How To Earn Money Online And Start Living The Good Life

How To Earn Money Online And Start Living The Good Life

Learning how to earn money online isn’t that difficult you just need a good teacher to help you start living the Good Life. For many people, it’s a dream come true if they could have a way to start creating financial freedom in their life.

Affiliate marketing with a blog is dedicated to teaching individuals how to earn money online and  how to turn their ideas into a successful online business. Learn some simple tips and strategies that will help you reach your goals. If you are looking for ways on how to earn money on the internet, then keep reading….

What You Will Learn From This Site

    • How to earn money online
    • What is My Mission?
    • Why Do You Need a Blog?
    • Who Is This Training Not For?
    • Who this training is for?
    • Why I’m Giving This Away For Free     

Why You Should Listen To Me

I love teaching people how to earn money online with a blog and you guest it affiliate marketing is my true passion for generating financial freedom. It’s something I’ve been doing for over 15 years and you can learn more About me by visiting my about page.

One reason why you should listen to me is that I’ve actually become really good at selling other people’s product online. So much, that I have turned my attention to teaching other like yourself how to do the same.

I’ve made a lot of money doing what I love and now I want to share some love with you that change your life completely. I’m here to help you turn your passion into a business that you will love waking up to every morning… I’m going to show you how to earn money online… Does that sound good?

My Mission

  • My mission is provide you with all the tools you need to get started.
  • My mission is to give you the resources to grow your business
  • My mission is to provide you with the best training courses today.
  • My mission is to teach you how to earn money online as an affiliate.

Why You Need A Website

I wanted to explain why you need a website and explain some of the benefits of having your own website. An most important how to earn money online.

  • A website is the foundation of your business.
  • A website allows you to build your brand
  • A website allows market affiliate products to new prospects.
  • A website is working evening when you’re on vacation
  • A website allows customers to access 24 hours a day.
  • A website provides valuable information to customers
  • A website allows you to reach target prospect around the world.
  • A website allows you to solve the needs of people problems.

The Benefits of Having a Website.

  • #1 way for learning how to earn money online
  • To build your authority in your niche
  • To gain credibility with your subscribers
  • To keep up with your competition
  • To get rank in the search engines

There are many lots of benefits of having a website that is not mentioned in this post. But this gives a general idea why you should have already have one setup in order to make money.

For some reason you don’t have a website set up yet, read  Click Here My Best Training Course Review of a platform called Wealthy Affiliate and why you should join today….

Many of my loyal visitors have learned How to earn money online with one of the top rated training course available on the on the web today. Listen if you really serious about learning how to earn money online… Then you come to right place to achieve the Good Life.

Why You Should Have a Blog?

One of the biggest mistakes people makes is waiting too long to get started. Here is some reason why you should have done it sooner. If you are going to be selling products online you need a home to promote your business and products or services.

If you want to learn how to earn money online then take at some of the examples below.

  • Blogging gives you the opportunity to speak out and share your knowledge with other people.
  • Blogging allows you to share your personal stories and life journey with your customers.
  • Blogging helps you discover your true talent.
  • Blogging lets you start a successful business with something you love to do.
  • Blogging let you discover how to earn money on the internet.

Why I’m Doing All This/ Your In Good Hands

No matter what reason you want the start your own online business . Know you are in good hands during your journey. My main focus is to show you how to earn money online and become successful with your business.

I’ve helped hundreds of people walk through the same process with no technical skills required to get started. I can’t promise you that you’re going to become a successful entrepreneur overnight, but I can tell you it’s well worth given it a try. I create this site just for you. I want you to succeed.

How To Earn Money Online

If you can set aside a couple of hours a day, send an email and type, you can learn how to earn money online starting today.

In 2013, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to launch my own blog Affiliate marketing with a blog is  where I would continue to share my knowledge with others in hopes to help them discover how to earn money online.

My blog has been a huge success and 4 years later, it’s been visited by thousands visitors around the world and it’s has allowed me to live the Good Life.

Today affiliate marketing with a blog continues to rank in the search engines and has become a place where beginner bloggers can find answers to their questions.

I’m Here To Help You Succeed That It….

Affiliate marketing with a blog is a place anyone looking to learn how to earn money online and gets the resources to help with their needs and success. Affiliate marketing with a blog is a website that finally you get to make some serious money from internet.

This also brings us where and how you got here today!

Are You are ready to take the 7-Day Trial I’ve mentioned earlier. It’s %100 free to join and you will get access to ton step-by-step training that will walk you through specific action to take during your training. Join Wealthy Affiliate Today! 

