How To Promote Clickbank Products – Making More Money

How To Promote Clickbank Products – Making More Money

How to promote Clickbank products?

Clickbank affiliate are paid on sales of 70% commission on every sale of customers purchase of a product. Let’s say you sold a product that cost $10.00 Clickbank pays your $7.00 of that purchase.

Clickbank is a huge marketing platform for affiliate marketer enjoys selling a product to earn commission between 5% up to 75%.  Many people are marketing Clickbank the wrong way, and I’m hoping this article will teach you how to promote products the right way by learn clickbank secret.

How To Promote Clickbank Products

If you’re just starting out in the digital marketing niche, your first response is to head over the Clickbank and grab a bunch of good clickbank products and start driving traffic to the links expecting this huge commission payout.

The problem with this method is that you do not build trust with your subscribers. They have no idea of how the product works or is it worth their time and money to make an investment.

What is the proper way to promote Clickbank offers?

The answer is content. First, you want to find affiliate offers with a commission return of 50%-75%. Find a product in your niche that looks like it adds value in other live.

Ask yourself how can this Clickbank offer benefit others.

See what the sale page looks like, how does it appeal to you, does it look like it will convert well when you start promoting the product.

The main focus is building trust with your subscribers , this tells them that your website has authoritative and they can trust the product that you are offering them to invest in.

One of the ways to promote Clickbank offers is a good landing page and a website to boost your sales commissions.

Take look at my #1 recommendation for build an awesome website.

The best clickbank affiliate strategy, I suggest using a WordPress blog because you can write good content that will get you better results from search engines. Also, it’s the best way to gain more traffic to your website. Writing good content about the product you’re promoting build trust in your readers.

Besides, you want your readers to trust you. Whenever you are promoting other people products, I would suggest doing a little research on the vendor or the person selling the product.

As a business owner, I have to take responsibility for what product I’m promoting on my website. My goal is not to give my subscribers a false idea that I’m a scammer, but I want my subscribers to trust me and rely on good information I’m sending them.

I really look deeply into the product before promoting a product. If I feel that it can hurt my business then I don’t promote it.

Research the products before you decide to promote it on your website. It’s important how you portray yourself. The stronger your reader view you as an authority site, the stronger you business becomes.

Capture Your Audience With Landing Pages

In order to make more sale in the products, you’re promoting is to get them to opt-in to a landing page. To make more sales you need to direct them to your landing page. A landing page allows you to offer them something value in exchange for their email address.

How To Promote Clickbank Products

This is where you show them yo are passionate about the product. You can explain to them you are about to give them something that can help them in their needs.

When people opt-in to your landing page this also builds your email list as you begin growing your business.

I truly believe that the money is in the list. When you build your email list of trusted buyers, you can count on making money with any products you send to your own email list subscribers.

Capturing your audience with powerful converting landing page will increase your commission sale rate with Clickbank.

Why You should Be Using Autoresponder Software?

An autoresponder is a critical tool for your business, and why you should be using them in your business. First, all auto responders you to send out an email to your list, Once you have your subscribers email address you want to responded to them with a thank you page that you have created.

How To Promote Clickbank Products

You’re Thank You page will tell them that the information will arrive in their inbox shortly. Also, if you giving away a free ebook your message will tell them how to download that book.

Autoresponders help build your email list and your business when you have generated people to subscribe to your offer.

When you have auto responders you can broadcast your product you’re promoting or Clickbank offer to everyone on your list. Your message would be sent to everyone with a click of the mouse.

Autoresponders are a huge asset to your business, but the problem of finding the right on to choose can be a bit difficult. Of course, there are free ones, like Mail Chimp, and there are also paid one like These are some of the most popular sites listed below.
1. GetResponse.
2. IContact
3. Aweber

I still use Aweber for my business on my website,

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Read Why I Love AWeber Here:

I use a different email marketing platform to promote my ClickBank or Products I might to promoting. and it like something you never seen before.

I highly recommend this email marketing platform for building your email list super fast. You get free landing pages and auto-responder all in one deal. You even get 30 days free just for trying it out.

Having an autoresponder just save you time and money in the long run of building your business… Plus you can stay in touch with your subscriber that will grow your business and your commission’s sales.

How To Promote Clickbank on YouTube

When people are joining your list don’t start sending promotion products you have found on Clickbank or Jvzoo. This email list is your money maker and you don’t want to ruin everything you work hard to build by sending spamming products.

Build a relationship with your email list. You have an opportunity now to provide them with value and trust.

Write and send them a personal note from you. Tell your story to them to let them know glad to have them as a friend. People love stories and this is an opportunity for them to get to know you.

Send them good content relevant to the niche your promoting. It time to build trust with your list and to get them engaging with some of the blog posts.

How to Send Out Promotion Offers

One of my mentors taught me this little helpful tip for sending out email broadcasting.

Monday: General Content email to prepare your subscribers for your promotions.
Tuesday: Promotional Email #1
Wednesday : Promotional Email #2
Thursday: Take a Break
Friday: Promotional Email #3
Saturday: Content or Relationship Email-Telling a Story about You.
Sunday: Take a break.

Be mindful that you should only be promoting that you believe can add value to them. The easiest way to destroy your list is sending them bad products and you only focusing on making money. You subscribers will leave and unsubscribe to your list quickly.

There is a right and a wrong way to promote your Clickbank Offers and I hope this article will help you developed this skills you need to start building your email list and making those big commissions.

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  1. I love when I find posts that are relevant to my next project in life; I’m about to dive in to email subscriptions and I’ve just recently started getting familiar with affiliate links! This is some great information and I’m glad I came across this before I got started. Thanks for the thorough content – great site!

    • Kenzie Thanks for commenting, yes there a are few helpful tips that will help you start using affiliate links correctly. I hope this information teaches you a little more about how to make money with ClickBank.

  2. Great post Anthony,
    One that I will definitely be coming back to. Looks like you have put a lot of research into this post. I have been considering using clickbank myself but have not had time to research it yet.


    • Hey Lee thanks for commenting. ClickBank is a powerful resource for making money online, if you know how to market the product well, I hope this help you gain a little more knowledge on how the do just that.


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