How To Make Money With CPA Marketing | Beginners Guild To Profits

How To Make Money With CPA Marketing | Beginners Guild To Profits

Learning how to make money with CPA marketing is one of the most challenging tasks as a blogger. In this article, you will discover what it takes to increase your profits with CPA Offers.

What is CPA Affiliate Marketing?

In order to know how to make money with CPA marketing, you need to learn some terms for CPA marketing.

“Cost per action”

This means that you get paid for someone action or making a sale. If you have a newsletter or landing page on your website. Your goal is to direct your visitor to take action to a special offer on your blog. If someone clicks and signs up for your offer this means you get paid for that lead.

That means you make more money from your CPA marketing strategy. Some other examples of how to make money with CPA marketing are listed below.

  • Bizopps Offers
  • Loan Offers
  • Dating Offers
  • Free Trial Offer
  • Gas Offer
  • Bath and Body Offer
  • iPhone Offers
  • Survey Offers
  • Music Offers
  • Gifts and Prize Offer etc.

Whenever you visitor completes and fills out the information you get paid to send leads to that offer.

Whether you’re just starting out and wanting to learn how to make money with CPA marketing. Trust me you’ll find some really good tips for setting you on the right path to profits.


how to make money with CPA marketing

Why I Prefer CPA Marketing

When it comes to making money with on my website CPA is the best way to get starting increasing your revenue. Another good thing about CPA marketing is that people don’t have to buy anything.

You earn money by getting people to connect with the product suppliers and advertisers. Even if they just provide an email address you just made money. Now you can see CPA Marketing is much easier than trying to sell the product itself.



 Payouts- How Much Can You Make?

Making money from a CPA offer depends on the requirements to completed by the person. Some offer has a high payout while others require that they complete the offer before you get paid. Overall discovering how to make money with CPA marketing depends on your campaign offer requirements.

Just make sure you read the requirement that your visitor has to complete on the landing page. How much you get paid can range up to $300 per lead while other CPA offers pay as low $1.60 to $8.00 per leads. Choose an offer the will fit your marketing budget to target the right audience.


how to make money with CPA marketing

Read The Rules Before Promoting?

Before you start promoting CPA offers make sure you read the rules. Whenever you decide to promote offer they do come with rules you must follow. If you don’t pay close attention to ways you can market your offer you might find yourself banned from CPA networks.

To keep in good standing with these CPA networks just follow the rules very simple advice.

Why It’s Good To Have A Website.

In most cases, you don’t have to create a website to promote CPA offers. To get the best from promoting a CPA offers and learning how to make money with CPA Marketing it good to have a website.

One reason many of CPA offer have banner ads, email marketing, writing content, use the CPA offers in your article. If you like writing article reviews about an offer this is a good way to incorporate these marketing strategies to increase more lead and sales. You might be wonder which is the best platform to build an awesome looking website for your CPA Offers, Psst..Don’t worry I got you cover…

My #1 recommended platforms for creating good looking is wealthy affiliate. Sign up for Free starter account Click Here

Which CPA Networks To Trust?

CPA affiliate marketing is a platform that advertiser and publishers can keep in touch with each other. In other words, they are the middleman between both parties. If you going to learn how to make money with CPA marketing you need to know which network you can trust to get started.

The CPA networks allow the advertisers to create an offer that they promote through the platform to reach a larger audience. They can submit programs to these networks and post their term for each offer. These are the guidelines for getting paid for the leads to the offer.

With a ton of CPA networks surfing around the internet. How do you know which one you can trust? I going to provide you with the best networks for your journey in CPA marketing.

By visiting this website you can see which one has the highest rating on the list. Get an idea of the most-trusted CPA Network that you can start joining. Your future of discovering ways on how to make money with CPA marketing is mention below.

If you’re ready to make your search much much easier. I will be showing you some of the most tops trusted CPA Networks that easy to start marketing are

MaxBounty, PeerFly, G4Offer,

Maxbounty Network

MaxBounty.com: Is one the best CPA Network because it has some great rewards. Although they have less offer, the payouts are much higher than another CPA offer. So when you start driving traffic to Maxbounty you can expect a bigger payout commission.

Maxbounty affiliate managers are friendly and always there to assist you with your campaign. They are to answer a question on how to make money with CPA marketing campaigns.

What I like about Maxbounty CPA offers, is that you don’t need to get an approval of starting advertising. As long you are following the term of the offer you are set to start promoting the offers.

But some of the higher paying offer you will need to get approval on how you plan to market the offer.

PeerFly Network

Peerfly.com: Is certainly one CPA Network I recommend joining. Although it’s relatively new”. It offers advertiser access to over 70,000 publishers with guaranteed top payouts, a rewards program.

The network offers good product and services for learning how to make money with CPA marketing.

Peerfly is a good choice simply because of the simple interface, good support, good payout in commission. Peerfly is currently offering over 1500+ad campaigns available for you to start promoting.

Before promoting some of the higher paying offers, you have to get the approval from your affiliate manager. Approval is pretty quick if they accepted your method of advertising.

G4Offer Network

G4Offers.com: This CPA network is a little bit different, based on your approval. You are assigned to an affiliate manager; who is available for your needs 24-hours. One good thing about them is that they help you find the best CPA offers, that gets the best results.

If you want to make money with CPA Marketing then knowing that you have an affiliate manager to back you up when you need him or she is key to making money. They are will to go far and beyond the call of duty to get you the maximum payouts.

Getting started with G4Offer can set your mind with ease knowing that your affiliate manager is right there whenever you need them.

