how to get people to comment on your blog

6 Proven Methods For How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog

6 Proven Methods For How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog

How to get people to comment on your blog? Your blog is your business and participation should play an important role growth of your site.  Therefore you want the best engagement on your blog, you want people talking about your blog. But before you can have that success, first you must learn how to get people to comment on your blog.

In this article, you will find some of my best strategies on how to get people to comment on your blog. Getting people to engage in with post requires some tactic to getting your visitors to respond to your post in the comment section.

how to get people to comment on your blog

Choosing The Best WordPress Comment Plugin

What commenting system will add real value to your blog when it comes to learning how to get people to comment on your blog. WordPress has some of the best plugins that can help you get the most value.

If you looking to receive a lot of comments on your blog then you want to install some of these plugins on your website.

Let’s get started.

Native WordPress Comments
In most case website owner don’t need a plugin to receive comments on their blogs, simply because the commenting system is built in the WordPress blog.

If people want to leave a comment they only have to leave their name and email address and their website domain name.

If somehow you don’t like the Native WordPress commenting system don’t stress over it there are plenty of other plugins that you can install on your site. Here are few other commenting systems plugins.

Disqus Comment System
This plugin is one of popular plugin use all over the world. This plugin is used on most social media site like Facebook, Blogger, Tumblr etc.

This plugin allows your visitor to leave a comment by email this increased engagement between other users. A user can also leave rich media using images and video.

Disqus allows visitors to link to their Disqus account which other Disqus users can follow the each and view comments on other blogs made by the person they are following.

Replyable Commenting System
What great about Replyable is that is required visitor read the content then leave a comment. This plugin allows a user the leave comment with having to worry about getting tons of email in their inbox.

Visitors don’t have visited your website they can just hit reply then type what they want to say.There are no form or website information, Plus it is capable of the most WordPress theme. This plugin works well with Commentluv and other antispam like Jetpack etc.

This plugin is one the newest commenting system on the market. This plugin is super fast and built for speed. This a clean system that and is available for WordPress Woocomerce comments.

Commentluv System
The system automatically adds links to user lasted blog post. This is probably one of my favorite because you can actually build your email list during the process. Commentluv is a great way to gain backlink on your website which is huge if that happens

This plugin will spam people if they decided to write short or relevant comments just to receive backlinks. The only problem with this plugin is that hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. So you might run into some problem using this plugin.

Although there are some pros and cons of some of the plugins mention above in this article. So that makes it hard to weed out the very best commenting system. Analyze each plugin see which one best fits your need for your site then install the plugin.

Leave Comments On Other People’s Blog Post.

This is my favorite way of learning how to get people to comment on your blog. Leaving comment help increase the engagement on your blog. When visitors land on your blog it’s most likely if they see a lot of past comments they will leave a comment as well.

Leaving comments on other people blog helps to drive traffic to your blog which can lead to potential customers or subscribers.One of the biggest mistakes people make when leaving a comment that they think writing a short and sweet comment to do the trick. They just leave a comment saying something like this

“Hey great article” or “Thank for sharing this information”

Remember when leave comments on other people blog, make sure it adds value to the blog post. If your comment doesn’t really add value most likely the site owner will delete or it will end up in the spam file.

Quick Reply To Comments On Your Own Blog Post.

Although you might be commenting on other people blog as I talked about previously, let’s not forget the comments on your blog. It’s important to the reader if they leave a comment that they expect you to respond to their comment pretty quickly.

If they have a question about your post, product or service, they are expecting a quick reply to their question. You don’t want you, visitors, leaving your website without leaving a comment.

The quicker you respond the more your reader will appreciate your concern about their opinion.

Use Your Social Media Networks

Social media networks are a perfect strategy for learning how to get more people to comment on your blog. Sharing your post on various groups and your profile. Social media is pretty hard to get a friend and family to comment on your post. In many cases, you have to use a call-to-action to entice them to comment. Using call-to-action is telling them to perform a certain action on the blog post.

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Asked Question At The End of Your Blog Post.

If you finish your blog post it’s recommended that you asked a question at the end of your post. This helps the readers to respond to your post much quicker. Here is some example of a question you would use.

  • How are you going to implement these tips?
  • Did You Find The Strategies Helpful?
  • What have you learned from this article?
  • What are your thoughts on social media sites?

Link Related Blog Post To Yours.

One last way on how to get people to comment on your blog is linking a related article to your post. By linking another blog to your help builds pingback from the authors saying thank you for linking them to your post.

You’re not only building relationships but also building communication between website to talk about your blog post. This could lead them to mention you in their next blog post. Another huge advantage of linking other blog is better ranking in search engines. Here are 31 Proven Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog


This was my top recommendation on how to get more comments on your blog. I recommend using each of the methods mentions in this article.

So, Tell Me What Method Would You Use To Get More Comment On Your Blog? 

Please reply by leaving a comment below, and please show some love and share it.

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4 thoughts on “6 Proven Methods For How To Get People To Comment On Your Blog”

  1. I did not know there is many different types of commenting system for WordPress. I use to have the original comment system that comes with wordpress. Which would you recommend to have the best comment system that complies with seo? I agree with you some comments such as thank you for the article seems useless. Are people suppose to share more valuable information in the comments section or are they just for asking questions? Sometimes I am confused too. I hope I can have your advise. I will try social media method to get more comments.

    • Yes, Kit, when you write comments, provide value that’s related to the article. There are some people leave comment on post that has nothing to do with the post. Just be yourself is the only system you need. Also is good the ask question about the post.

  2. Commenting is getting more tricky these days so it was good to see your post.

    Writing great fresh content is the beginning in my opinion.

    Asking questions at the end of the posts as you mention, is a great way to get conversations going.

    I often find that being a little controversial (without being offensive) or opinionated can also stir an audience to respond.

    I have not tried a lot of the ideas you give, so I think it would be good for me to give some of them a go.

    Replyable seems like an interesting option.

    Nice article.

    Tim Bennett

    • Hey, Tim thanks for commenting on this post, Yes I found the asking question at the end of my post seem to be getting a lot of engagements on my post, There are a lot of strategies that can be use to getting people to comment and hope the article was able to provide you with some helpful tips. Thanks and like and share this post. 


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