How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

How to increase brand awareness for your online business in 2017. This is one of the questions many viewers have asked when starting a new business online.


In this article you will learn some powerful tactic for increasing your brand. If you are ready to learn, let’s begin.

Brand_awarenes-300x137 How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

Increasing your brand awareness need some strategy for getting more people to notice you. It’s crucial to your business if you want people to see your business as an authority site.

Every online business owner wants to increase more sales and attract more visitors to their website.

What Is Brand Awareness?

Brand awareness is when people hear your brand name, they know what type business you represent.

Some example of that is when you hear the name “Staples.” You automatically know that they represent office supplies, computer and printing products.

When you hear the name “Macy” you think about clothing and beauty products. In both cases, they represent a certain brand.

When you hear the name “Uber” you think of apps that allow you to connect with a driver. That driver that can get you to your destination.

How to increase brand awareness should be the main focus increasing your brand.

Learning how to increase your brand awareness by targeting the right audience can do the same for your business.

That way, when people hear your name they know exactly what your product or services represent.

Market Your Brand Some As Possible

How to increase brand awareness as a marketing strategy. Your brand is the key to connecting with your audience. It’s important to start marketing to your audience as soon as possible.

Your goal is to get noticed by people, letting them know who you are, and what your business represents.

One of the powerful tactics for attracting more people is helping people with your products/services. One way to provide them with a solution is building a website.

Your website is the key to branding your business. Providing content that related to your customer’s needs.

If you are new to the INTERNET world and you don’t even know where to start building a website.

I’m giving you my 1# recommend training course you can start today FREE.

Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to increase brand awareness with a unique and attractive website.

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Logo Designs having a logo for your brand, emphasizes who you are.

When your audience sees your logo it register in their minds and they will remember your brand.

Take the test thinks about some of your favorite brands. Apple, Walmart, Target, Dell, Best Buys, you know what they represent.

Don’t underestimate the power of logos. Logo stand for, what your website is all about, when building your brand. Learn how to increase brand awareness by designing a logo that fit your brand.

Start sharing your design on other sites. Places like social media, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

If you don’t have a log design visit one of my favorite places to create awesome looking logo designs. 99design.com 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

 If you’re not using SEO to build your brand awareness. Then you are missing out on potential customers and traffic to your website.
You must learn how to increase brand awareness using relevant, targeted keywords to boost your ranking in the search engines. One of my favorite keyword research tool is Jaaxy.

These keywords resonates with your audience phrases when searching for a product or service in your niche. As you continue to write valuable content using targeted keywords. Google recognizes your website and send people to your site.

Your goal is to get on the first page in the search engines. This increases your brand and increase traffic to your website. Turning visitors into potential leads and buyers.

Unleash Your Infographic Creativity

How to increase brand awareness with creativity. Unleash your creative side when building your brand.

Finding creative methods to increase the awareness of the brand. Start using tactics like images, video and infographic etc. Infographics are a powerhouse when you want to build your brand.

People love to share infographic 3 x more than reading content.

Take a look at an example on how to be more creative

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan

Discover your unique ways to increase your brand, Think about ways to get people to notice you. One powerful tactic, I like to use is post cards, flyer’s, etc.

Whatever you think of be creative to brand your business. Be creative using promotional ideas.

Find a local Partnership

Great way on how to increase your brand awareness is linking up with other business in your local city. Because you can host events, donate to lots of charities. People will begin to notice your brand.

Magnet and Window Decals

One simple and fun way to increase awareness to your brand is using car magnet and window decals with your logo on it. This will create a lot of attention to your website.

Giving Away Free Stuff.

Who doesn’t like free stuff, Everyone loves free giveaways. Put you brand logo on you on the items you’re giving away, such as pens, drink holders etc.

Running Contest On Social Media

If you are familiar with running a contest on social media, This is a great tactic on how to increase brand awareness for your business.

People will share and like photos, images of the contest you are creating.

I’ve seen contest for adding the best and cutest images of your dog to win. Think about the attention your website would be getting if you promote a contest.

