How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

How to make money with Amazon associate program

Amazon Associate Program is one of the hottest money making programs for bloggers. Why I recommend amazon associates program?  If you learn how this program works you can make a pretty good monthly income.

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Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the hottest money making programs for bloggers. Why do I recommend amazon associates program?  If you learn how this program works you can make a pretty good monthly income.

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How Does Amazon Associate Program Works.

Maybe you already know how the Amazon associate program works. You can skip this part and continue reading. If you never heard of Amazon affiliate program then this is where you need to stay.

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

For starter, you need to sign up for an Amazon associate account.

Making money with Amazon associate program has some great benefits and pitfalls. One of the pitfalls could to your account begin remove.

In the article, my goal is to help you get a better understanding of how Amazon affiliate program works. Discuss method on how to avoid the pitfalls of this program.

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One of the goals of many bloggers is to learning how to make money with Amazon associate program to make more money. I know you have read many other successful people make a nice big check from Amazon. I always wonder how they did it. What are they doing that I’m not? One of the solutions is marketing to the right audience. We will get into that later.

Why should you join Amazon affiliate program? Amazon is one of the largest product based in the world. Thousand of products the makes amazon affiliate program a blogger dream. Discovering how to make money with Amazon associate program is key to seeing some good revenue.

If you have a product in mind, you can find that product on Amazon and write a blog post about the product. That’s how big Amazon is.

How to Boost Your Earning More

If you want to increase your earning more with amazon affiliate program then going to take little work?

Here is how to make money with Amazon associate program by following and create content and product reviews.

Product Niche
Domain and hosting

If possible to start making up to $5,000 a month with Amazon affiliate program id you have the right platform. Building a profitable website is the foundation that will feature your Amazon products. If you’re going discover how to make money with Amazon associate program plan and simple you need a website.

My #1 recommended training course is Wealthy Affiliate.

One reason why I recommend this training because it has everything you need to get started.  Learning how to create a successful product niche, you need to learn how to build a website. Wealthy affiliate can teach you everything you need to know for Free. All you have to do now is Sign Up for your Free Account Today.

How to Find Your Product Niche

The first lesson on how to make money with Amazon associate program is finding your niche and build on it.

This is where you find a high demanding product to present to your audience to earn a commission.

Go to the Amazon website and browse through many different products department. In each of that department is subcategory that you can find a good niche.

Example if you like the health related product, then I would choose weight loss supplements. I wouldn’t get too broad with niche selection try narrowing down your niche for successful business relationships with your targeted audience.

Search Bestseller’s list on Amazon to narrow down your niche searching. This is a great way to find the best selling products in your particular category. The key is finding the best products that people are buying.

Now that you have found your niche, now it’s time to buy your domain name for that niche.

Join Wealthy affiliate 

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

Blog about Your Product

If you’re going to learn how to make money with Amazon associate program. It’s important not to sell to people, they just don’t like it. The best way to increase you’re earning with amazon affiliate program you need to write good quality content.

Once you have created your website, it’s now time to write content about your product niche. One way to become successful is writing good quality content that your reader will love.

Product Reviews
Personal Experiences
Problem Solving Solutions

Most people who are searching on Amazon for products. The one thing they do is search online for reviews on that product. This is where your website can provide the answer to what they looking for.

A buyer like asking the question, so create content on this topic. Research question people are asking for the product that you have chosen. Then provide your readers the answer in your blog post. and that quite simple on how to make money with Amazon associate program.

Give your visitor true answers about the product. The key is to remember don’t sell and give clear advice and suggestion on the product.

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

Explain to your reader’s things they should know before they buy the product. Provide a comparison between other products. One method on how to make money with Amazon associate program is written reviews on a product.

Provide Good Value To Your Readers

Writing good product review is the best way to increase your earning with amazon affiliate program. Just make sure your product review is real and not fake. Just recently Amazon has cracked down on fake reviews. So don’t publish reviews that you have never purchased yourself.

Most of these banned occurred on fiverr.com. Selling fake review about their products. The company has to file a lawsuit against these people. So just make sure that your product is real.

My suggestion write only product reviews on a product that you have bought from a company or Amazon.

Sharing your personal experience give your audience more trustworthy information they are more likely to purchase the product from you simply because you have shared your own experience with them.

Promote Your Website Blog.