These are just a few of the top CPA network that has been working well for many advertisers. Although there other CPA networks that have good potential for making money online.

Here a few to mention that you can explore further….

  • ClickBooth
  • ClickDealer
  • Above All Offers
  • CPA Lead

How To Get Approved By CPA Networks?

In order for you figure out how to make money with CPA marketing you first have to get approved for the network mention in this article.

First off getting approved by some the major CPA Network such as Maxbounty, Peerfly, can be hard. If your planning on participating in their programs it requires you first apply to get approved. That one of the major setbacks of learning how to make money with CPA marketing.

How it all works is that these networks run screening, so they can detect fraudsters, scammers from joining their network. When you first join the network you require to answer a few question from a call from one of CPA manager with the network.

So make sure you have a working phone number to be contacted by the affiliate manager assign to you. When talking to the manager assign to you just be honest with them. Tell them what your plans are and how long you’ve been marketing CPA offers.

Another key factor that can help you get approved faster. Is to already have a website established to explain to them your marketing strategies. Whether it be placing a banner ad and writing valuable content to attract new leads.

That one of the good benefits of having your own website it shows that you are serious about your business.

My 1# recommended training platform for building a profitable website from scratch.

Helpful Guidelines With CPA Networks.

One helpful tip is to just be honest about everything, don’t lie. Be honest about your name to your marketing experience with CPA offers.

When you apply this interview will take place by phone so give them valuable information.

Make it clear about how you are going to market your campaigns. If your plan is to market through your website, provide them with your website. Show them that you are serious about joining the network.

Tell them about your experience in online marketing. If you’ve been marketing online for about 10-14 years, that’s important for them to know.

What Are They Looking For In You?

CPA Network looks for how much experience you have as an online marketer. They want to know about you motivate and why you applied to their network.

They want to know your plans and marketing strategies for promoting their products. This screen call will weed out fraudulent marketer from their network.

They will also ask you about your budget for marketing, Be upfront about having a budget of $500 or more. This increases your acceptance having a higher budget for marketing. Be professional when talking with them on the phone about your budget.

Set a high budget when applying for these CPA networks, Anything lower the $500 can get you rejected in some cases.

These were some helpful guidelines I use to get accepted by Maxbounty, Peerfly. By following these steps mention above, you can get approved very easy with these top networks.

Check out some helpful books my customers recently purchase. Grow Your Knowledge!

What Kind of Offer To Promote?

There a wide range of CPA offers that you can promote. Depending on the Network you get accepted for. Offers can be for Education, Health and Wellness, and Weight Loss.

Most common ones listed below.

Email Submit offers: This requires your prospect to submit their email address. Prospect can take part in offers such as Gift card, iPhone prizes, Shopping discounts,

Most of these offers are free so it’s much easier to convert new prospects. Payouts on these offers are much higher ranging from $1.60 up to $80 depending on the offer.

Free Trial Offers: This is one of the best CPA Offer available. They can convert the fastest by giving prospects a limited time to complete the offer.

Commission ranges from $1.40 up to $48. To get the higher payout; your prospects might be asked to submit their credit card information.

Although I’ve listed a few of the popular ones. There are others as well that you can use to promote.


  • Sales offers
  • Install offers
  • Gaming offers
  • Form Submit offers
  • Zip Submit offers.

CPA Offers Categories To Advertise and Promote?

One place I like to find out which offers to promote is by visiting https://OfferVault.com

This is a great place to find all types of traffic allowed in categories.

You can get a board perspective of where traffic is coming from. Whether it’s from incentives, banners, internet searches, email campaigns or social media websites.

Some of the hottest CPA Categories are listed below.

  • Financial
  • Gaming
  • Mobile Apps
  • Heath and Wellness
  • Sweepstakes

How To Advertise Your CPA Offers

Landing pages: I suggest promoting your CPA offers through a landing page.

By sending them to a landing page, it creates a bridge between the link and the CPA offer. Plus, it also helps build your email list in the process.

One of my favorite places to create great looking landing pages for CPA offers. Learn How To Create Awesome Looking Landing Pages.

Other places to create landing pages

Prices varies on each of these website.

There are also some Free landing pages that you can use for your campaigns. The following list below,

Prices range from Free up to $5.00

Getting the right traffic to your CPA Offer.

Most advertisers know their target traffic.

It’s true every website traffic is not the greatest. You have to keep your eye out for scammers claiming to send you tons of traffic for a low price.

The best traffic for marketing, CPA offer is through target traffic. This means you pick the audience you want to target for your CPA offer.

Targeting people by age, country, language, interest.

Purchasing and setting up ad campaigns with Facebook ads, Google Adwords, Bing Ads. Although this can be expensive, if you learn how to budget your campaign this can pay off big.

My suggestion is to test the water with a low budget first.

Tracking your CPA Campaign Is Key

To become successful with CPA offers boils down to tracking. Tracking is the key, why affiliate marketers are successful. By tracking your campaign allows you to see where your click and conversion are coming from.

Tracking just takes the guess work out of your marketing strategies. One of my favorite tools I use for my CPA campaigns.

Click Here to test out this tool for 30 days Free.

Congratulating for continuing to read this article. I hope you have learned some valuable information about What Is CPA Affiliate Marketing is all about.

I hope you enjoyed the article about what Is CPA affiliate marketing, my goal was to provide you with valuable information to take your business to the next level.

CPA offers can bring you tons of money if you have the right training.

Thank you very much for reading this article. Please Post your comment below” Love to hear your thoughts.

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