How To Make a Blog Post Go Viral-Introducing Simple Tips & Techniques

How To Make a Blog Post Go Viral-Introducing Simple Tips & Techniques

How To Make a Blog Post Go Viral?

I sometimes get this question by beginner bloggers and the answer to this questions can be difficult in the process. There are a lot of methods that can take place in making your blog go viral, but I’ve was able to find some simple tips and techniques that will give your blog post a big chance of hitting that shareable viral phenomenon.

What You Will Learn Today

In today’s article I’m going to share some tactics on how to make a blog post go viral. I found out that too many bloggers focus a certain style to getting their reader share content on their site. In order to trigger that response you have to be a little more creative when it comes to making your blog post go viral nowadays. You have to put some spark into your content that will make them want to share your content. 

In this article you will learn how to make your blog post go viral, with some simple tips that will make some noise among your readers.

how-to-make-your-post-go-viral-632x361 How To Make a Blog Post Go Viral-Introducing Simple Tips & Techniques

You should be proud of your accomplishment by having your blog up and running. Now I’m guessing you are wondering how to make a blog post go viral.

Let’s take in consideration that most people usually quit within the first couple months, So congratulations on working hard getting to this point.

Why are Comments Important

It’s important to keep your blog flowing with people sharing their thoughts about your post topic. Comments help your site get better ranking plus increases your traffic. Traffic, commenting are good but the question is how to make a blog post go viral. In today’s post you will learn some ways to get more engagement on your post.

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What is Blog Engagement?

Engagement is all about getting your readers attention about a particular topic and getting them to share thoughts on the matter at hand. It is about having people to interact by commenting or sharing your post on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter.

 The Benefits of Your Post Going Viral

It’s not a walk in the park having content go viral, but it does have some benefits to it. Here why everyone competes writing content that people like sharing.

  • Bring You Tons Of Traffic– Everyone wants a lot of traffic coming to their website from all over the world. So writing shareable content that goes viral brings you tons of traffic. Traffic = Money.
  • Makes You More Sales – Whenever you write viral content this attracts more eyes on your product or service. By keeping them more engaged, you ultimately end up one of your loyal customers. This is where having sales funnels to do the selling for you to get them to make a purchase.
  • You Build Trust & Brand Your Business – One of your main goals should be writing content that makes people trust and know your brand. A Lot of posts go viral because of the trust that people have with the author.You want people to come back and read your post.

Learning how to make a blog post go viral. isn’t easy task especially if you’re on a budget.

Let’s continue

How To Make Your Post Go Viral- What’s it Going To Take?

  • Find Love Stories – People like reading and sharing love stories. Writing content that relates to your readers. Write stories about your own personal experiences.
  • Make People Cry –  One way to make your content go viral is touching on subjects that make your readers cry. Think about writing a post that is upsetting and makes people comment and share your post.
  • Talk About Politics- Readers love expressing their thoughts about politicians’ matters and concerns. Write a post on the topic that you can no longer hold it to yourself any longer.
  • Write Eye-Catching Headlines– This is an important factor on how to create viral content. Headline is what’s going to capture your reader’s attention. If you were to research some viral content pay close attention to the headline.
  • Know Your Audience– Writing a content is going to be enough if you want your content to go viral. It’s about getting your post in front of the right people.Think about your audience when writing your post. Who is your target audience?
  • Write Sharable Content– Focus on content that your readers are likely to share on social media sites. This will increase your chances for going viral.
  • Write Controversial Topic– Stir up the coffee pot a little by touching on controversial subjects. You can’t always agree on certain matters. Take a stand for what you believe in no matter how much people hate it.

Why Do People Share Content?

In recent studies have shown people like to share content for many different reasons.

  • People Like getting the world out about thing they care about
  • To Stay connected with other people
  • To Share valuable content with others
  • People like sharing offers and discounts, bargains with friends
  • People like inspiring others with images and quotes.
  • People like sharing funny images and videos
  • People like sharing content that looks trustworthy

There are many other reasons why people like sharing content. You goal is to think about writing content on the lines mentioned above to make your content go viral.

 Humor Your Audience – Be  Funny

People like sharing funny content, images and videos. Anytime you are writing content consider adding a little humor that is likely to get shared by your audience. This is one of the reason why funny content gets shared most

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Long Form Content vs Short Form Content

As you will see the chart below. You will discover that longer content out get shared more that short content. Even though there is a lot of short content created daily. However this is you time to shine with writing longer content that stands out from your competition. In other words you have less competition. Focus on writing 2,000 words or more with your blog post.

Included Images In Your Post

It’s good to have at least one image included in your blog post. This make your article look more attractive and people are likely to share images on their social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram,Twitter, Pinterest etc. Adding images will get you more shares.

Write Content Worth Sharing and Trustworthy

Whether you capture your audience with humor, emotionally, controversial, joy and anger. The important thing is that they felt something that made them share your content. Focus on writing content that is worth sharing and trustworthy to your readers. Try using topic that your readers love to read about. Deliver the punch that will make your readers want to share your content.


Discovering how to make a blog post go viral is very difficult when thinking about content marketing. It’s hard to figure out what will spark a post to go viral. Some of the ideas and strategies mentioned in this article can be helpful if you want to write shareable content. You can increase your chances of going viral if you follow the some simple tips mentioned above.

One of the key factors on how to make your post go viral is to post constantly. Experiment with with different methods that will make your post stand out from the crowd.

I would love to hear some of your strategies that working for you/ Please comment below


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  1. Wow, I see that this is one of the most important things for a person who owns a website and really wants to get the our of their blog. I think when the website okay goes viral then it will help to get more sales and once there are more sales, income comes in very well too. I’m definitely going to try this tips you gave. Thank you.

  2. What a great deal of information that you have given out in this awesome and interesting article I must give you a big thumbs up… I encountered an article like this on the internet and it changed my knowledge about Make a Blog Post Go Viral and gave me a new system to approach it…If a post can go viral, it will be easier to sell the product as there will be no shortage of traffic. However, in this case, the content must be shared, which is a very important factor. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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