Promoting your blog is a great way to boost your earning with amazon affiliate program. One way is using social media to discover new eyes for your blog.

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

It’s better to promote your website instead of amazon affiliate link. It just looks more professional.

Sharing your blog in related area on social media groups and family can boost your earning. I like to install social media plugin to increase my visitors on social media. Some helpful plugin that I recommend is (Share this) and (WP Socializer). These plugin are easy to install into your WordPress blog.

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

Try to find funny post to share on social media, People love re tweeting funny images or post on Twitter.

This help get more readers to your blog. Remember your friends also shop on amazon as well. You might be sharing something they are looking for. Go and share your blog post.

I can’t promise you going to make those big commission checks every month. But I can promise you can become better with amazon associate program.

My niche is marketing and I love thinking outside the box when it come to building my business. Amazon affiliate program has given me an opportunity to earn more money from home.

Step Number #4 

Add Clickable Links and Images in Your Post

Whenever I’m writing a blog about an amazon product. I always add clickable links and images into most blog. Some people forget that people respond better with clickable links. When your visitors are browsing through your article are more likely to click on images in your post.

How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program

Always make your links stand out with big bold colors. I recommend enhancing your links with BLUE COLOR LINKRED COLOR LINK.

Seeing these big bold links makes you want to click on them. Your goal is to make easy for your visitors to navigate through your website.

Amazon provides associates with the best tool for them to market to their customers. Some of these tools are amazon widgets that you can add to your site.

Amazon affiliate program is the best program around. Their program makes it easy to link any product to your website. By adding the HTML code into your blog post you are link them right to the actual product. Boosting your earning more.

Although amazon provide some great tools, most people don’t like using amazon associate program. Why? Because some say of the low commission payout that ranges between 4%-8%.

There are some plugin that help get those higher payouts commission.

  • Woo Commerce Amazon Affiliate Word Press Plugin
  • EasyAzon Pro Plugin
  • Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin
  • Amaplug- Amazon affiliate plugin
  • Amazon estore affiliate Plugin
  • WP Zon Amazon Affiliate Plugin
  • Woo Zone
  • Amazon Hotlist For WordPress
  • Amazon Cloud Front

These are just a few of plugin to get you started. I recommend reading up more on these plugins before installing them on your WordPress. I hope this article has help your learn some better ways to boost your amazon associate income.

Post any comments below, your thoughts matters to us.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Money with Amazon Associate Program”

  1. I’ve been looking for an affiliate platform (other than clickbank) for quite some time now – I never realized that Amazon offered one!
    I have tried the eBay equivalent but a lot of their products end within a few weeks – leaving me with dead links all over my website!
    I don’t suppose this problem will happen with Amazon right?

    • Hey Chris you wouldn’t have that problem with Amazon. The only I suggest before you apply for an amazon associated is make sure your website is up and running before applying. If you are getting tons of traffic to your website , then you shouldn’t have any problem getting approved. But I would recommend going with Amazon

  2. Hi Anthony,
    You have written about getting niche ideas from Amazon, this is spot on. Perhaps also mentioning when you are posting articles for your niche, is to go back to Amazon to search for ideas of a niche related product.
    Joining up to Amazon Associates is very easy to do, as you have explained. Another great point you made was to compare products and their reviews, a very important point. Amazon are quite strict on their rules, fake reviews are not allowed, again you cover this well.
    I like your comment regarding promoting our own website, not affiliate link companies.
    Images on any Social Media platform is a good thing, you say folk enjoy seeing images and that is correct. I am still not convinced that social media for business is that good.
    You have selected a few amazon plugins for people to try first, there are so many plugins it is difficult to find what suits best.
    So Anthony, if I was interested in signing up to Amazon Affiliate programme, you have given me enough information to give it a try. I notice not many links on your post but you have your own way of doing things.

    • Hey John thanks for commenting, I glad you have enjoyed this article, I hope you have gotten some good information to help start your journey with Amazon. I will updated this post to put in some clickable links to help my readers. Thanks again

  3. This is what I have been looking for. clear and simple understanding of how to get started with amazon. I have had my eyes on amazon for awhile but I never knew to much about it. Thank you, you gave me a good brief understanding of how to make some money with amazon! time to start!

    • Thank Kurtis Amazon has some amazing opportunies for marketers this article just give you some helpful tips on getting started. Thank for commenting


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