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Promoting your online business or blog is not a tough job given the number of active users of the internet today. Besides, the best place to promote your online business is the internet. Many marketing tools like banners, pop-ups, fly-ins etc. are available, out of which banners hold a special room. With their numerous advantages and distinctive features, they have carved a niche for themselves and have become the first choice of digital marketers.


Here we bring you top 5 ways in which interactive online banners benefit digital marketing for any online business and are an indispensable part of the social media marketing plan.


  1. MAKE YOUR PRESENCE FELT – Making your presence felt on the internet was never as easier as with the help of custom banners. Your internet marketing plan can award you with a cohesive brand image. These digital marketing tools are the best to make your presence felt and gain a lead for your online business. Advertising your product or service via social networks or search engine advertisements can help you have a greater influence. The number of people browsing online stuff is generally greater than the ones who are careful enough to pick a pamphlet and read stuff. Even though all the users may not click on your banner and just simply view them, still the overall reach will increase with the passive involvement of the users. Besides, the number of people getting actively involved is decent enough given the number of people browsing any social media platform at any given time.


  1. EASY ON POCKET – Online marketing is a great return on investment. Going by the data, online marketing is quite cheap as compared to the cost of traditional marketing methods. Physical hoardings, billboards, and television advertisements actually cost you a lot more as compared to online methods. Banners are cheaper to create and even cheaper to share with the audience. These visually appealing tools are usually priced according to the number of customers clicking on them, known as ‘pay per click’ in the world of digital marketing. So, if you have just started with your online business and are trying to maximize the profit, you need to cut some costs without compromising with the quality of the product. Social media marketing can come to your rescue here.


  1. GREATER REACH – Human beings tend to have pictorial memory. Custom banners tend to have a greater reach as compared to text material. Advertising your product in the form of interactive custom banners is more appealing to the customer and guarantees a positive response. A person looking for looking for mending his garage door is likely to click on your advertisement regarding garage door service. Posting your advertisement in the right place can give you a greater leadership and help you gain customers. It establishes the brand in a systematic way and reaches out to a large audience connected via the internet in a short span of time. Besides, the versatility that online marketing brings along is commendable. You are not just confined to static pictures or textual material written on a colorful background. The creativity of an online marketer can go to any extent. You can include custom animations, boomerangs, slide shows, audio-visual effects and even short videos to your banner and make it more appealing.


  1. EASY TO ANALYZE – One major drawback of traditional marketing is that the results are difficult to analyze. You can put hoardings on the roads but not be sure as to who is viewing them or are they reaching the target audience or not? Moreover, the physical banners are difficult to maintain and often have a short life. Online banners save you a lot of paperwork and often have a greater reach and lifetime. Via online marketing, you can know how many times your banner is being viewed and whether your target for the viewers is being reached or not. Online marketing, is thus a great tool for giving you a trustworthy and reliable feedback. The room for improvement is great here and the results can be obtained just at the click of a mouse. This complex analysis of data involved does not make you miss any details and track the data efficiently. This deeper insight into the behavior of the audience can help you take your business forward by a great margin. Tracking more data points is thus a key point here.


  1. TARGET SPECIFIC – The greatest benefit of custom banners, or even digital marketing as a whole, for that matter is that it targets a specific group of audience. Displaying banners according to the previously browsed data and interests of the user is a great way to maximize the involvement of users. A student looking for ‘online study material’ is more likely to click on your advertisement for ‘online video lectures’, ultimately landing him on your new tutorial website, rather than a housewife looking for a cooking recipe.


Targeting the ideal customer profile is thus one of the greatest plus points of online marketing campaigns. Trying to sell your product to anyone won’t help you gain more profits. Research and identify your audience well.


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Jessica is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in Fashion & FnB verticals. She keeps special interest in the impact of visual branding on business growth. She has been writing for Stuartsignstore, having a specialisation on T-shirt printing, for a long time now.

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