7 Things You Didn’t Know About How To Improve Your Writing Skills

7 Things You Didn’t Know About How To Improve Your Writing Skills

How to improve your writing skills is one email topic I get in my inbox. Most beginner bloggers or affiliate marketer aren’t writer’s at all.

But in order to build a reliable list of subscribers then you need to brush up on your writing skills.

how to improve your writing skills

In today’s article, I wanted to talk about how to improve your skills when it comes to bringing value to your readers. We all read a  lot of other people blogs, emails or newsletters that bring focus to something interesting. Some of them are good and some are not when it comes to the writing.

Some writer keeps things short and sweet while other bloggers tend to be long-winded in getting to the point. Having good writing skills can help you in a lot of ways. It builds confidence in knowing that people love what you got to say.

Here are some tips on how to improve your writing skills if you’re just beginning or have little experience in writing.

Learn to Eat Right:

Yes, something so simple as eating can help improve your writing skills. Keeping a healthy eating habit is important to your writing success. Eating help improves your thinking process and improve your memory.

Focus on eating fruit and vegetables that help improve your brain. You need good nutrition in your body in order to improve your abilities in writing. Besides, it’s hard to focus on writing when you’re thinking about food.

Getting Good Sleep

If you want to know how to improve your writing skills then you should always get a good nights rest.  Getting good rest help to improve your thought process.

You can be more alert and more focus on your tasks at hand. One thing about getting a good nights rest is waking up with lots of energy. You should away plan to get a least 7-8 hours of sleep each day.

So don’t try to overwork yourself with your writing project learn how to rest more and get more sleep.

Practice Free Writing

This is a good tip for learning how to improve your writing skills is practicing your free writing. Freewriting is simply writing anything that comes to mind.

This technique is one I use just about every day. It’s helpful if you can a just spend an hour day just writing. One of my favorite site that can help teach you how to improve your writing skill is a site called 750.com

It’s a lot of fun writing 750 words about everything… This program helps to improve your writing skill by challenging your ability to run the course each day. So head over an check it out. Yes, it’s Free.

Join Writing Online Classes

If you are new to writing there are things you can do to learn how to improve your writing skills. If you just want to learn some basic writing skills, there are tons of Shaw academy online free classes that you can take to brush up on your writing techniques.

Here is 25 free online course that can teach you how to improve your writing skills.

Tools for improving your writing skills

Daily Page 

If you find yourself running out of ideas to write about. Daily page will send you prompts to write about every morning. On completing the task you can then share your work or just keep it private.

750 Words

I mention this tool earlier in the post. This tool challenges your brain to think about 750 Word daily and it can be about anything that comes to mind. Once you have completed this task you can see your stats and points.

Blog Headline Generators

This is probably one of my favorite ways to learn how to improve your writing skills. Headline generator is a tool that will generate blog topic ideas based on the keyword that enter. Although there are a lot of them to choose from I’m only going to mention one of my five favorite blog headline tool generators. HubSpot’s has a very good one I use quite frequently.

Google Doc

This tool has been a favorite of mine for a very long time. As a blogger, you will find the Google Doc is a must if you are planning to write PDF file such as e-books, downloadable documents. This is a must to have if you want to learn how to improve your writing skills.


Learn how to improve your skills will require editing your work, One tool that can save you tons of editing and proofreading time is Grammarly. This is one tool that is used everyone in the blogging world. Grammarly catches your wording mistakes before you hit that publish button. This tool also checks your content plagiarism so that you don’t get into trouble with search engines.

Read Lot’s of Books

I tell a lot of people in my niche that they should always read a lot of books. Over the years I develop a habit of reading all types of books, whether it’s romance, blogging, history book, fiction books.  I love reading books,

how to improve your writing skills

Check out my top 10 books that you should be reading right now…

Reading book can guild how to improve your writing skills and help you discover your own unique style of writing. Read a lot of books gives you the mindset on writing about a topic you like to read. The more you read the more ideas begin to pop into your head to write to your readers.

I highly recommend getting this books in your library

Ask Someone For Feedback

It’s always good to ask someone for their honest feedback about your writing. Friend and family are the best places to start before publishing your work. Anytime I’m finished writing an article I ask my wife if she would proofread and to give me her feedback about the post.

how to improve your writing skills

Your main goal is to provide good value to your readers, getting feedback from someone whether it’s good or bad this can help you revamp your writing and make it more interesting for your readers. Your readers will come back for more.


I’m hoping you have received some helpful tips on how to improve your writing skills. While you are here I would like if you would comment on this post and give me your feedback on this article. Love to read your thoughts…

If you are just starting out in the world of blogging, if you follow the example mention in this article it will help you learn how to improve your writing skills and write articles that your readers would love to share and come back for more…

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