my millionaire mentor review

My Millionaire Mentor Review | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

My Millionaire Mentor Review | The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Product: My Millionaire Mentor Review
Website: Link
Owner: Ryan Matthew
Price: $47-$97 upselling
Rank: 10/100

Product Overview

In my millionaire mentor review I’m going to be sharing my own experiences with this product. My millionaire mentor review you will discover the truth whether this program is a scam or legit opportunity.

My Millionaire Mentor Review

It’s not my goal to bash other program just to get you buy something, my goal for my millionaire mentor review is to provide the best review so you can make the best decision.

When I first came across the program called My Millionaire Mentor. I have to admit it cross my mind whether this was a legit program or was it one those push button SOS meaning (Shiny Object Syndrome) this is a marketing method to get you to fall for the fast money making with little or no work at all.

This is why I wanted to share my thoughts in this my millionaire mentor review. To warn you of many scams so you can keep your wallet in your pocket. Like many of you, I wonder was this the big break I’ve been looking for in years.

Certainly after watching the introduction video I knew this was the opportunity for me. Could I make money with this? Will this really work?

So, I wanted to give you the head up on this product in my millionaire mentor review to answer the few question above. Before that, I wanted to give you some deeper information on the my millionaire mentor. Let’s get started….

What is My Millionaire Mentor

It’s a system the teaching you how to make money with sales funnels with proven website strategies and products for turning traffic into profits. This is what you get when you purchase My millionaire mentor.

My Millionaire Mentor Review

  1. Your own 1-0n-1 millionaire coach that will guide you through the training.
  2. Proven website marketing sales funnels for turn traffic into profit.
    Quality products
  3. Daily training calls for members only etc.

Carolina Millan

Paul Lynch Qualifies for MOBE Motors Bonus

If you watch the video above. You are basically buying into a company called MOBE Which stands for My online business education. The founder of this company name Matt Lloyd who help individuals learn how to build an empire online.

My Millionaire Mentor Review

How I found out about MOBE is through a guy name John chow. If you been blogging for awhile you probably already heard of him. He run one of the most profitable blog on the world.

Today he spends most of his time with MOBE. I hate to be the one to say it but I think My Millionaire Mentor would work if you have the time and money to invest in the program.

However if you don’t want to spend a lot money investing in this program. Here is one program I Know for fact works and will make you money. It’s called Wealthy Affiliate

I’ve been making money with this program for about three year now.

How Does My Millionaire Mentor Work.

First off you don’t receive $500 dollars for watching the video, You have to pay $49 to even get access to the program training. Once you pay for your membership the you will learn how marketed products.

I don’t see nothing wrong at this point, but what is misconceiving is somehow during the process you’re lead to purchase another $97 for web hosting.

If you add it all up it comes up to $149.00 for the program. If you have been blogging for awhile you know that hosting can put a dent in your wallet. Click here to get real results that works

Why The Startup Cost Is Very High?

I think my online marketer forget about the high products, That where the money is made, Which would you rather be selling a product that cost $100 or product that cost $2,500. That the whole concept of MOBE, some of their product cost up to $20-$30 thousand dollar. You offering customers more expensive products.

Example of this marketing is Apple- Literally hundreds and thousands of people run out to buy the new Iphone 8 the cost $699. Now multiply that by 100 that’s come to a total $69,900. Now which product would you rather be marketing a cell Iphone that cost $49 or a Iphone that cost $699?

So, you can’t blame my millionaire mentor upsell pricing. I think a lot of online marketing limited themselves when it comes to picking the right program. People love to hear the negative reviews of a particular product.

If you have a goal to make $100,000 by next year. How are you going to achieve it? You only have two choices to make and that’s keep selling your $20 ebook or start selling $2,500-$10,000 my millionaire mentor mastermind system.

Which on do you think will get you closer to your goals.

Sure you could sell ebook, but you’ll have to sell 10 times hard to equal what one sell of high end product. Yes it’s is expensive to get started, but look and the end results.

Yes, it’s going the take some time and effort to sell high end products, But, it won’t take 10 time more effort. It might take three or four times the effort. But never 10 times.

What are Pro’s

  • High end products
  • Training course teach you how to grow your business
  • Earn great commission
  • Your own personal coach

What are the Con’s

  • Very expensive for upsell membership
  • Some part program is misleading
  • You don’t get the $500 for watching the video
  • Might take some time to earn those high end commission


To me I do think that My Millionaire Mentor will take courage and action to become successful. Yes, It’s really expensive to get started, and there are some good, some bad, and some ugly thoughts about this program.

I do think it’s way over price, but it not dead. I’ve seen many people take the leap of faith and take action with this program and become successful at it.

But as mentioned earlier it’s going to take some hard cord effort and cash to make it possible. My Millionaire is not for everyone.

If you’re skeptical or think this is a scam then you might forget all that you have read about my millionaire mentor review.

However if your feel this is something you would like to try be my guess. This is something you have to really think about before becoming a private member.

I’m not here to tell you this is a scam or it’s fake. You’ve read my millionaire mentor review, and you know the pros and cons of this system. Join My Millionaire Mentor Here



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