My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads

My Lead Gen Secret Review-Is Using This Just Another Bad Idea

Welcome to my lead gen secret review

Product Overview

This new lead generating program has been getting a lot attention on the web these days. I have to admit when I received and invited to the system email. I was a bit skeptical to the claims this company was making. After all they are claiming to give me 100 leads per day. Sounds like an awesome deal right? Plus if I become an active affiliate then I could double my leads to 200 per day… That a pretty tough deal to pass up.

So let’s see what this company is all about in the my lead gen secret review

my-lead-gen-secret-review My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads

My Lead Gen Secret-Leads

About month ago I had to check out this program for myself to receive see the inside of this program. It was intriguing to me to how they can send me a hundred lead per day. However, there away that question in backlog my mind ‘where are then lead conning from’ ‘Are they cheap Leads’ and will they convert well?. This is critical questions I needed to know or what this just another bad idea or is the real secret about this company is to scam me out of my money.

If you are reading my lead gen secret review then I’ve taken the guess work out and now you can decide for yourself to make an informative decision.

my-lead-gen-secret-review-1 My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads

Who is Jim Harmon?

When you first discover My Lead Gen Secret you will come across a guy name Jim Harmon who by doing some searching he is a real person and a successful internet marketer who back in 2018 has one to best lead resources n the business. Jim speaks every highly of My lead Gen Secret. He very good in explaining everything about this platform. He’s also very knowable about sales funnels and using the system to capture more leads. The ultimate gold is to channel those lead through a sales funnel .

my-lead-gen-secret-review-2 My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads


Get My Ready Done For You Sale Funnel That You Can Use Instantly.

Jim Harmon has team up with a group of top internet marketers such Rusell Brunson, Neil Patel, Frank Kern, Mike Filsalme agreed to share their best opt-in leads to active members’ of MLGS. These partners are without certain someone who you can trust and deliver good quality leads.

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How Does My Lead Gen Secret Works?

Getting to the facts on how this lead generating system works. In this section of my lead gen secret review one feature to note about this platform is the CAN SPAM mailing. It does all the mailing for you so you don’t need an Awber or Getrepsonce Account . However, that did raise an eyebrow why can’t I manaully import email list into email provider account ? Or Why can I only send emails through their email platform? Sound a little fishy right?

my-lead-gen-secret-review-3-632x517 My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads

My Lead Gen Secret Stats

However I understand the concept nothing wrong with it still I rather be in control of my own email leads. My lead gen secret offer to me 100 leads a day for the next 30 days as along as I remain an active member at the $30/no

On that note the system allows me to send out email messages to a 100 leads. My lead gen secret even have email swipe that guarantees to get more open rate and possible conversions depending on what you are offering. Let say you active member you’re get 100 leads a day for 30 days that 3000 leads per month, for $30 bucks. I’ve included some stats from my account…

my-lead-gen-secret-review-4 My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads

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How Much Does My Lead Gen Secret Cost?

Initially in the beginning the cost s going to be $60 this is the one-time fee to get everything set up. There after the cost will be $30 per month as along you an active member. You can cancel anytime if you feel this system is not for you. F you decide to keep your membership MLGS will continue to send you 3000 leads per month. Join My Lead Gen Secret

My Lead Gen Secret Pros

  • 100 High Quality Leads Everyday
  • Pre-Mailing Swipe
  • Email Tracking
  • CAM SPAM Email Mailing System
  • Affiliate Program
  • Don’t Need Aweber or Getresponse Account

My Lead Gen Secret Cons

  • You have to be more convincing when sending out emails if you want them to purchase or join your offer.
  • It’s going to cost $30 a month this might not fit your budget but it’s still affordable for quality leads
  • Its best to have use a sales funnel to channel your leads
  • Training looks a little outdated
  • Must remain an active member in order to received leads.

My Final Thoughts About My Lead Gen Secret

In this section of my Lead Gen Secret review I wanted to share my personal bought about this lead generating system. Overall this tool is a great opportunity to gather some fresh new leads everyday on small budget. I understand it can seem a little fishy for someone just hearing about My Lead Gen Secret that you have to pay one-time fee of $60 then thereafter pay $30 per month. Honesty it not a bad deal if you are looking to make more money online.

The real purposes of this lead generating tool is to make everything simple, but it only to take some work to make it. My question will be what are you going to do with those leads? How convincing will you be when you send out emails? You can make some serious money if you market right.

is my lead gen secret a scam? Based on my personal experience of using this lead generating tool. I honesty say No.simply because you get 100 leads everyday. Now do those leads convert? That depends on your marketing strategies to getting them to take action. Since I’ve been using this platform so far things are looking good for the future.

MLGS is a good investment if you are¬†looking to make more money through your offer. My Lead Gen Secret gives 100 leads a day that’s 3000 lead a month for small investment. To be honest I’ve never seen a system that reward it member with fresh leads everyday. You have to be crazy to not check this lead generation company out for yourself.