Affiliate marketing with a blog ultimately is showing you how to create a profitable website from scratch just like this one and teach you how to earn money online today. Whether you are a stay at home mom or dad, college student, etc, you don’t even need experience to learn how to earn money online.

If you have idea, passion, hobby or motive. I can teach you how to bring to life. I can teach you how to start making a full-time income from a blog. I’m here to help your succeed….


I’m The Real Deal

Unlike other online marketers who continue trying to sell the next shinning object to audiences around the world, then move on to the next. I have a reputation to protect and I want to continue building my customers trust and loyalty. If you have question about how to earn money online.

I’m always here answering question or comments you may have and I usually respond within 48 hours of receiving a message.

Feel free to contact me anytime to let me know how your blogging journey is coming alone. I would love to take a look at your new site once it goes live!

Why Affiliate Marketing is So Popular…

It’s one of the most powerful and effective ways to monetize your blog. It’s the locomotive that drives your blog earning for many years. Affiliate marketing can make your life better if it’s done right. If you are looking to learn how to earn money online, then you need to start with affiliate marketing.

What’s The Big Deal About Affiliate Marketing?

As you’ll know now, bloggers make money with their readers by building trust with them and then presenting a product or service that will help them solve a problem in their lives.

  • Affiliate marketing is a cool little way to offer someone else products to your audience without having to create the actual product yourself. It’s a good way to learn how to earn money online.
  • Affiliate marketing is a good practice that allows you to receive a commission on a sale. Blogger introduces trusted products to your readers and gets paid on every sale to customers you sent them their way.

It’s a big deal with bloggers trying to cash in on the profits. All you have to do is find a product or service that you like or recently purchase then write a review about it sharing your experience with your readers.

Hey, that sounds very simple, right? Not

Learning how to earn money online is possible if done right. In order for you to learn how to earn money online the right way. I recommend checking out the sites below.

Let’s check out some examples

One popular website like to visit is called ( From the start, they notify their customers that they will make an affiliate commission from any sales made through links on their site. One good tip is, to be honest, and upfront with your visitors.

Another one of my favorite site to visit is ( This is a special site for you dog lovers like myself. There a lot of good content on this site to learn from. But right off the back, they hit you with a Disclaimer & Disclosure about receiving a commission from sales made through links on their site.

As you begin your journey, it’s important that you understand what affiliate marketing means and how you can use similar tactics in your own business. The best advice for you is, to be honest upfront with your readers so you can earn their trust as a blogger.

Affiliate Marketing With a Blog Is Awesome For Bloggers?

Here is why you should consider looking into this a lot more.

As a blogger, you can monetize your site a lot sooner than you think, even if you don’t have a product of your own yet. affiliate marketing with a blog allows you to promote other people products instead.

As a blogger, you can discover what products are high demand for visitors. You can connect with your reader on what types of products they need more information about. You can also search on Amazon and eBay for products that people are buying to implement that product in your own business. Affiliate marketing with a blog sets the stage for building your niche.

As a blogger, you can build a trustworthy relationship with your readers to increase the revenue on your website. Getting your readers to trust and buy is vital to your success and what better way to do that ? Affiliate marketing with a blog help you build trust so they can get to know your better and your product or services. 

These are a huge advantages to you as a blogger.

Other benefits of affiliate marketing

  • It easy to share a link with your audience without having to worry about tracking products sales or even setting up any payment processing to your readers or anything.
  • You don’t have to worry about have a support system on your website unless you are promoting your own products or services.
  • Another benefit of affiliate marketing is that its low cost and low risk.

Which means you don’t need a lot of money to get started.

Sounds like a good plan right?

Bloggers Who Most Likely To Succeed

Although affiliate marketing looks and sounds good to most bloggers, you must fully understand how it works before you going to succeed.

For new bloggers, don’t be blazing affiliate links all over the place spamming people with your offers if you don’t’ have a blog or email service provider to capture your leads. That the wrong way trying figuring out how to earn money on the internet

Instead, think about:

  • Producing valuable content on a regular basis on your blog. Think about building trust and building credibility with your readers before you start asking people to buy from you.
  • Think about getting the training you need to set up your blog correctly.
  • Think about setting up an account with an email service provider to attract trustworthy subscribers to build your blog foundation for increase earning on your site.

If you haven’t done this step yet, I recommend that you check out my top business tools  that will help you become successful. You need the best tools that’s going help you create the Good Life.

