How To Shoot A Video With An iPhone | Complete Steps for Newbies

How To Shoot A Video With An iPhone | Complete Steps for Newbies

How To Shoot A Video With An iPhone | Complete Steps for Newbies

How to shoot a video with an iPhone will be the topic of this article today. As a blogger, you have to discover new ways to promote your products or spread the word about your online business.

What You Will Learn Today

One of the many ways to share your knowledge is by shooting videos. So, I wanted to share some information on how to shoot a video with an iPhone like a pro with some basic helpful tips.

How to shoot a video with an iPhone

How To Shoot Videos On a Budget

First, off many of you are most likely have an iPhone that you carry around on you daily. And most of you think you need to have expensive equipment to shoot video and get that professional look.

You have everything you need to learn how to shoot videos like a Pro.

If you currently own an iPhone you already have an amazing tool that can take your video experience to the next level.

You have the opportunity to learn how to shoot video with an iPhone with some of the recommended tools, apps, accessory mention in today’s article.

Yes, you can learn how to shoot professional videos all on a budget.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Video Marketing

Whether you are a blogger and Vlogger this simple tip can have you looking like a professional video artist.

How to shoot a video with an iPhone

You already know that your iPhone can shoot some awesome looking videos right? So how can you take it to the next level?

What are some of the tools you need to get that professional look from your videos?

Here are five tips that can help you shoot high-quality videos for your next filming project. Read that article here.

Watch Your Storage Space

Shooting videos can take a lot of your storage space. Before you begin to shoot make sure your iPhone has enough storage space to create new videos. On your iPhone go to setting to check your storage space.

Shut off Annoying Notifications.

Before you shoot shut off those annoying notifications that occasionally popups on your phone. Put your phone Airplane mode to shut off text, phone calls from people, and other annoying notifications.

Quiet On The Set Please…

Whenever you are shooting videos inside or out in the public it tends to be a bit noisy in some cases, depending on the type of video you are filming.

However, people aren’t aware that you are shooting a video and it no ways to alert them to keep the noise down a bit. So, one of my recommend tips on how to shoot a video with an iPhone is finding a quiet place to do your filming.

Try Using Tripod

You might think you have steady hands when it comes down to shooting a video. If you’re shooting a good length of time your hands become shaking. I recommend using a tripod.

This comes in handy when you are shooting a video course, how to’s videos, or building your brand on your Youtube channel. Using tripods is the way to get that professional looking video shoot.

Vanguard VS-82 Table Top Tripod

Here are some examples…

Don’t Use Your iPhone Camera App

One helpful tip on how to shoot a video with an iPhone is to download a high-quality app instead of using the one that’s is installed on your phone.

It’s not designed to handle a lot of quality feature you need. I recommend downloading an app called Filmic Pro 

Here a quick tutorial on how to use Filmic Pro

This apps gives you the highest quality you need to shoot your filming project like a Pro.

Here a short beginners guild to choosing the best equipment and what you need to learn how to shoot a video with an iPhone like a Pro.

Check out that video below…

iPhone Stabilizer

If you going to learn how to shoot a video with an iPhone then you need to avoid shaky footage recording with filming. You can have a better quality recording with some of the best iPhone stabilizer tools.

How to shoot a video with an iPhone

If you are currently using an iPhone and want to create fantastic videos then I recommend picking any of these reliable tools that can help you get the best quality.

Let That Light Shine

iPhone shoots really good videos when there is good lighting, it can be a problem when you are shooting a video indoors. Your iPhone will need a little help determining the lighting setting.

How to shoot a video with an iPhone

Be aware of your surroundings it best to shoot your videos in a well-lit area. This can help you bring out the best in your video.

But, what about shooting video indoors, Having the best tool for your video project is a must.

If you are planning to use your iPhone to shoot your video then you going to need the best resources right down to lighting.

Here I’ve added some of the best lighting tools that can help you create a fantastic video that people will enjoy over and over again. Take a look at them below

Related Article: Neewer 480 Lighting is the best for shooting YouTube Videos

Flip Your iPhone To Horizontal

Turning your phone in horizontal is one of the best ways to shoot videos. I had to learn this little tip myself when I first started out creating Youtube videos. Holding your iPhone the wrong way can cause your video to ugly.

How to shoot a video with an iPhone

If you are planning to post on social media sites then you might want to flip your phone to horizontal to get that landscape effect. Always consider holding your phone horizontal for any of your Youtube videos.

I’m not going to hold your hand doing this tip but if you want to learn how to shoot a video with an iPhone like a Pro. You need to do this no question asked.

Microphone Check Please!

It’s true that you want to check your audio sound when shooting your videos, It’s annoying to your viewers when you audio sound is jacked up.

It’s important to do a microphone check to make sure the sound is clear and ready for light and camera action. Today’s you can find some really good affordable microphone for your iPhone that will do an excellent job and deliver high-quality sound.

Here are few examples below

Ampridge MightyMic S iPhone Shotgun Video Microphone MMS

Rode smartLav+ Lavalier Microphone for iPhone and Smartphones

It Time To Wrap Thing Up

These are just some basic tips that can help you bring you video experience to the next level and start shooting videos on a professional level.

The iPhone has tools that you can start creating some great looking videos. It going to take some practice to get to where you need to be. I’m hoping these little helpful iPhone has taught you how to shoot a video with an iPhone like a Pro.

I know you are going to shoot some amazing videos if you use the tools mention in this article. Love to hear your comment and thought about this post.

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4 thoughts on “How To Shoot A Video With An iPhone | Complete Steps for Newbies”

  1. Hi Anthony,
    I really appreciate this informative article on how to shoot a video with an iPhone. Videos are such an effective communication tool, aren’t they? Thanks for your tip on downloading Filmic Pro. I’ve been looking for an app to improve the quality of my videos. This may be just the ticket!

    • Hey Linda thanks for stopping bye and checking out this article. I’m so glad I was able to help you in your journey. Please come back bye 

  2. Thanks for this helpful information. I never knew that the regular camera app on iPhones was less effective compared to some other apps.

    I’ll be sure to try that out in the future.

    Also I like the idea of using a tripod to keep our shots steady.

    Do you take a lot of videos with your iPhone?

    • Hey thanks Michael for stopping bye.Yes I do shoot video with my iPhone but it all depends on the topic. 

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