How To Increase Your Conversion Rate-9 Easy Ways To Get Results

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate-9 Easy Ways To Get Results

How To Increase Your Conversion Rate-9 Easy Ways To Get Results

How to increase your conversion rate on your website seem to be the question you might be asking right now. Your website depends on how your visitors take action for what you have to offer.

Why Conversion Is Important To Your Business?

Some people who visit your website will, become leads or subscribers. But in most cases, most of them will not convert into sales.
Your conversion rate is crucial to your business. It shows the percentage of your audience action. Whether they want what you have to offer.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

 It is surprising to know that the number of mobile-device-only users has exceeded the number of desktop-only users when surfing the net. It means that you can no longer rely on your website that works well on a desktop.

The moment your page is opened on a mobile device, it might fail.

As a result, you will lose a huge number of people who could have been potential buyers of your products and services. They visit your site using their mobile device and end up being impatient because the site does not load well. This will ultimately affect your conversion rate.

Instead of turning them into actual buyers, you have left a negative impression on their minds. This means that actions should be undertaken to let the website load well both in desktop computers and mobile devices.

Of course, it is not enough. Once the website is fully functional, the next step is to be more engaging with your potential clients. Interact with them using social media. Answer their questions and respond to their comments. Don’t worry if they have negative words to say.

By being there to entertain them if they have questions or comments, they will feel that you care. This is a good start in converting them into actual buyers in the future.

This book will teach you how to write better: Learn how to get what you want, increase your conversion rates, and make it easier to write anything (using formulas and mind-hacks)

It takes a lot to create a good name in the industry. Patience is definitely the key. You can’t expect these visitors to immediately turn into buyers in a night.

The infographic below presents more ideas on how to transform these visitors into actual buyers. Use them wisely. Analyze your website now and find a way to let more people be convinced that buying from you is the best choice.

 I remember creating my blog, the question always was in the back of my mind. I needed people to take action to my product offer.
In this article. I will give you some tips and strategies how to increase your conversion rate. How you can start winning your audience attention.

Improve Your Website Design

The Appeal is everything when it comes to increasing your conversion rate. Having an appealing website design is very important to your audience. Your website design tells the visitor what your website is all about.
One of favorite site for finding great looking themes its call Mythemeshop
Creating an eye catching website design that showcase the product or service you are representing. What does your website design say about your product or service. Choosing the right theme is important to your business.
Some question you might want to asked yourself. Is my website user friendly? If your site is not, then you might want to change it. If people are having a tough time trying figure your website out, then you won’t make any conversion.
What is actually is a user friendly website? There are couple element for making your website user friendly.
  1. Easy reading: Making your content easy to read and navigate through. Most people like to skim through articles. By using the right sub-heading with H3 titles to help break up your article so that it’s easy to read and understandable to your audience. In many of my articles, I like to use images to help my reader gasp the content even more.
  2. Easy Navigation: You want to make your website easy to navigate to different areas of your blog. You want to make it easy for them to navigate through your menu bar. Easy access to your about me, contact page, home page etc.
  3. Your Site Speed Matters: You want people to stay on your website. Speed determines whether your customers will stay on your website or leave.. This is a crucial step on how to increase your conversion rate by the numbers. People don’t like staying on website that take forever to load. So your website page should load up faster, creating user friendly atmosphere.

 Using A Responsive Theme

 It’s important to make your website mobile friendly. Thousand of people are using mobile devices to search for product and services.
If you’re not using a responsive theme, you are missing a thousand of potential customers to your offer.
The benefits of responsive theme can increase your conversion rates by 60 to 100 percent. This is another way for learning how to increase your conversion rate using responsive themes.
Responsive theme allows your visitor to see your content on any devices that they might be using. Google now gives website owners better ranking if their website is mobile friendly. They have recognized that mobile searches are outnumbering those who uses desktops.
I’ve included a training course on how increase your ranking .


Focus On The Right Audience

 One tip on how to Increase your conversion rate is focused on the right audience for your business. Your audience is the key to your success online. Your website is one that serves as a valuable resource to your audience.
Finding the right audience for your product or service is important on whether you make a conversion or not.
The information you provide solve the problems people are searching for online. Identifying with the right audience by providing content related to their problem. It shows that you understand their needs and you are there to help them solve it.
Focusing on the right audience can create more conversion on your website. Providing content that is relevant to your audience needs. Result in more conversion and more money with they buy your solution.
Focusing on the right audience makes it easy for you to write more content that solves the problems people are searching on the web.
If you want to increase your conversion rates, you have to focus on the right audience to achieve such tasks. It’s all about what your visitors want and needs.

