How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog Easy Methods

How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog

How to increase traffic on your blog is one thing that new bloggers should learn more about when building a new online business.

Are you blogging day and night, whenever you get time you start doing blogging. No matter it is day, night, lunch time, dinner time or anything else. Is it true? Yeah i know it is!

You are crazy about blogging and giving time to it, but you aren’t getting good organic traffic to your blog. Which disappoints you and distracts you from blogging.

In my blogging profession, I have also faced such situations which are annoying. Everyone can leverage the use of social media for getting traffic to their blog. The main success is in Search engine traffic, as it generates more income and clients.

Today you will be learning how to increase traffic on your blog with organic traffic.

Today I am going to discuss with you what strategies you need to follow to boost your organic traffic. I’ll be showing you some tips on converting your visitors into readers into buyers.

Proper On Page Optimization

Have you ever heard about the term SEO?

How to increase traffic on your blog

If not, then you should start learning about search engine optimization. To become a good blogger is knowing how to increase traffic on your blog with search engines.

This is the main thing which every blogger should consider  learning more about.

Search Engine Optimization and Keywords Research

On page optimization is making sure that you take care of several things like your url, proper structured content with H1, H2, H3 and H4 tags.

Read more information on way this is important on how to increase traffic on your blog Semrush training tool

The goal is to get Google to recognize your blog for ranking

If you will not take care of these things then your page will not considered good by Google. Most likely your post will not rank in search engines resulting in less traffic from Google.

Social Sharing Matters

Now, I again came to the point of social sharing, are you thinking that what the crap he is talking about? How can someone attract high quality organic traffic with social sharing… Ain’t it?

How to increase traffic on your blog

Social Sharing

How to increase traffic on your blog using social sharing

Let me tell you that Google tries to find out the no. of social shares of a post and on the basis of that Google ranks that post. Google gives most consideration to Google+ Social network.

Consistent Blogging Is Essential to Increase Page Ranking. This is important on How to increase traffic on your blog.

So it’s time to leave your bed and start working and being social if you want to attract traffic.

Consider your self in such a situation “your post is in the second page of Google search engine” and the keyword is having 20,000+ volumes according to Google Keyword Planner and you are worried about ‘how can you get it in top 5.

So is your blog ranking for any keyword in top 10 or say 2nd page, you want to get it under top 5 then you should start doing backlinking.

If you don’t know what are backlinks then read this first – “Backlinks are the links pointing to your site” and they are of 2 types, follow and no follow.

Top 20 Ways To Boost Your SEO Ranking

When someone is giving dofollow link to your blog then link juice is passing to your blog. It helps in rankings and nofollow is just opposite.

How to increase traffic on your blog

So what are you waiting for? Start your link building campaign today.

Posting daily believe me or not, you can also attract more traffic by posting on your blog. Let’s say in every 2 days.

This is How to increase traffic on your blog.

Google give’s more priority to the domains having more updates.

So I will suggest you instead of resting after doing 1 post, try to update your site as much as you can. At least if you are running a multi niche blog which will maintain quality also.

  • Follow Google Policies

Until or unless you are on an event based blogging mission, you should not break the rules of Google, doing this will no index your blog from Google leading to “you will lose traffic in long term”.

If you will do spam in your blog and using black hat tactics that will bring traffic for a short span of time and after your site will get banned. I hope that you got it, and it’s up to you that you are going to try black hat tactics or not.

Convinced or not? If you have any doubts then you can leave them in the comment section below, I will definitely try to help you out.

How to increase traffic on your blog with Keyword Writing and SEO

Don’t worry, we will try to post about these mentioned topics in the future “In depth articles” which will bring you more organic traffic to your blog.

Keep reading and keep visiting!!!

The Top Most Profitable Niches to Start Blogging On, in 2017

If you want to learn How to increase traffic on your blog

Choosing a good niche to blog on is always a wise plan before you step into the world of blogging and online marketing.

Every new blogger thinks on what to blog about to reap the most profits and to get the most traffic.

Well not with traffic but as for money. Everyone wants to have a successful wealthy online blogging career.

The first step before you start bombing your blog with useless articles who don’t relate to each other is to choose on what topic to blog about.

You just cannot type something in google. Open the first link and say, i am going to blog about this.

If you want to have success in online marketing and blogging + making money online then you have to select for a successful niche.

I am going to give you an insight about the top niches to blog about in 2017 to get the most out of your blog.

1. Your Own Passion

I wanted this to go last but then after a lot of thinking,I’m giving this the number 1 priority in my list.

The thing is that before blogging, you should ask yourself that are you good to be a blogger ? if yes then again ask yourself what you like the most.

There is not a concept of profitable niche when you are writing about your passion. Always give this the first priority. Start a blog on which you are comfortable writing on.

Start a blog based upon your interest. Whether its movie reviews, any programming, teaching something etc. etc. When you blog from the heart, you always succeed.

