic above. Creating awesome looking infographic designs are what makes them go viral. Your audience loves sharing them on social media sites.

Maybe you don’t know how to create infographics. Don’t worry, I’m going share with you a free website you can use to start creating great looking designs it call Piktochart   

Of course, there are other tools you can use to create a great looking infographic. Piktochart just makes everything so simple and easy. So ahead, give them a try besides, it’s free.


Discovering how to get backlinks to your website can to a bit challenging, For the most part, is to remember it’s going to take time to build. Persistent and creating valuable content is the key to becoming successful in getting quality backlinks to your website. Yes and have fun doing it.

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8 thoughts on “How To Get Backlinks To Your Website And Have Fun Doing It!”

  1. Hey Shannon, I wouldn’t try to focus to much on back links in the beginning stages, I would focus more on writing valuable content that other website will start to link to your site. Thanks for commenting

  2. I really enjoyed your post, is there a thing of bad backlinks that can hurt you with search engines? Is there a way internal backlinks can hurt your blog with search engines? I found this post to help a lot, thanks

    • Yes, the internal link can hurt your site. A few broken links will not cause too much harm to your rankings, but if a website loses a large percentage of its links that are broken it will effect your ranking in Google. I recommend using the plugin called (Broken Link Checker). This plugin will scan your whole site for broken links. When you find some on your site you can fix them.

  3. I am working on my analytics training now to learn how to narrow my target audience down.

    Should i work on my back linking first? There is a lot of the technical stuff i let slide in the beginning stages of my build out and now i am working on that.

    Seo can be tedious but necessary so is there any suggestion you can make for a plan of action? A step by step plan if you will to get SEO easier.

    Thanks for sharing,

  4. Hi there,

    Pretty thorough article on backlinks, thank you very much. In my SEO campaigns I use blog directories a lot. You spooked me a little with that part about getting penalized by google for submitting to too many Blog Directories.
    Could you tell me, how many do you consider too many? And maybe recommend a few?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Tsudar I know it easy to to start blasting your website in directories, but that can really hurt in the search engine. I would just submit to some of the top directories that have a good reputation. Here some of my main recommendation Best of the web blog, Eaton Web blog directory, OnToplist, Blog Catalog 

  5. Hi Anthony; I have read through your post and on how to get back link got your website from my understanding the information given can only be followed by thoo who have experience before, one that is inexperienced with website optimizing, back link could be very challenging. My question is: are you saying that back link will encourage more traffic to ones website so as commands higher ranking on search engine? DorcasW

    • Dorcas, Backlinks can increase more traffic, but if your website is new then I would just focus more on writing valuable content that people are interested in reading and linking to your site. Backlink are great way to get more ranking in the search engine but it is very challenging because of your competition. The main key is content. 

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