Become a Master at Story Telling

By creating a story that your audience will never forget will build your brand faster. Begin creating compelling, emotional stories that resonate with users, they will never forget your brand name.

I will go deeper on this topic in my upcoming blog article. Stay on the look out for that.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising

If your budget is right PPC advertising is a powerful way to get your website brand notice by others.

Learning how to increase brand awareness with pay-per-click advertisement is someone you should do before breaking out your wallet.

This tactic can cost you money if you don’t know how to budget your campaign correctly. I included some training to help you learn more about PPPC advertising.

PPC-300x187 How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

PPC2-300x184 How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

Take a look at this Infographic Guild To PPC Advertisement

Hitchhiker’s Guide To PPC – Infographic [Infographic] by the team at Spark Pay

Multimedia Awareness

Branding yourself with multimedia is a powerful tool to share your business with your audience. Helpful tool that on the rise today is mobile marketing, podcasting, photo and YouTube videos. These will help to increase the awareness of your brand.

Social Media Awareness

Using social media to increase the awareness to your brand has some great benefits to gain more users to your website. Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to start building your brand.

Again, it’s going to take some training on how to increase brand awareness using this type of platforms.

Things like knowing how to target the right people who you want to see your brand. How to create a campaign that your audience will like and share to increase more traffic to your website.

Facebook groups:

Facebook groups are a great way to bring awareness to your business. Most these groups share ideas and product information.
Place your logos and product in groups within your niche. Facebook advertisement can give you the opportunity to reach a broader targeted audience in your niche.


Google plus is another platform that you can bring awareness to your business. Share your blog content with others in your niche.


Instagram is another super tactic for bringing awareness to your business brand. You can offer products and services, mini videos so that your followers can comment and share your information with their circle.

Twitter platform:

Twitter allows you to share #Hashtags with potential followers. Share your brand with a #hashtag of your own. Best practice for this is to make sure you are using the same #hashtag to bring awareness to your business.

Pinterest platform:

Pinterest is becoming very trending these days, as more people are learning the true potential of this siteBy placing images of your brand can bring a lot of attention to your business. Online marketers have discovered how to increase brand awareness using Pinterest.



Pod-casting is on the rise as more and more entrepreneurs are bringing awareness to their businesses with the power of this toolDiscuss relevant topics and sharing your experiences with your listeners can bring a lot of attention to your business. Users can tune in to your session to learn valuable information on that topic.

There are powerful ways on how to increase brand awareness within your niche. Yet, your tasks should be to create something unique.
Create something that lets you stand out from the crowd. Put together a powerful brand image that states who you are and what your business is all about.
Be consistent is providing valuable information to your audience. That way the next time your audience hear your name they automatically know what you have to offer them.
I hope you have gained some valuable tips on how to increase brand awareness for your business.
If you have enjoyed the article, Please leave a comment below, tell us what topics you like to read about. What can we teach you, to help grow your online business.

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  1. I strongly believe that in order to be successful in any business you need to create brand awareness, all the big companies know this that’s why they advertise and invest too much money sponsoring various events.

    There is a sure way to create brand awareness in the online world and I must say you have covered all that in this post, I don’t really think you missed anything here. Social media now days is really doing a great job to make people aware about different brands, and as bloggers, we need to leverage that. Thank you for this useful information!

    • Hey thanks Han, for commenting on the article, Increasing awareness is a big part of growing your business and getting your brand in the eyes of your audience. I hope that you have received value in the post, Please come back an visited.

  2. Hi

    Great useful and informative post on how to increase brand awareness.

    As you have covered there are a number of ways to increase brand awareness these days. Social media has become massive, and I think it is very important to learn how to leverage this correctly.

    There is some tactics I had not really heard of in your post, but I can see how they could definitely increase awareness of a particular brand.

    I look forward to some of you future posts.


    • Thanks Chris, for commenting on this article, My goal is to share valuable tips for increasing brand awareness, I hope this gave you plenty of valuable information, Please come back and visited. Thanks again


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