Bloggers Who are Most Likely Will Not Succeed

Don’t waste your time trying to learn how to earn money on the internet if….

  1. You have the wrong mindset about affiliate marketing. Some people think this is easy money, but whoever told you that affiliate marketing is easy they are lying to you. In fact, it took me 3 years of hard work and dedication before I saw a dime.
  2. You don’t have the patient to stick it out with no money is coming. Truth is most bloggers give up within the first 6 months of starting their business. Listen if you don’t have the patient and dedication Please don’t waste your time with affiliate marketing.
  3. You think you have all the answer and strategies for making money.You wrong dude…The same old tactics don’t work anymore especially with Google.
  4. You think everything should be handed to you free. Although affiliate marketing has low cost and low risk of promoting products, that doesn’t mean you don’t need to invest in your business. Uhh, Yea…You need to spend money on training courses, traffic, email marketing, advertisement and other tools needed to run your business.

Hey, Are you still there? Great

Now that you made it this far on learn how to earn money on the internet. I hope you made the decision that affiliate marketing is for you.

How To Sell Affiliate Products To Your Readers

As I mentioned earlier in this post that affiliate marketing can be understood and given a bad deal with bloggers. Listen affiliate marketing is about fast cash and annoying your subscribers with junk products that have no value to them.

Your blog is more than just selling products if its done right you can build a business of loyal customers who will buy products from you because they trust your expertise. Affiliate marketing with a blog is more than making money. Affiliate marketing with a blog is about building trust with you and given you the resources that will help you succeed online.

I can’t stress enough about putting your customer first and build trust with them. This is how to sell affiliate products to your readers. Start connecting with their needs and then provide the product that going to fix the problem. Just that simple…..

Stick To The Golden Rule Of Affiliate Marketing.

Only become an affiliate for a product that you have personally use in the past or present. That means even if you have to buy the product to test it out yourself then by oh means do that.

Why? because this a way to build trust with your readers by sharing your own experience with the products or service. Stick to the golden rule when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Don’t represent products that you have no knowledge about.

Why? because it’s your reputation in the line. Getting a bad reputation will only cause people not to trust your opinion.

And as a blogger that means a lot to us. It’s a good feeling when you can recommend a good product or service that you personally have tried out yourself. This makes selling so much easier and it will work and make you a lot of money for years to come.

The True Expectation of Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate marketing with a blog isn’t going to bring you success overnight. Don’t expect your dreams to come true within a month. Don’t think your financial situation is changing with a push of a button…

That’s not going to happen.

Affiliate marketing with a blog is the best way to learn how to earn money on the internet but it’s going to take time and it’s not going to be an easy ride. As a blogger, you have to make the decision to become the best in your niche.

As a blogger, you have to make the choice to find the best value product to represent in your niche. You have to be willing to invest time and money in providing your subscribers the best content and product information that going to solve their problems.

In the meantime, it’s going to take some trial and errors to figure out whats working and build your business over time.  Discovering how to earn money on the internet will take some training .

If you’ll looking for push button success methods, then stay away from blogging…this is not for you.

If you’re ready to build a profitable online business then tell your story and find the best digital products to represent on your blog and become successful.

Be ready to provide a lot of content to your readers and start learning how to monetize your blog and make money and will all your efforts it will pay off with some big hefty bank deposit.

Psst... I have something that going to absolutely blow your mind away. I highly recommend that you check out Affiliate Boot-Camp:  This is a $997 training course we give away FREE to help train affiliates on how to do affiliate marketing. Click Here To Join Limited Time-The Boot-Camp Training 











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  1. What a great description of WA covering all the things it has to offer. WA University is a one stop platform for all the needs of a beginner online marketer. Good job explaining the features which make WA the best in the business.
    Thanks for sharing

      1. It seems that way at first, If you continue to follow the training course, you will began to understand much more clearly, I was the same way when I first join WA, but the more I felt comfortable the easy it got. If you have any question just ask the community we are hear to help anyone move smoothly with wealth affiliate. Just stay focus, stay committed, don’t give up, follow the training course you will find yourself doing something you love everyday. Thank

  2. Hello Anthony! You have a nice website right here. Just wanted to let you know that I really like it. I wanted to let people know that Wealthy Affiliate is the way go if you want to make money online. I can say that I didn’t trust Wealthy Affiliate in the beginning but after I logged in and check it out for myself I could never turn back. It requires work but everything that gives you satisfaction requires work!
    Keep up the good work!