The benefit of choosing your own passion.

Passion based niche is that you don’t have to think what to write, you will know everything in that category. And you can tell your reader more and give them information.

So if you are thinking of starting a blog. Always choose the niche/topic based on your passion, so that you may be comfortable writing with.

2. Health Care Niche

I know, a lot of bloggers don’t give this much importance in choosing the topic as their primary niche.

That is why this niche is most important and the most profitable one.  A health blog can diversify into different health related topics. You can also cover different health care micro niches in a single blog.

Most of the population is cautious when it comes to their health. They always look for DIY treatments or things about their care online. So this niche can get a good amount of searches and a good CPC rate.

Health blogs can be into different categories. You can also include some micro niches such as

  • Weight loss/diet blogs
  • Nutrition and food blogs
  • Disease and disorder blogs
  • Training and exercise blog

These are some of the top CPC, health-based micro niches and they drive in good amount of traffic and money if used wisely and strategically.

3. Blogging Tutorials Niche

By far one of the best and the most profitable niche to start blog on. But this takes some serious learning. You have to learn about some stuff before you can start blogging on this Niche.

Blogging with tutorials can be a great way to help newbies and beginners in making and running a successful blog online.

You can teach them different tutorials such as SEO, HTML , Keywords, Content writing , Content marketing etc.

In this type of niche, you can not only earn from banner advertising services such as Adsense,  but can also earn from affiliate marketing.

Blogging guides and tutorials niche has been proven to be best for affiliate marketing. As just be referring someone to buy a product or a package, you get some good commissions from the sale.

But remember that this has become one of the most common niches as the possibilities to earn here are huge.

So you have to take extreme care of your content, and offer your reader what others cannot.

4. Digital Technology Niche

Technology remains one of the most profitable niches and retains its former glory. The changing technology and new tech gadgets, devices, smartphones coming as we step into the future.  Digtal Technology has grown a wide platform to blog about.

You can cover several small micro niches in this huge controversial topic.

As people are getting more and more interested in Digital Tech. You can give your readers tutorials, reviews, useful information on several aspects of this niche and help those who want to know about the upcoming trends.

But remember that this is not a lone separated niche. There are more blogs on digital technology then there are on other topics. So you are going to get some tough competition. But work hard and nothing is hard to conquer.

Like blogging, Digital technology has also become one of the most common niches and the possibilities of earning are huge. You will get several opportunities for online marketing and get a good profit for your work.

5. Self Help Personality Development

How many of you know about blogging, Digital technology, health ? .

Did you ever feel about personality development like you feel about your iPhone? . No. That makes this niche a good profitable and most searched niches .

Personality development tells us how to improve our identity, how to improve our awareness and how to be a better person. More it can tell us about several aspects of unconscious psychology that one can enjoy

Choosing this niche you will help people in improving their personal life and their professional life. Most of the people are affected by inferiority complex and you can help them get rid of it etc etc.

There are many sub niches which you can blog and enjoy . The most common of which include.

  • Leadership development
  • Self-esteem development
  • Motivation guides
  • Career development
  • Life coaching
  • Spirituality
  • Personality development
  • Relation Ship Developments
  • How to get rid of self-complexes

This niche will help people in getting a positive approach towards life and in a way you will be affecting people lives. So apart from reaping a good profit, you will also feel good about your blog. What about this profitable niches for 2017

Making Money Online, Every day people are looking for ways to earn some extra cash online. This is a huge niche and is here to stay for the next 10-20 years.

You can also blog about these sub niches.

  • Online jobs,
  • How to make money online.
  • SEO search engine optimization.
  • Social media marketing
  • Dating Niche

Over the past few months online dating has been on the rise. 2017 this would be a good niche to blog about. Everyone is looking for love, now you can earn some big commission.

3 Ways On How to increase traffic on your blog

One thing you want for your website is a decent amount of traffic.

That means you’d want new people every day to find the way to your site. After all, if no one find’s your website or your online shop, how are you going to make money?

If you open a business (even if it was just a lemonade stand) you can open the doors at 8 am and close them again at 6 pm and you are in peoples faces.

Even if you don’t go out and advertise, chances are that people will come by. Something in your shop window might have attracted them.

Maybe they are interested in one of your products or they were just taking a walk and just wanted to check out the new corner shop.

If you start a website, a blog or an online shop it becomes a lot harder to get people to enter it.  Learning How to increase traffic on your blog is key to your successful busines.

In this article I will outline 3 great ways on How to increase traffic on your blog that I  use to push my own blog: PPC, guest blogging and social media.

Before I move ahead, with my 3 simple ways on How to increase traffic on your blog.

you can also refer to following posts which will give you more ways on How to increase traffic on your blog:

Now, lets jump into 3 methods which I use and is working for me:

I will be sharing paid and free ways which you can put into place and start getting traffic on your blog.

