7 Secrets About How To Respond To A Negative Comment On Your Blog

7 Secrets About How To Respond To A Negative Comment On Your Blog

How to respond to a negative comment

This is a question most bloggers want to know. Creating good content for your reader is a challenge to build a reputation for your website.

In time there will be an individual who will leave a negative comment on your post. How to respond to a negative comment on the website, should you respond with a negative reply?

As you blog continues to grow you will discover some negative comments on your blog post. Negative comment are good for business, as you know comments boost your ranking in Google.

how to respond to a negative comment

How to respond to a negative comment in your blog post is not to respond back with retaliation. Instead encourage them on your post.
People will be so negative, and argumentative to what you’ve written. So they leave your blog with a negative comment.
Think about it for a moment. How you respond can harm your business or your reputation when you want to reply with a negative thought.
In the back of your mind you are trying to figure out why would they leave something so negative on your blog. People are rude sometime leaving comments on the lines It’s a Scam, Your Blog Sucks, Etc.
Sometimes leaving a few choices of words that I choose not to mention. This is a form of criticism that can be beneficial even if you don’t agree with them. There is some reason why people leave negative comment. They may have purchased the product before and had some bad results.
They joined your program in the past and thinks it’s a scam. Often because the company didn’t provide the results they were looking for in the program. This lead to negative comments.

This is Good For Business

Why negative comments are good for business? It give your readers a different prospective of your article. You can’t brush it off or ignore the fact that some people don’t like what you are promoting inn your article.
Criticism on your blog post is hard to hear, but it can be good for business. People love sharing thing on social media about their experiences with a company. Whether is good or bad they will share with their friends.
How to deal with negative comments on your blog? You can always choose the methods below.
  • Delete the comment all together
  • Respond with anger
  • Show your concern
Negative comments can open the door to more eyes on your website. This increases engagement on your blog post. It helps your business in increase in ranking. Getting your business seen by more people in the future.
The more engagement the more people see your website. As you can see negative comments are good for business.

Don’t Say Nothing At All

As a blogger, my past experience in dealing with negative comments. I have to admit sometime it gets under my skin. Often time when the comment aims to destroy the reputation of your company or products.
In my mind, I’m thinking of responding to the comment on the lines if you can’t say nothing good, don’t say nothing at all. Of course I refrain from hitting the publish button.
Some people will leave comments to ruin the reputation of your business. Their main goal is to get your visitor to think twice about your product or service. But you can turn negative into good.


Turning Negative Into Positive

One technique on how to deal with negative comments on your blog is to show your credibility in your niche. Don’t respond to negative comments out of anger. Instead, stay calm and tell your side of the experience with the company or product.
This will gain the respect of your readers. Good communication to say you care about other people’s point of view of the company or product.
Turn negative into positive with your reputation and credibility. Despite when you receive upsetting comments on your blog post. People who have negative thought actually boost your authority in the eyes of the public.
These give you the opportunity to show your readers who you are in your field of expertise.

The Dirty Truth #1:

People who leave negative comments probably never bought product or even join the company, but they based they report of what they have read online or they friend or family have experience with the product or company. I really don’t understand why people make negative comment.

 The Dirty Truth #2:

Perhaps people have had some past dealing with the company or product. Perhaps they are angry because the business opportunity didn’t make them money ” or maybe the product didn’t work like it should have done. But the truth may be that business opportunity didn’t work because they were expected to see the results instantly”

The Dirty Truth #3:

We live in a microwave day error, where people are expecting things to happen instantly. They want Now! If they buy a product they want the result overnight ” but that not the way, it works people” It a process to get the result you need to learn how to respond to a negative comment on your blog

It takes hard work and effort to get the results. The result doesn’t happen overnight it takes persistent. If your goal is to lose weight, you just can’t take the product and not work out or exercise your body to tone up the muscle or you not going to see the result.


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Most of these people have bought a product or join a program, but it didn’t work in the time they were expecting” In their minds’ It’s a scam or it’s fake and now they have landed your post or website to reply with a negative comment that has your blood pressure boiling.

You first extinct you are eager to tell them where to go” But you are a professional blogger learning how to respond to a negative comment is part of begin a professional.


The Solution:

So “how to respond to a negative comment? You have built a reputation based on your experience and achievement, so you have to respond in a professional way to negative comments on your blog post.

When you do get a negative comment respond to it answer the comment, don’t let it be left unanswered. Let them your thoughts on the post. A quick response let them know that you care about the comment they left on your website.

Even if it is a negative comment, you can still answer the comment in a professional manner. If we have aloud commented on our blog post it is an example of freedom of speech when people respond with a negative thought on your product review or blog.

If you have a website and don’t want to see a negative comment on your post, you might want to turn the comment section off in the admin of your website.

In most cases ‘I would suggest that you keep it on if you want people to engage in your content post. Otherwise from time to time

People are going to have some negative thought about your company or product review, try to expand how you have had great experience in help others get the best results with the product or company. If they start using all kind of foul language, then the best option is to delete the comment.

Sometimes I think is good to leave a negative comment on the website for sake of the pros and cons of people experience with the company or product this will bring a lot of engagement with your content. In this case, take a deep breath before replying to a negative comment.

Being professional is the key


How Do You Handle The Negative comment?

how to respond to a negative comment

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