  3. A great article Anthony

    You have outlined the benefits of affiliate marketing extremely well. Anyone who is remotely interested in making some extra cash from home should look into WA and what they have to offer.

    1. Totally agree Andrew, Wealthy affiliate has really change my life, Plus I’m excited doing what I love. I wake up every morning know that I have something in life that I myself has created with the passion that I love doing. That a great feeling . Thanks for your comments.

  4. Over he last three years I have been searching and searching for a program like this.

    The problem was I never knew what I was actually looking for. For example, I knew making money online was the way forward. However, I was buying allsorts of individual products like leadpages or Ryan Deiss etc but did not what I was doing.

    I had a website and created a podcast thinking I was going somewhere.

    The reality I didn’t have a clue what I was doing to the point where I was just about to part with $300 sign up then £97 per month there after. The course looked great and I sold my bike to pay for it.

    My wife googled the program with the word scam. Whilst I don’t believe the program was a scam as I had thoroughly checked it, to get to know the juicy stuff required another payment. Another payment of big money. Up to $8000 to be in the big league.

    What was also on page one of Google was wealthy Affiliate. OMG!

    £47 per month for everything and an amazing community.

    I stripped back my site that had lost its way and been rebuilding over the last two weeks and the transformation has been brilliant.

    I know now how SEO truly works. I now know how properly create a website. I now know and have become an affiliate of a number of different programs and networks.

    If you’re like me you will have bought everything without fully knowing how to piece it altogether.

    If that’s the case subscribe to wealthy affiliate now.

    1. Hey John thanks for commenting, Yes I know the feeling after spending hundreds and hundred dollar on pipe dreams, I really didn’t know what I wanted in life. I guess I was trying to live my life off of other dreams instead of my own passion. I glad that I have found my own desire and its been an amazing journey.

  5. Great overview bro!! This is a well done and researched post. Catchy headline too!! Loved that!! Man, I really can’t say enough good things here. I loved how you presented WA simply and without being “in your face” about it. You explained the how-to’s of affiliate marketing and why it is a great way to make money!!! Job well done my friend!!

    1. Hey Shawn you kept your promised thanks checking out my website, I really appreciate the great comment, I still Have a lot to progress to go with good review like yours, I will get there soon Thanks again

    2. Hey Shawn thank for stopping bye and commenting. Im always trying to improve my website I couldn’t have done any of this with wealthy affiliate teaching thanks again

  6. Love your compilation of movies, I actually looked at the pursuit of “Happyness” about half a dozen times and I still cry every time. I am a big fan of WA University. I am so happy that I found them when I did. I have waited a lot of money on other worthless programs before. WA is the real deal.

    1. Reneea Yes I totally understand I been in this business for over 15yrs now and I’ve seen some bad opportunities and good opportunities, but it was just some real about Wealth affiliate I never experience a community so powerful and willing to help others succeed. And that what WA is all about. Thanks for commenting

  7. Anthony,
    You’ve done an excellent job of outlining the many virtues and advantages of joining Wealthy Affiliate (WA).

    If I may, I’d like to add my own personal remarks to support this spectacular program.

    FREE VS. PREMIUM (paid)
    As you so rightly point out, WA is completely “Free to start,” OR for as long as you like. I see 2 downsides to staying at the free level:

    1) Free members may not take advantage of all the opportunities and so slow down their rate of success.
    2) You cannot host a website whose domain name you own (or buy through WA or any other registrant) with the free version.

    Still, starting with the free membership is an excellent way to check out the program, do some trainings, meet people in the WA community, and then later decide whether or not to advance to the Premium Membership (that’s what I did!).

    Building on number 2, Wealthy Affiliates is an excellent program, even if you simply used them as a site hosting platform. I spent comparable amounts of money to other hosting platforms (including HostGator) and did not receive ANYTHING like the training and support I get from WA.

    Additionally, WA offers advanced site security as part of the program. When I had my site through HostGator, my site was infected with malware, and I had to hire an outside agency to clean up my site.

    I started out with the free membership myself. I was VERY skeptical! But after just a couple of weeks, I “pulled the trigger” and became a Premium (paid) member. The training alone was worth the price! I had learned more in just 2 weeks through WA than I had previously working with WordPress for more than 6 years!

    The support community is awesome at WA! It’s literally a group of supporters helping each other become successful. And the membership is ALWAYS very generous. You can ask questions one-on-one, through a forum, or check out the hundreds of excellent trainings created by fellow members (and then create your own trainings to share with others!).

