Overcoming The Fear of Rejection | How To Beat The Odds of Failure

Overcoming The Fear of Rejection | How To Beat The Odds of Failure

Overcoming the fear of rejection, So how does one deal with the fear of rejection. For beginners this may be be the main reason that they never pursue their dreams and passion. Just the thought of being rejection by their audience. In the this article we going to talk about overcoming the fear of rejection.

My Own Personal Rejection

It was the perfect job opportunity and perfect location to raise my family. I had travel four and half hours for the interview. In the interview, everything went find they seem to have like my resume everything was looking pretty good. Then I heard those words no thanks.

How to deal with the fear of rejection

I was very excited about making that move to a new city. Until I got that call I was rejected they pick someone else who was more qualified than me.

I was crush I knew I had that job hands down. I felt humiliated and hurt because that could have been a great opportunity.

I fell into a great stage of depression it took me over a year before I began searching for new job. The fear of rejection had taking control of my mind. I didn’t want to go through that feeling ever again. Over time I had to learn how to deal with the fear of rejection.

Rejection hurts and it’s happening right now as you are reading this article. Right now someone is getting rejected from a job interview, someone getting rejected from a secret crush.

Somebody dreams are being shattered by someone else. To overcome it you have learned how to deal with the fear of rejection. You have to bounce back. How to Deal With Rejection From Another Stand Point

Real Truth About Rejection and Why It Can Destroy Your Dreams.

At this very moment someone getting rejected of the dreams. Rejection is a part of our lives and we have a choice to let it destroy us or we can learn to embrace rejection.

It’s not easy to handle this kind of feeling, It hurts, repeatedly thinking of the humiliation. The fear of rejection somehow finds a way to enter our minds.

Real some story of how they learned how to deal with the fear of rejection and How they become successful entrepreneurs.

Jack Ma Story Of Rejection

Jack Ma is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world, He is the founder of Alibaba making him the richest person in China with aHow to deal with the fear of rejection net worth of $20 billion estimated. Overcoming the fear of rejection is what he had to do in order to achieve success.

I was watching an interview with Jack Ma and he said he went through a lot of rejection. failing college exams three times after he figures out he wasn’t going to college, he applied for 30 different jobs and got rejected.

During this interview he stated the police told him he was no good, He said when KFC came to his city in China Twenty-four went for the job, Twenty-three were accepted, I was the only guy….” I thought that was funny”

When Jack Ma Found Alibaba he went through a hurdle of rejections, banks wouldn’t work with him and he didn’t make any profit for the first three years of his business.

He had no way to make payment so Ma started a program that would transfer payment into many different currencies, Alipay was born.

People told him it was the stupidest Idea ever. Now over 800 million people use Alipay.

This is an incredible story of how someone could strive off of rejection and become the richest entrepreneur in the world.

 Overcoming The Fear Of Rejection

Has there ever been a time where you felt rejection in your business? The cold hard/ugly truth about rejection” just because you are being rejected often times that means you are being directed and it not over yet success is near.

No matter how stupid people say your idea is just kept believing in that stupid idea.  How to deal with the fear of rejection is keep believing in yourself.

Turn Rejection Into Direction

Successful entrepreneurs’ makes mistake in business, being rejected but they use that rejection to turn thing around in their business, by asking for feedback from others to bounce back and move forward to success.

Often times the rejection means direction. That means to fine-tuning your (product or service) making changes in the marketing strategies. Rejection is not the end it’s the beginning of something new.

Use the rejection to turn things around in your life. Discover how to deal with the fear of rejection and overcome the odds of failure.

Failure is not and option

Oprah Winfrey

How to deal with the fear of rejection

Oprah star status didn’t land in her lap she lives a rough life, after the molestation, by her family member she manages to overcome the rejection of her life.

Changing her past rejection into a successful empire of a net worth of $2.9 billion dollars landed her the wealthiest women in America.

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan rose to the top after being cut from his varsity basketball team in his sophomore year, He learns how to take that rejection and prove to his former coach that He had what it take to be a champion and noHow to deal with the fear of rejectionthing could stop him on the courts.

His NBA career rose to leap and boundaries landing Him into Hall of Fame.

Arianna Huffington

After failing many times in her life, She mentions being rejected on her second book by 36 publishers. Arianna In 2009, Huffington was named as number 12 in Forbes’s first-ever list of the Most Influential Women In Media.How to deal with the fear of rejection

She learns that failure is one step closer to success.

Ever wonder why you’re not succeeding in life, Then you probably not failing enough, you can succeed without failing

I have come across this fantastic book about a young author Who dreams of becoming a professional baseball player. author and race car driver, but thirty years later it still a dream of his face rejection and failure something changes his life.

