Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl- How It Helped Me Succeed

Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl- How It Helped Me Succeed

Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl- How It Helped Me Succeed

Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl is one of my favorite movies, but it’s something I learned from this movie that help me achieve success and financial freedom from the 9-5 job. Now you can learn a valuable tip that will kick off your pathway to success.

After working hard building my online business. Nothing more relaxing than kicking off the shoes and put on some boiling of hot tea. Relaxing my body and mine. Grabbing the remote and catching up on one of my favorite movie Pirates of the Caribbeans.
It’s an interesting movie staring an actor name Johnny Depp. His character known as Jack sparrow. The curse of the black pearl is the first movie that started all and later In 2017 Dead men tell No Tales. So what does all this have to do with blogging?
Blogging reminds me of this movie. Hollywood or Johnny Depp thought that it would be successful in the beginning. But the ship still sails in 2017.

What I learn from the Pirates of the Caribbeans?

I started with a dream of becoming the captain of my ship with desires in life that I never thought would happen. My situation reminds of how Jack sparrow determination to become captain.
Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl
Even when trials and obstacle try to make you walk the plank to your destruction. But my persistence continues to push forward no matter what I may face in life.
I can relate the Jack Sparrow, because my determination to be called Captain. In spike of all I went through I’m proud of my achievement with wealthy affiliate. 
Most of my friends use to tell me that I was foolish. Investing my time and money with something that was never going to happen. But that didn’t stop me from moving toward something I’ve dreamed of becoming.

The Captain Of Your Ship

I didn’t worry about what people thought of me and had a passion to live a lifestyle of happiness.
In the movie curse of the black pearl, Jack sparrow didn’t care what others thought he was proud of what he was doing. He freed slaves from the ship of the Black Pearl.
Pirates of the Caribbean The Black Pearl
He didn’t like slavery, he loves freedom and he didn’t like other people being in slavery.
Working a nine to five job is like the Pirate Black Pearl ship. Struggling to free myself from slavery of the job world. I wanted freedom. I decided to take action to make change, I started my business.
What I learn from the Pirates of Caribbeans? Is that you have to have a passion about ship the you want to become captain of. Whether your passion is owning your own business, coaching, motivational speaker.

What Are You Passionate about?

Passion is what’s going to make you successful in life. Pirates of the Caribbean the black pearl really taught me about begin passionate about my goals and dreams. When you have passion about begin successful you can achieve it.

Jack sparrow was very passionate about his ship, the Black Pearl, he understood what the ship meant to him. Black Pearl stood for something.
It stood for freedom in the eyes of Jack sparrow and no one was going to destroy his ship.
Freedom doesn’t happen by wishing for it. Freedom comes with a passion to have want you want in life and to fight for you want.
Sometime you have to give up on immortality to help someone else. My passion is not only to save myself but to save someone else who wanting something in life.
I’m ready to give up my immortality if it helps someone achieve success in life.

Honoring  Value and Trust

 In my business I want my readers to see the heart of gold in me. I want people to see the honesty in me that make them join my crew of pirates. Pirates of the Caribbean the black pearl taught me how to trust in myself in doing the impossible.
I do believe honesty is the best policy, It reminds me of a quote Jack sparrow said in the movie.
I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly. It’s the honest ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they’re going to do something incredibly stupid.
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In this business. You can only trust yourself and your own intelligence. Because there are people who will befriend you in the process of achieving your dreams.
You have stayed focused on your goals. Don’t worry about what others think, you have to do what’s right.
Never matter how many times you may fail, keep demanding respect from others. Never give up on your dreams. Think about this movie Pirates of the Caribbean the black pearl. 
Don’t get stressed out, when things are not going as planned to become captain yet. Jack never let situation stress him out.
He was good at improvisation and ready to change the course of things.
When a situation occurs learn to laugh and have a sense of humor through it all. Although people might say you crazy for following your dreams.
Learn to trust your own gut feeling, Don’t try to be the next Bill Gates, be proud of who you.
Be proud of being a pirate. Trust it all that matter when doing business online. Making money is not a job, It’s an adventure.
Arrr! Mate.
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