Important SEO | Social Media For Search Engine Optimization

Important SEO | Social Media For Search Engine Optimization

Important SEO

Today, we are going to quote how you can create a social media strategy that is going to optimize your brand website for Google. The marketing industry is constantly tripping over itself with new social media and search engine optimization strategies. In fact, these two topics have become so intertwined, it is hard to tell where one begins, and one ends. Social media has had a tremendous impact on search engine optimization, and it does not look like it’s going to subside any time the future. As Google continues to update its algorithms, the Important SEO  for strong social signals high-quality link building is more important than ever. In the past, Google always maintained that it did not count social media shares, mentions, and likes as part of its ranking factors. However, if you were to talk to any SEO expert, they would tell you that Google is, in fact, taking social media signals into regard as part of ranking websites. 


Important SEO – What The Houston SEO Experts Say

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The ex-head of Google’s web spam team recently stated that Google does, in fact, use links for Facebook, Google Plus, and Twitter as ranking signals. In attempts to understand this logic better, many SEO experts have found that when the profile of a brand or person is search, you will typically find Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus URLs the top positions. In fact, take a moment and look up the name of an individual or business and more than likely you will find links to their Facebook page, Twitter profile, or LinkedIn page. In some cases, these results can take up almost the entire first page of Google. All of these social media profiles to create more visibility for individual or brand in the search engines.


Important SEO Understanding How Social Media Mentions Contribute To Rankings

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As we have already stated, Google has never revealed that they use social media mentions as part of their ranking factors. However, all one has to do is look at all of the algorithm changes within Google in just one year. Much of what Google does and say is shrouded in complete secrecy. It is impossible to take anything that Google says at complete face value. The Internet and search algorithms or change in attitude incredible pace and it is impossible to keep up with what is rumor and what is fact. This is perhaps one of the biggest reasons that anybody who is looking to make financial gains in the online world needs to have Internet marketing specialist behind them. Having a team of experts run your SEO campaigns is the number one way to stay in front of any algorithm updates and ensure that your business is at the top search engines.


Are Social Media Shares Counted As Links? Important SEO

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It may be hard to believe, but your social media content has the possibility to impact your off-page SEO efforts. With good content being shared on social media it has the ability to attract high powered links. This is true for any social media powerhouse including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The ability to gain links and attention from your social media content is quite possible when you are sharing the right type of content.


Important SEO Expert

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