    And it’s absolutely fantastic that anyone at any level can “test drive” Wealthy Affiliate for absolutely free. I’ve checked out a few other types of offers, and am bombarded with bombastic claims, videos that don’t really answer any questions (just trying to “sell” me on their product), and then asked to put the money down to finally “get the answer” to how to succeed. None of that happens at Wealthy Affiliate! In fact, you can stay in the FREE membership for as long as you like, and even earn commissions promoting WA on your own! So you can get the money before you step up to a Premium Membership.

    So, in parting, let me say that anyone THINKING about checking out the many advantages, opportunities, and features offered by Wealthy Affiliate should absolutely do so. After all, since it’s free, there is very little risk!

    Great job!


  8. Hello Anthony,
    I love the motivational video, Its not easy starting out as an enterprenuer, but the benefit is enormous taking control of one’s life is one of the greatest benefit of being an enterpreneur. Keep up the good work

    1. Lanu I love motivation, It inspires me every time in this business we need motivation to help us get through the tough times, Whether it’s talking to someone or watching a motivation video every little bit helps. Thanks

  9. Enjoyed the read Anthony! Other than Amazon, what are the most lucrative Affiliate Marketing Programs that you enjoy working with?

    1. Mike Thanks for commenting, I’m very particular about other affiliate marketing, some of are good and some are not, I only get involved with program that really help achieving success. and not about breaking the bank. I only promote program opportunity that I’ve personally have join and bought. I in the business of helping others, when you help other achieved success then success will follow you.

  10. Great article about Wealthy Affiliate. I was glad I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate even if was 2 years to late. I learned some hard lessons that way. But WA makes it easy to learn and move forward with the tools you need. Great job in sharing with everyone about it.

    1. Hey Kevin thanks for commenting , WA has taught me some thing I never knew about, I love all the training and the community

  11. Hey, great article on wealthy affiliate, I like the success stories. People at WA are actually making it and becoming successful. I just joined premium a week ago and I can say the training is awesome. Great post on WA.

    1. That awesome Rachael I hope you continue this awesome experience yes it will be some bumpy roadmto cross but with the of help of the community it should be smooth sailing …Thank for commenting

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    Thanks for sharing

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    I am very impressed with this website. Both the layout and design of your website are awesome and easy to read and understand. I hope one day I can design one even half as good! I’m pleased with the program that Wealthy Affiliate offers.

    1. Thanks Gary I has work very hard to getting my website to that point, I’m just staying focus writing good content for my reading. I couldn’t have done any of this without wealthy affiliate. So if you continue the follow your heart and follow the training no doubt you will be successful. Thanks my friend for commenting.

  14. Hi Anthony,
    What an amazing site,
    I also want to Quit my Job 🙁
    I can personally say that wealthy affiliate is the perfect place to be if you want to quit your Job.
    This is a great community with great people that always helping to each other and sharing their knowledge.
    There is a lot to learn but you have a wonderful community that will help you.
    Great information.
    Keep up with a great job.

    1. Thanks, My friend, I’m glad you have enjoy the website, I believe anyone can be successful online and wealthy affiliate has allow over 520,000 members create a nice income working from home.

  15. Hi Anthony,
    Just wanted to stop by from WA and check out your site. Great Job! You certainly know what you’re doing. Your website looks great and you certainly have a very interesting audience.
    I’d like to say that I was able to quit my day job within months of finding Wealthy Affiliate and I’ve never looked back.
    It’s an awesome community. I’m ecstatic that I found it.
    You handle things like a Pro over here. I’m taking notes and learning.
    Keep up the great work and I look forward to following your amazing journey at WA.

    1. Hey Jim that for stopping bye, I appreciate your awesome comment on my website. It’s always good to hear the success story from other member, Who was able to quit their job by following the training with Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks again

    2. Absolutely Jim thank you very much for checking out my site.I’m still building and writing more and more wveryday . I appericiate your support come back from time to time.

    1. Hey Friend Joined Wealthy affiliate and start building your financial dreams, You have to take action in order to start learning how to get paid online. If you have joined WA I highly recommend doing so here

    1. Awesome My friend, I’m be more than happy to help you anyway I can. It’s always good to connect and share ideas, comment on each other post. Hey if you ever need me to comment on your blog post just send private message with your link and I’ll check it and comment on it. Thanks for stopping by my friend.

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