How To Get More Engagement On Facebook-5 Things You Should Be Doing

How To Get More Engagement On Facebook-5 Things You Should Be Doing

How to get more engagement on Facebook is one of the biggest tasks for increasing your engagement. As a blogger and a business owner, you need people to respond to your post.

Facebook is a great tool for increasing your engagement with people in your Newsfeed. This is where you can share your content with others.

But you are not getting clicks, like and comments you will die. Your goal is to get Facebook to pay attention to your Facebook page

How to get more engagement on Facebook

Many people post on Facebook hoping to get people to like and share their content. This is the ultimate goal, you need people to like, share, but most important you need them to comment on your post.

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Why is this important? Because when you get more engagements this send a signal to Facebook.

In this article, I will share some tips and strategies on how to get more engagement on Facebook. I’m going to show you how to increase engagement on your Facebook page.

As a blogger one of the best tools in your business is having a Facebook Fan Page. This is where you are sharing most of your content, blog post with people who like your page. Getting people to share, comment on your post is how you increase your traffic and build your company.

So are you ready to diving in? let go

Create Content That People Like

One tip on how to get more engagement on Facebook is creating content that people like to share. Pay attention in your Newsfeed to what people are sharing and commenting on. People like to comment on funny posts, things that make them feel some kind of emotion when they read your post.

Creating content that people like will get Facebook to notice your page. Start sharing quality content related to your niche. Start close attention to what your competitors are sharing in their Newsfeed.

Hooking Headlines

Most people who know me. I love to fish and finding the right bait to hook one of those big fish is a challenge itself. You need the right bait to entice the fish to take the bait.

But once I know what bait the fish wants they begin striking the bait.

Learning how to increase your engagement on Facebook is the same way. You have to create a hooking headline that will entice people to click and then comment on the post.

The headline is the starting point for getting people to take the bait. Your headlines increase that curiosity of your reader.

Enticing headlines tend to get more clicks. When you are getting more clicks your page get seen more by Facebook.

Another strategy is to include great looking images, links along with your headlines. This makes a huge impact on how to get more engagement on Facebook Page.

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Sharing Your Videos

Sharing your video on Facebook is a great way to increasing your engagement. Now some people might be camera shy, the only way to face your fears is to start shooting a video. Sharing with your friends. You can start shooting videos right from your phone using Facebook Live. One thing to remember is to have fun when sharing your video.

Using Attention Grabbing Images

Using attention grabbing is one way for learning how to get more engagement on Facebook. When you share images it gets more attention than using a text. I like to post images that are relevant to my niche to share on my Facebook page.

Try to incorporate your business with related images that attract people to comment. Using attention grabbing images not only increases your engagements. Images helps build your business brand and increase awareness. Some image that you could share is your company logos, cooking recipes, photography, etc.

Ask Questions

This is one of my favorites on how to increase engagement on Facebook is asking questions. While sharing your video is one way to increase your engagement. A lot people missed the opportunity to more comments on their post by not asking questions.

This is a big step to get more people to comment on your post when you asked them a question. People like to comment on posts that’s related to them. When you ask a question about them you get more people commenting on your posts. People like to talk about themselves.

As a blogger getting more engagement is important for your business. When Facebook sees that you are getting a lot engagement, they will show your post to a larger audience.

Getting people to comment by asking questions. This tells Facebook that you’re doing something that’s drawing a lot of attention.

Asking questions, send a message to your reader that you’re interested in them. This also builds trust with your readers. The more you engage with them the more likely they take part in what you are offering.

How to get more engagement on Facebook asking questions. Here are a few examples of question you should be asking.

  • True or False Questions
  • Yes or No Questions
  • Struggling Question
  • Goal Setting Question
  • Filled in the blank Question
  • Help and Tips Question

Start asking question related to your niche and see the results you get and I like to know your about your results.


Now that you have learned how to get more engagement on Facebook using the tips mentioned above in this article.

I’m interested in knowing how this article has helped you increase your engagement on Facebook. Please share what method did you implement in your updated posts. If you had success and seen more engagement. Congratulations.
Please let us know by commenting on this post below.

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2 thoughts on “How To Get More Engagement On Facebook-5 Things You Should Be Doing”

  1. Thanks for the great advice. I will really have to try and use Facebook in a more positive way, and judging by your article, it is not difficult – just requires some common sense.

    I find sharing funny posts does help you get more engagement as people love to laugh, it is just sometimes difficult to find a funny post to make regarding your niche, especially if your niche is on a serious topic.


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