How To Use a Smartphone To Run Your Business-9 Staggering Tools Tips

How To Use a Smartphone To Run Your Business-9 Staggering Tools Tips

How To Use a Smartphone To Run Your Business-9 Staggering Tools Tips

How to use a smartphone to run your business is some question that asked by new bloggers. Time is the essence in the today’s world. Most online marketers are turning to their smartphones to run their business.

Now days people are finding their smart phone are a big asset to growing their online business. The key to learning how to use a smartphone to run your business is learning what features are available to you on these devices.

How to use a smartphone to run your business

What’s Trending Now Days

The staggering trends about smartphone are stunning. It seems that everyone uses smartphones for everyday living. The majority of Americans has jumped to 77% of them that own a smartphone.

So, what’s trending now days is that most of them say they couldn’t live without their smartphone. Most of them do banking on their smartphone, Social media, SnapChat, advertise, email text, etc

In this article my goal is to show you how to use a smartphone to run your business on the go. But first let look at how we can use our smartphone to manage our business.

Everyday most of us mention that there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done. It true time plays a part of our daily life. Although we can control how time passes. But we can control how we pass the time.

 Organize Your To Do List The Right Way

Smartphones are good tools for getting daily tasks organize. You can organize the daily task with this smartphone. The app called 2Do.

This is your personal task manager on the go. You can organize tasks by personal, or business to do list.

Learn how to use a smartphone to run your business is organizing your daily task so you can get things done in less time.

 You Have a New Voice Mail

Our lives are busy enough that most people don’t have time to check their voicemail every day. This can lead to missed client or business proposal.

You want to keep in good standing with them or they will make your business fail.

The good thing about smartphone is that you can find apps that will convert voice mails into a message text. That way you can respond quicker to your prospects or clients.

You can set your voicemail to arrive in your email inbox.

One cool little smartphone app for setting your voice mail is  Youmail.

This is very helpful when we are pull in different direction of running our business.

Manage Many Email Accounts.

A big part of learning how to use a smartphone to run your business focus have the time to check your emails. Most online marketers have several email accounts. This can get overloading when you have a busy time schedule.

A great little smartphone app is K-9 Mail. This give you the opportunity to check and open many email all in one place. You have the option to filter your emails to important one to receive daily.  Search for this helpful app in the Google Play Store.

Social Media Managements

Social media has become one of the most popular information age today. People are more engaged in social media, than other place on the web today. This allows members to exchange information across the social media platform.

Social media is a connecting with other business operation opportunities. This includes  potential prospect, or even advertisements.

It’s important to master social media . That includes begin everywhere. Such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagrams.

Some great social productivity tools to start with are below.

  • Hootsuite is a platform that you can can content from your smartphone.
  • Buffer is a mobile apps that use to send your message to many other social media account that you are a member.

Content Promoting

How to use a smartphone to run your business will take a lot of content management. Creating a value information for your readers who like to continue receiving information

Smartphones has become a productive tool to use for sharing content on social media. You don’t have to wait until you get home to launch from your deck top.

It’s easy the promote your YouTube video from your smartphone today. Smartphones can distribute content on many social media platforms.

You can be anywhere in the world and shoot a Facebook Live Video to share with friends and family.

You can upload a image to post on your Instagram account right from your smartphone.

 Content Management

Benefits of a Newsfeed is providing information that is interesting to your readers. I have recently stumbled across a great little tool for you to use is  Feedly Get Smarter Apps.

You have the option to create Newsfeeds on different topics such as blogs, magazines of interest. Content is the key to running a successful online business.

It is the core of whether your message will be effective or meaningless to readers.

If you want people to read your work, content is the key to become successful. There are ways to go about creating content that people will love.

That brings me to one of the best training course that beginners can enjoy called Wealthy Affiliate.

It’s place where over 800,000 members come to build, training, and get support from like minded individuals like yourself. It’s a blogging platform system that anyone can learn how to build a successful online blog.

 Create Your Free Wealthy Affiliate Account Today!

Blogging is a great way to get your message out to the world. These days people blog about everything from passion to information age. Smartphones has allow online marketer to blog right from their phones.

With the updated technology of WordPress mobile. You can write blog post, edit content pages, upload recent photos or create new blog post right from your smartphone. There are many mobile apps that make blogging enjoyable.

As you can see learn how to use a smartphone to run your business can be a breeze when you have the right tools use in process.

 Smartphone Images

People post images about their business, products, services or their daily activities. Smartphones are great way to share your business to the world. They are a perfect way to capture quality images about your products or service.

How to use a smartphone to run your business is using the tools that you have at your fingertips. Images a way to connect with your customers on a personal level. People are likely to engage and share images about your business.

 Smartphone Video Maker

Most today’s smartphones are equipped with cameras that you can create high quality videos. The great thing about videos today is that you can shoot a live stream video instantly from your smartphone.

This is a huge benefit to get more traffic and more visitors to come check out your website. Live videos can reach thousands of potential customers.

You can record a live demo of your product or services for your readers to view on your website or social media sites.

Apps like Facebook Live can to your business to the next level.Besides Facebook Live.

There is another app that helps you promote professional looking videos it’s called Magisto

Creating  Fun Smartphone Graphics

How to use a smartphone to run your business by creating fun looking graphics.  Did you know you can create fun looking graphics to upload on the internet.

Smartphones are great tool for creating text images and attractive photos. There a fun little app called WordSwag that help you create those images that people will love.


Now you have a gain some knowledge on how to use a smartphone to run your business. I’m hoping that you put to use the information you’ve learned here today.

This method that I’ve mentioned above can help make your life a little easier and grow your business. A smartphone can simplify your daily productivity.

By helping you run your business much smoother. Installed these apps that best fit your need in your business. Have  loads of fun building your business.

What tools you use on your smartphone, That helps build your business? Please Comment

How to use a smartphone to run your business

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7 thoughts on “How To Use a Smartphone To Run Your Business-9 Staggering Tools Tips”

  1. Hi! Great post! I am starting my own business however I do not use my smartphone for it, simply because I do not want to be connected 24/7. What do you think about that?

    • I understand that you don’t want to be connected 24/7 , It can cause some distraction within you personal live. You just have to limited you smartphone, before it’s time to deal with other matters. You don’t have to be available 24/7 check messages periodically, set aside times during which you can be sure to unplug your smartphone. For example, if you’re working out at the gym, but use your phone to listen to music, turn off your notifications so you will be uninterrupted as you take this deliberate time for self-care. Hey thanks for commenting, Please this post within your social media circle, I greatly appreciate.

  2. This article is beyond helpful for people wishing to manage their business fro smartphones instead of having to be stationary in front of a desktop computer.

    All nine of the tips implemented together should make managing your business much more proficient and I can vouch for it because I follow just about half of these tips on a daily basis.

    • Hey Garth thanks for stopping bye and commenting on this article. I can agree with you I use a lot of the tips mention in this article in my own business. It surely help with being more productive and time management, I hop you have received some valuable tips use. Thanks again.   

  3. This is definitely interesting, smart phone had really made our daily life much easier and more so it helps the freelancer and online entrepreneur another avenue to manage their business. I use my smart phone a lot on social media such as youtube, facebook and instagram and these platforms are very good source of revenues for business and advertising. However, I am still a bit traditional and I will definitely love the feel of a keyboard and a fast processing CPU to do any form of work 🙂

    • Thanks Leo for stopping bye, It amazing what our smart phone can do for us in our daily lives. Keep working hard at build your dreams my friend .

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