Is this just another bad idea. No..My Lead Gen Secret gives you the tools you need to build a successful business, but it requires some effort on your part, This mean offering product that people want buy. It can’t just another method of blasting your affiliate links inside the mailer expecting people to take action. You have to give them a reason to join, or buy what you’re offering.

One of the key factor that MLGS mention inside the members’ area is using sale funnels to capture your email list. If you have no idea on how to build an sale funnel

Will My Lead Gen Secret be around for long time.YES I TRULY THINK THEY WILL BE

Don’t get left behind Get Your Lead Generation Tool Today


my-lead-gen-secret-review-5 My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads


14 thoughts on “My Lead Gen Secret Review-How This Will Get You More Leads”

  1. Funnily enough, I was sent an email with regards to this system yesterday. I was doing some research and asking around if people had experience with it. Then today someone sent me your article to take a look at, the people who are behind this product I’m pretty familliar with and they all have decent names in the market. A couple of questions, are all the leads business opportunnity type leads and do you think havig a funnell set up is a necessity for the conversions?

    • Hey Nate thanks for commenting, Even though My Lead Gen Secret, recommends setting up sales funnel, but I’m pretty sure you can probably get some good conversion just by sending people directly to your offer. My self i just use a sales funnel to build my email list. 

  2. Hello there, thanks for sharung this wonderful review, I have heard alot my lead gen and the testimonies seem really cool. Generally one thing affiliate marketer would want is traffic on their site, and I have only started my own blog page as an affiliate marketer. I don’t know if its quite convenient for beginners in the business, would you suggest it to me as a newbie?

    • Hi Dane, I would recommend this traffic generation to anyone who has a product or who is promoting Clickbank, etc, If you just starting out I would continue learning more about building your website and writing content for your blog. Then once your learn your niche then you can start driving traffic to your offer with some like My lead gen secret to try to make the sales. 

  3. Wow, this is really nice, I enjoy this review about My lead gen secret, I’ve learned a Couple of things. Sending out email messages to 100 leads at a time is really amazing. Well, about the price, I think to that kind of offer, 3000 leads a month is really worth being paid $30 for and since its use will be adequately felt, it can be given a trial. It’ll help you make more money online and since this review made it so clear its not a scam, I’ll definitely give it a trial. Thanks for sharing such an interesting and Informative article, its very useful.

    • Hi Jones thanks for sharing your thoughts and interest in the My lead Gen Secret this is a one kind opportunity for anyone looking to get leads. I’m hope this article has help you make informative decision in moving forward in growing your business, love to hear about your experiences with My lead Gen Secret 

  4. Excellent article on Lead Gen Secret review, this is awesome and wonderful,every online opportunity come with taken action, I’ve learnt greatly from this secret you have opened my eyes to,making money online through this program, MLGS is a good investment if you are looking to make more money through your offer. I think its worth taken the risk and use this Leads to make money online,thank you for this eye opener write-up.

    • Hi Abayomi thanks for sharing your thought on this post. It really is an eye opener when it come to get leads to your offer without the risk of losing tons of money. 

  5. I have been trying many different ways and methods of getting leads and of course traffic to my website and I can tell you that it isn’t something that’s easy to do, so your post here is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for, I’m pleased that I came here to your website today because leadgen does look very interesting and I am very tempted to take your advice and give leadgen a try, I also like the fact that I can cancel at any time if I’m not happy with it, so thank you for sharing this post, I have bookmarked your website for future reference.  

    • Hi Russ, if you affiliate marketer, blogger, etc, It’s worth trying something new, As I mention in the post you going to bring your A game when it comes to convince these lead to take action on wherever you are promoting. However it worth the shot to try. I’m just sharing this bit of information to try to help others succeed online. Thanks again. 

  6. Thank you for your review on My Lead Gen Secret. I am with you, I can certainly use 100 leads per day to my site. This platform might be best for someone that has been doing affiliate marketing for awhile. For a newbie or a new site like me might not be best but I can consider it later when I have more experience. I do not mind the hard work that i have to put in but I meed to sharpen my skill sets then I can utilize this platform without wasting my money. Will consider using it in the near future.

    • Hi Nuttanee I do agree this might not be something for beginners to try to start right now. If you are just starting out then learn more about building your blog such SEO, Writing Content, learning about growing your business to where you are happy. Just know that My lead gen secret at some point can get your more leads. 

  7. This is really excellent and sounds very cool. With everything listed here and how honest this my lead gen secret is, I think it is a must try for me. Getting to find a reliable platform online to invest time and money is a bit hard or though and I would like to try it based on this good remarks. Thanks  for taking your time to engage in this nice research. I would love to see more helpful post from you.

    • Hey Willy, Thanks for commenting, I going to shoot a video of my account just to prove I’m am actually using My lead Gen Secret to promote my offer. I believe in writing reviews base on my own experiences. If you are looking for leads then My Lead Gen Secret could possibly work for you. If  so love to hear you own experience with using this company. Thanks again. Good luck and best wishes 


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