Influencers Marketing Strategy- How To Increase Your Social Media Exposure

Influencers Marketing Strategy- Social Media Marketing

Influencers Marketing Strategy that can help boost you build your brand awareness. But before doing that you must understand what is this strategy. Let’s begin influencer boom

Influencer marketing is a word of mouth success strategies that online marketers have discover how to amplify their marketing. Influencer Marketing Strategies is an another form of affiliate marketing just with a new name. Let’s consider what influencer marketing means.

Influencers Marketing Strategy

What is Influencer Marketing

The main focus of this advertise is by focusing on major key leaders in your niche. Influencer marketing strategies help your build your brand and drive more traffic to your business . Social media influencers can help you increase your awareness. These influencers are good at what they do and you can focus on influencers campaign to will increase more engagement.

It a word of mouth that they share with others about your product or services. This inspires more visitors and traffic to your website. Most of this word of mouth advertising is done on social media sites. Now you understand why this is the ambassadors of affiliate marketing.

Use these Influencer marketing strategies  to attract key leaders create content the resonates with groups in their social channel. But you just can’t go out there and spend money on Influencers.

  • You have to use Influencer marketing strategies to grab their attention to your offer.
  • You have to understand the true marketing concept of using this method.
  • You have to know whether its right for your business model.
  • You have to have something in value that both you and your top influencers can enjoy.

Implementing Influencer Marketing Strategies

Before using influencer marketing strategies you need to determine what you want to do when implementing this method. Here is some of my favorite books to help you put together an Influencer marketing strategy to reach your goals. Take Look around.

Defining Your Marketing Goals

Defining your goals: Every blogger wants to increase their engagement on their blog. One of the main focus is to get your product in front of your target audience.

You want more leads and engagement to increase your brand awareness. It is important to define your goals for this marketing campaign. Begin putting together some strategies, planning and engaging with top influencer in your niche.

Create Brand Awareness

Creating Brand Awareness: I talk about brand awareness in my last article. I give you some helpful tip to increase your brand awareness with your targeted audience.

Read that article: How to increase brand awareness for your online business in 2017

How To Increase Brand Awareness-Powerful Tactic For 2017

If your business is young and you are entering the market for the very first time. You need to generate attention and awareness for your brand.

One way is to focus on engagement, and views, to get your product in front of your target audience.

Once your influencer grabs the attention of your audience. Then determine the product you will be giving away to increase the awareness of your brand. Be prepared to give a lot away.

The good thing about using influencer marketing strategies is that your targeted audience sees your product through the marketing strategy of them.

Make More Sales

The Benefits Affiliate Marketing for influencer to make your money. If you were to go to your Facebook and browse around and you might see some top influencer marketing a product.

That’s the beauty of affiliate marketing. Influencer earns revenue on their influence of that targeted audience.

The influencer receives commission off sales and leads through affiliate links. Most of those sales are from pay-per-click advertisement.

Once someone filled out the details to receive information that result becomes a lead.

The main of the influencer is to make sales. Their goal is to offer a discount to the audience to give an incentives to make a sale to the offer.

How Build Influencers In Your Niche.

Building influencers in your niche consist of many types, it can be bloggers, motivational speakers, customers. These are individuals who can persuade others to buy a product.

What influence marketing can you use to reach out to them? There are 4 steps to consider before reaching out to them.

  • Make a list of Influencers
  • How do you grab their attention?
  • What value can you offer them?
  • What are you expecting for them?

Make a List of Your Audience 

The first step you want to start working on is creating a list of people who you want to build a relationship. Search in google to find some influencers in your niche.

How to find influencers in your niche is a question that you might be asking Right? How do I find these people for my business?. I’ve included some places where you can speed up the process using the tools listed below.

Figure out the best one who are writing blog topics relevant to your niche.

One of my favorite is BuzzSumo, you can see which ones are getting the most share on social media.

This is one method to start grabbing their attention. Start reading and sharing their content on your social networks and linking their content within your own blog posts.

May I have Your Attention Please

Unfortunately, this will be a challenge to get their attention, because they have the upper hand to choose who they want to make a connection with.

In that case you have to come up with some unique strategies to grab their attention to your brand.

Start going to their blog and make thoughtful comments. Connect with them on social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin.

Try sending them an email explaining your purpose of connecting with them and let them know your plans.

Don’t start plowing them by email spamming, try to present your plan for this collaboration that can benefit the both of you.

Show Some Love

Give some value to build a relationship with influencers. What can you offer them for them to make a connection with you.

Some suggestion is that you can share their content or products to add value to their audience. Show some love by tweeting their content or sharing their content in your social media circle.

Set Your Expectations

Set your expectation of your goals. What are looking to achieve with your influencer marketing campaign. Influencer marketing can give you a opportunity to reach target audience that you couldn’t do on your own.

Influencer marketing is one of the hottest trends in 2017, I’m expecting you will see a lot more of this type of engagement.

Online marketer are looking for way to increase traffic and product sales. Bloggers are looking to increase more engagement on the websites.

What are your expectation? Do your research, find your list of influencers and one you have made the connection with set your expectation.

Tell them what you are expecting from them.

  • Do you want more traffic?
  • Do you want to make more sales?
  • Are you looking to increase awareness?

Set your expectation with influencers, determine who will create the content for you campaign will it be them or you.

Creating authenticity is important to your brand and your targeted audience.


I’m hoping the insights above that was explained in this article, show you influencers marketing strategy can increase your awareness of your brand.

Today you have learned the importance of goal setting and setting your expectation of what you want from them. What did you think about this? Do you feel more knowledgeable whether influencer marketing can work for you?

Share your thoughts and comments on the post below.

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4 thoughts on “Influencers Marketing Strategy- How To Increase Your Social Media Exposure”

  1. I believe the Influencer Marketing Strategies will be a great addition to our existing internet marketing processes. Building a relationship with an Influencer will be a challenge, but the benefits of getting more traffic to your site will be well worth the effort. Thank you for sharing this exciting trend in affiliate marketing.

    • Thanks Roy for stopping bye and commenting on this article. Influence marketing is a big stepping stone for people how are just starting out, but it well worth setting a goal to gain more influencer to represent a product. Thanks again Please come back and visited

  2. Hello, Anthony!
    Thank you so much for this post, its very informative. I did not know about influencer marketing, and now I understand that is a great way to establish a name and create a successful marketing strategy.
    I will surely have this into consideration in the future.

    Wish you the best

    • Thanks Santiago for commenting on this article, Yes this something every blogger should look forward to achieved. Thanks again


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