 Relevant Content Marketing

 As a website business owners your goal is to write relevant content to your audience. Using images to increase your marketing strategy. Images improve engagements and produces more conversion to your offer.
You must discover how to increase your conversion rate by begin unique and different from others in your niche. One way is to offer something free. This gives your visitors an incentive to click your offer.
Use relevant content marketing to drive people to your site. Give them something of value to establish yourself in your niche. It’s important to produce content that is relevant to your audience, because it build trust with your readers. If your content does not match up with your audience needs, they will most likely leave your website.
Your content needs to be unique to search engines, to gain better ranking to what keywords people are searching for on the web.
Make sure you have a strong call to action(CTA) so that your audience know what to do once they land on your website. Ask yourself what do you want your visitors to do when they come to your site? signup for email newsletter, download something, completing a form etc.
Call to action command attention and encourage your visitors to take action to your offer. Learn how to increase your conversion rate using a strong call action is to be creative.
Step away from the traditional methods. Sign Up Now or Subscribe Now buttons, be unique and creative with your call to action (CTA)

 A/B Testing

 A/B testing as some will say (split testing) is a method on how to increase your conversion rate. It gives you the ability to turn your readers into buyers.
In this business your competitors are constantly testing their marketing strategy. If you are currently run a campaign and not getting any conversions. You should consider doing some split testing in your marketing strategy. 
This where A/B testing plays a big part in getting your more conversion to your campaign. A/B testing is determines what working and whats not working.
Testing your marketing strategy is a must if you’re going to survive in your niche. 
Unfortunately most people don’t know how to use A/B testing. I’ve included a training course on how to increase your conversion using A/B Testing. 

Create Enticing Headlines

As I mention in the title your goal is to entice your reader to click on your articles. Headlines is the first thing your visitors sees.
If it doesn’t capture their attention you missed the opportunity for conversions. Discover new ways how to increase your conversion rate by using enticing headlines.
Your headline is the most important step of your article and landing pages. You should have a strong enticing headline that convincing to your audience. You’re headline should peek the interest in your products or service.
Creating the right  enticing headline can dramatically  increase your conversion.

Optimized Your Lead Pages

Optimized your landing page is important in generating conversion on your website. To make money from your affiliate products, you need to get your visitors to take action to buy.
One way on how to increase your conversion rate is to drop all the distractions on your landing page. Give your visitor something of value in exchange for their information.
If you are selling affiliate products consider giving addition free gifts with their purchases.
Cut the amount of information on your lead pages. Only ask for your readers name and email address keep your landing pages easy and simple. By asking too much information can results in losing a potential customer.
Use a short video on your lead pages, people seem to convert more when they see a video explaining the product or service.
It helps your reader understand more about your landing page most people don’t like reading a lot a video makes it easy to make more sales.
Add any addiction information about your business, such as phone numbers and email contact or you can speak to your customers in a live chat.
Extra information about how they can reach you help increase your conversion rate more, because they feel comfortable when they see your contact information
Want to Increase Your Conversion Up To 600%? This tool is the one your need to do that with  website.
Showing your visitors real life testimonial will boost your conversion dramatically. People love recommendation through friends and family who are currently using the product that you are selling.

Social Networking

Discover how to increase your conversion rate using social networking. Add more convenience to your customer by including social login.
You might have seen them as you have landed on a particular website. These login are Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn icon. This helps your visitors sign up through their social media circle.
Most people lose their passwords, so these social login keep everything simple and easy when they return to your website.
They have no need to remember their password.
Social proof is a tactic on how to increase your conversion rate by show a phenomenon where people conform to the action.
People want to see the proof from other people on social circle.
Provide proof from experts in your niche. Use previous customers testimonials. Friend and family that have visited your website and bought a product.
Now that you understand more about social networking, now start showing proof to your customers.

Customer Testimonials

The last point on how to increase your conversion rate is
Customer testimonials. Nothing more converting than having your customer testimonial about your business. product or service.
That’s why you see a lot companies showing the customer review about the product.
Whenever you receive a testimonial use images of that customer the rating they have written on your website.
Testimonial can increase your conversion more depending on your customer reviews and rating. The good thing about testimonial it helps your visitor to convert more.
Displaying these testimonials on your website will increase your conversion up to 7% percent. Your goal is to persuade your visitors into taking action. Testimonial is social proofing.
I hope you have enjoyed this article on how to increase your conversion rate. Please don’t leave without commenting, Your thought matter to me.
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  1. Wow, those are excellent ways to increase conversion rate. I changed the theme of my website a few months ago and it looks even better than it did before and looks really good on mobile platforms.

    Things I certainly need to improve on though is A/B Testing, truly understanding who my audience is and what they want, and creating landing pages by offering them something of value or something for free. Not sure what that could be though so that is something I have to work on. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thanks Brian for commenting on the article on how to increase your conversions, I believe this is one task that every blogger wants and needs. I hope your have gain some more valuable information to help grow your business. Thanks again

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