Read What Happen to Eric James Bratton in this book call GO For No “Yes is the destination ” No is how you get there.

Go for No! Yes is the Destination, No is How You Get There

Final Conclusion

After Failing hundred of times trying to build an successful online business , I’m more successful because of my failure

Learn How I build Online business With Free Training Course

Using rejection is the most powerful tool to motivate us to prove everyone wrong and build a successful empire company.

We all have face rejection whether, in business, personal the main point is how you react when rejection comes, will you let it destroy your ideas and dreams or will you use it to turn thing around in your life.

I hope this help to stay on course of living your dream

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12 thoughts on “Overcoming The Fear of Rejection | How To Beat The Odds of Failure”

  1. Everybody hates rejection because we are all human at the end of the day. Even I’ve been rejected for different things in my time and it’s not a nice feeling inside. It makes us question ourselves and our abilities in life!

    I’m sorry to hear about your own job rejection experiences 🙁 But everything happens for a reason and it opens up doors to bigger opportunities as people say.

    Well, it seems that most of the successful people in the world have faced rejection at some point but they have used it as building blocks to rise above it for success.

    Thanks for the inspiration here 🙂


    • Hey Neil thanks for commenting, Yes I have rejection, but I truly has learn how to deal with it , and just know that my rejection will lead to something more greater.

  2. Hi anthony I really loved your post 🙂
    I didn’t know all these stars were rejected and now are legends. I am not assuming that every rejected person will be rich and famous but there is definitely a revenge that should be taken.

    I shared your post on twitter 🙂

    • Hey youba,I thought the same thing while I was writing to post. I feel that rejection should be anyone fuel for success but you have to put in the work to make it happen.. Thanks for commenting.

  3. The problem with rejection (for me) is the word itself. I prefer to tell myself that someone else just pipped me to the post. I also believe that being told no just opens up more opportunities that we might not have otherwise considered. If Jack Ma had been accepted to KFC he might still be there…. ok, he’d probably be the Manager, but he maybe wouldn’t have been inspired to start up on his own. Great post 🙂

    • Yes Jyl I’ve been told no many time in my life, but I don’t let it stop me, No is good it just pushes me to do better. Thanks for commenting

  4. Sometimes when a person gets rejected it can hit them so hard that it can put them in a depression that is hard to get out of. It can make you feel worthless, it can crush your spirit, even take over and leave you sitting on the sidelines of your life watching it go on without you. It can be a job that you wanted, a person that you were attracted to, it really doesn’t matter what it is, we feel that no, that “you’re just not good enough” feeling and are left in a funk. It hurts and can leave us fearing more rejection, so instead of trying again, we sit back and watch as life goes on because we are too scared to face another “no.”

    Successful entrepreneurs take rejection and turn it around and make it work for them. they believe in their idea even when others don’t. They find a way to make it happen, even if it means thinking out of the box and trying an off the wall idea. instead use rejection to motivate you to push ahead and strive even harder for your dreams.

    • Thanks for commenting is so true how through life we face rejection, love marriage, employment, Entrepreneurs thrive on rejection turn something bad into good and that a felling to be proud of that success. Thank again

  5. Wow. I’ve heard of Alipay, but not Alibaba or Jack Ma. I’m so inspired by how many times he just fell flat on his face. I’ve heard stories of entrepreneurs going through rejection at first, but you listed a ton of failures. As I was reading along, I was thinking to myself, “Okay. I know he’s GOT to be ready to throw in the towel.”

    I almost feel like he failed more than anybody I’ve ever heard of lol. When I finally came to the point where he caught a break I was utterly overjoyed and got goosebumps.

    It’s scary to think how much you might have to fail before you succeed in a major way, but when I think about Jack Ma I think about how I gotta learn to be a pro at handling rejection, just like him.

    That book is a good book for anyone who is nervous about failing in a major way.

    • Hey Tiffany Jack Ma Story inspired me to write this blog article, I’ve learn without rejection ” you have no direction, If you are being rejected often times mean you are being directed and that is Success. Thanks for sharing your thought and I glad you enjoyed this blog post.

  6. Anthony,
    What you have said here is absolutely true. You need to hardship to strive to continue forward. You need to be down to that last $3 in the bank to give you the drive that you need to succeed. Failure breeds success. Rejection is a door slammed in your face so that 24 windows can open for you.
    Use your rejection to fuel your fire.
    Thanks, Kris

    • Absolutely Kris, I have been through the rejection many times in my life, Having zero dollars in the banks, but it was a opportunity for myself to prove the whatever rejection I may face it’s just another door opening. Thank kris for sharing your thoughts.


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