Leadsleap Product Review | The Quickest Way To Get Traffic.

Leadsleap Product Review | The Quickest Way To Get Traffic.

If you are a online marketer you know to be able to have a successful business you need traffic. I found that Leadsleap is the quickest way to get traffic to your website.

In this leads leap review, I hope to give you a better understanding of this traffic platform from leads leap. In this review is based on my own experience with this lead generation system

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Lead generation social media is a traffic generation platform that help online marketer get traffic to their website, But that not all this system provides for you.

There are 3 ways to benefit from using Leads Leap.
Earn Money from revenue sharing.
Advertising your website for free traffic.
Upgrading your account from Free to Pro member. Leads_leap-300x217 Leadsleap Product Review | The Quickest Way To Get Traffic.

Product: Leads Leap
Website: www.leadsleap.com
Owner: Kenneth Koh
Overall Rank : 3/10

Product Overview:

When I first join this program, it took me a minute to really grasp hold of what this leadsleap is all about. Based on experience it is the quickest way to get leads sales.

I’m going to show you some helpful tips that can help you receive more leads to your business. Check Out the Live Demo Of This Program

I’m not here to try to get you the spend money on Leadsleap, because you its a free traffic source and it’s your choice to decide to maximize your result with upgrading your account.

But in this Leadsleap review my goal is to help you get the best result with your business advertisement using this power leads system.

The Pros:

The best thing of the program is that is a free tool you can use to generate traffic to your website with the 1 The Real Tracker give you opportunity to track your unique click and real visit to your website.

This platform allows you to place widget on your website to earn credit and revenue shares, when someone clicks one of the ads in your widget. I have displayed a widget to help you see what it looks like on your website.

The Cons:

The only thing that I found bad about this program it having the time to surf ad if you are a free member.

Some of you might can’t afford becoming a Pro member so it time that play the part of earning credit, You have to surf 10 ads a days to be able to earn a little bit of the weekly shares which pays 5% to free member and 10% to Pro members.

Who is the Product For?

LeadsLeap is for online marketers looking to generate leads to their business opportunity.

What Kind Of Training/ Tools?

Leadsleap does provide some tool for members to use when promoting their advertisement.

Banners, affiliate, PopupXpert, Cookie Generator and OTO List Building Script. Widgets. They also show you step-by-step on how to set up these campaigns.

Do they Have Support?:

Yes they do have a support where you can submit a ticket to get answer to your question or problem you may have with the program.

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What My Final Honest Review?

I like the concept of generated free traffic to my website, Although it’s free, I believe marketer can benefit even more when they upgrade to Pro member.

Why I think you should upgrade simply because it offer a better marketing strategy for Pro members.

Pro members receives daily revenue shares that are double to 10% instead of 5%. In the Weekly Sharing Pro members receives 30% and Free Member gets 15%,

When it comes to affiliate commission for referral Pro members receives 25% of their referral monthly subscription.

When your referral Upgraded their account Pro member receives 50% of their monthly membership. Pro member don’t surf ads to get credit, Ads are automatic advertise within the leadsleap program.

Pro member can sell back the credit to the company and get paid double, much more advantages of becoming a Pro member.

What My Verdict?

2016-02-22_1724-300x280 Leadsleap Product Review | The Quickest Way To Get Traffic.

I can’t say LeadsLeap is for everyone, and I can’t promise this leads generation system will work for you.

But I do recommend that you give it a try after all it Free You have nothing to lose and everything to gain if you decide to go Pro.

I hope this review has given you some clarity of this program. I just leave it up to you if you need more traffic then give them a try, If not Thank for reading


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6 thoughts on “Leadsleap Product Review | The Quickest Way To Get Traffic.”

  1. It looks like if you put in the work Leadsleap can generate some traffic for you. I was wondering how much extra traffic would upgrading generate?

    • Hey Tony, There are a lot of resources out there that anyone can get traffic, Free it’s always the best choice for getting that traffic, but leadsleap was a free resource, and you can actually see the results, I figure why not give it try, I’ll be sure to updated my progress use this tool. But if anyone can’t afford Bing Ads, Google Adwords, This just a little something that might help, I can’t promise it will but it worth a try. Thanks Tony my friend

  2. This is something that would be a real boon from what I’m understanding of this. So its like a system that advertises your own site so long as you check out 10 of the others on there every day right? I’m going to go and see what they have at their home page.

    • Hey Justin That’s right, This system promote your business opportunity with others members, as long as you check out 10 ads a day, unless you upgrade your account then Pro members don’t surf ads just to earn credit and shares. This is just a simple FREE tool for anyone looking to get traffic to their offer, I can’t promise you will make a sale but it’s something to take a look. Thanks again my friend.

  3. Ive always find these sort of companies are a waste of time. Your scored it low but not rock bottom.

    Would you reccomend this or do you have another sugestion

    • Free is not the best option, because sometimes it’s is a waste of time. But I found it doesn’t hurt to try. That why I suggest that any wanting to use this system should Upgrade your account, simply because if you don’t have time to surf ads everyday. The Pro members don’t have too, You can just advertise 10 of your opportunity set and forget, and you automatic start earning credits and revenue share.

      Now do I recommend you to try it’ To honest The best solution is SOLO ADS, But some people just don’t the funds to buy solo ads, This gives anyone a little lead way to get leads. So Yes Try it…..You have nothing to lose it Free! unless you Upgrade…But That’s your choice.. If you don’t have time. Thanks my Friend. PS if you like some resources on solo ads marketing Just contact me…or Hit reply


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