Depending upon your website business model, you can pick any of them or all them to increase your site hits.

No matter which method you use, make sure you create a system which will help you to convert these one time visitors into blog subscribers.

How to increase traffic on your blog through PPC

PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click. It stands for all sorts of paid ads that you pay for, when someone clicks on them.

The most common PPC platform is Google Ads itself as it offers a range of paid ads to search queries alongside the organic ranking.

These spaces are for paid ads, which makes it attractive for webmasters and online shop owners to use paid ads to get traffic to their site.

Great for new websites PPC is a great opportunity to generate traffic quickly.

But once campaigns stops you will usually experience a drastic drop in traffic. PPC is a short term method to enhance traffic or to have a constant visibility on the first page of search results.

Unless you want to keep paying for your visitors you will have to find more  sources to get people to your site. One of them is guest blogging.

How to increase traffic on your blog using Guest blogging

As a blogger you will know about the importance of guest blogging.

We hear about it many times in connection with SEO and backlink building. Publishing articles on websites other than your own has been a common, well-known and often practiced technique to push organic rankings.

From the SEO point of view you would choose your guest blogging platforms according to relevancy to your own site, page and domain authority and backlink allowance.

You would want that platform to link back to your site without adding a rel=”nofollow” to those links. For SEO it is important to get these follow links – I couldn’t agree with it any more than that.

But here we are looking at it from another angle. Driving traffic has a lot to do with SEO and yet it is different.

While in SEO only certain links are of value (even more so since the infamous panda and penguin updates).  The standards for driving traffic are different.

The factors to considered when choosing a platform to drive traffic to your website include the following:

  • Unique visitors per day of the site you want to publish on
  • Percentage of new visitors on that website
  • Back link allowance but it doesn’t matter whether it is a rel=”follow” link)
  • Relevancy (yes, it is important – not just in SEO!)
  • Free Blog branding

To drive people who are interested in your topic to come to your website, you need to publish the right content on the right kind of platforms:

Just publishing anywhere won’t guarantee success. Maybe you will generate some traffic from it, but most likely that type of traffic

(the non-targeted one) that will lead to increased bounce rate and nothing else.

Include Social Signals

Setting up social media platforms, managing them and keeping them up to date is the third option to increase traffic.

Grow Your Art Business: Learn Pinterest Strategy: How to Increase Blog Subscribers, Make More Sales, Design Pins, Automate & Get Website Traffic for Free

Since 2014/2016 more and more social media platforms have emerged, grown and matured.

The most powerful among them all as well as the one who drives most of the social media traffic) is Facebook.

This particular platform has over 1 billion active users monthly and is so the perfect source to generate decent amount of traffic.

Let me break this further down. Social media platforms are used to build and maintain relationships.

That included private relationships, friendships. Now companies have started realizing that selling a product to a customer using social media.

Customer relationship management is becoming important to maintain and nurture great relationships with clients.

This principle is also practicable in reference to a blogger-reader relationship.

If you want your visitors/readers to become regulars, you have to build a relationship with them. The best way to do so is by engaging in active dialogue with your audience. And what better platform is there to do so than social media portals?

How to use these options on  How to increase traffic on your blog

Now, I have introduced 3 effective ways to generate traffic. If you are just starting off using these ways to drive your traffic, be careful to integrate them.

Each option is most effective when it’s integrated well with the other two. Timing plays a major role in this process, too. Before starting to take action, make a plan. Determine short-term as well as long-term goals.

PPC is a great option to start driving traffic. But don’t just rest while your ads are running. Start creating unique quality articles and try to spread them across several other platforms.

As you do that ad social media profiles to your mix of traffic sources.

Here’s a visualization of how these three ways can work.

To wrap it, let me stress these 3 points:

  • Use PPC when needed, but don’t make it your primary source of traffic.
  • Guest blogging should be done consistently; however you will struggle to post a guest article daily.
  • Set yourself a weekly or monthly goal for that and stick to it.
  • Social media will be a full time job. You can’t limit interactions with readers to specific times. You have to be there, respond to questions and encourage interaction. Otherwise your platforms will become deserted.

If you are looking for more more ways and resources to increase website traffic.

Go ahead and try above mentioned tips on How to increase traffic on your blog and increase your revenue.

Do let me know which of these methods are working for you and what more methods you are using on  How to increase traffic on your blog.

Don’t forget to subscribe to New Wealthy Affiliate newsletter for more such updates.

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2 thoughts on “How To Increase Traffic On Your Blog Easy Methods”

  1. These are some great tips Anthony for increasing traffic to your blog.

    Two things that I recently started doing that seems to be helping my rankings are one, linking out to other helpful sites. I read that Google appreciates you sending your readers to where good information is.

    The second thing is using LSI keywords, which are basically synonyms for your keyword to really show Google what you article is about.


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