Promoting Products That Convert Customers Into Buyers

Promoting Products That Convert Customers Into Buyers

Promoting Products That Convert Customers Into Buyers

Promoting Products That Convert what does it mean. One my mentors name James Schramko said without an offer your business is pointless.

Are You Promoting an Offer That Converts?

If you are trying to start a successful business, you need this one crucial thing that will take your business to maximum growth. The Product  I’m talking about is ” Converting Products” without it you have no business.

Promoting Products That Convert

In years of blogging online people are finding out this is something, they have been missing for years. Blogging is a fun and exciting journey, but for the most part of blogging in the first place is to make money from your hard work online.

Check out one of my hottest product that’s converting well.

Promoting products that convert is crucial to your business. If you’re going to succeed, then you need to convert your customer into buyers.

As we continue breaking down the topic. I wanted to look at your offer. Are you selling an offer that converts your visitors?  For me, it was something that unleashed my full potential when I started my online business.

It was very difficult when I first started out. I didn’t have a budget. I didn’t even have a product at the time to lead people into buying something from me.

In the beginning, I didn’t even know which niche I wanted to do. But I knew I wanted my own website. I learned that having a website was the best place for me to get started. I finally start selling thing online, but I wasn’t making any money.

The three year of starting my online business was tough.

A couple of years I discover a system that I could build a website, get the training  I needed, plus make money. I became an affiliate of that company and started to created my first sale commission sales.

I started to promoting products that convert.

Maybe you’re going through the same scenario, where you’re just starting an online business and you trying to find products that can make you money. I wanted to share some information that might get you a little closer to your goals.

I’ve listed 5 advice tips for you to think about when growing your income.

Let’s get started….

Advice #1 How To Promote Products that Converts

Offer a products that people can buy right now. One example is sale product on Shopify.. https://www.shopify.com/ With thousands of products available for your customers to purchase through PayPal there is no waiting to get paid.

Once you start making sales think about reinvesting back into your business, Think about other business that you go shopping into or buy online. They became successful by scaling the marketing. Finding products that people want.

In your own business scale, the market to find that hot product. You need something hot that going to convert.

Promoting products that converts, What does it mean?

It’s simply a product that people accept in resulting in dollar or commission that you are rewarded. Many people spend a great deal of time designing their website and buy a designing business card that represents their business. That all good.

Some people spend hundreds of dollar for some special software for to help boost their traffic. That’s very good too. But nobody buys their products. Shouldn’t you make money first then deliver.

An example is information people purchase the information first then you give them what they requested. But honest and deliver the information. This is risky business if you don’t.

 Advice # 2 Mentally Prepare Yourself.

We sabotage our own dream of becoming successful. We tend to talk our way out of doing things. We’re not mentally prepared to become move forward with our dreams.

We have to continue thinking about what we can do better to help our customers. Think about finding a product that our visitors can buy now.

How can we start promoting products that convert,? How can we find that product that people want?

It gets frustrating sometime and when that happens we lose focus on the task. Stay focus on your goals to become successful in your business.

 Advice # 3 How To Find Products To Promote

One simple method of finding ways to promote products that convert. Go to Amazon.com Click the best sellers tab. You can find great products that are a high demand right now. Whether it’s books, computers, jewelry, electronics or personal products you get the point. Promoting product is a breeze if your know what’s hot.

You can get a pretty good idea of what’s hot and trending.

Another method for finding ways to promote products that convert. Go to Ebay.com and search for products that are selling like hot cakes, Do this by scrolling to the bottom and click the What’s hot tab link. There you can see what product is trending.

Advice # 4 You Made a Sale

Yippee, you made a sale, that’s an exciting feeling. I’m glad you’ve followed the advice and started reinvesting and driving people to your offer. You’ve found some ways for promoting products that convert customers into buyers.

In this article, I talked about the various places that can search for good products.

I’ve talked about ways to promote products that convert and how to mentally prepare yourself to stay motivated when searching for these products. Any time you’re looking for products that convert into sales.

My next advice is the most valuable tip.

Advice #5 How Can You Help People Become Better Off?

This is one piece of advice I think is a very important one is finding ways for promoting products that convert. When it comes to selling products that convert is asking yourself  “How can I help someone become better? How can I create a product or service that will help people become better off?

What product can I sell that will help people be better off? Which means you get a commission for help them better their lives.

One method for figuring that out is to search the market for products that people are already selling. If you find that product, add your own solution that will help them be better off.

Example If someone is frustrated with a job and your product helped them quit the job, what results will people get if they purchase your product?

Talk to them about the results they’ll get from “How to quit your job in 2 weeks”

One way to relate to them is telling stories. People love stories. The is a huge way to promote products that convert. One thing with your product, you want to be very clear on who you are and why you’re the right person that qualified to sell this product to them. Your story tells them who you are and why you feel this product or service can help them.

Telling stories with people, helps them to relate much better to your products rather than sending them to a landing page that they know much about what you’re selling.

Start telling stories that your customers can benefit in the long run and can bring a lot more revenue into your business.

Hey, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, love to hear your thoughts by commenting below this article.

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4 thoughts on “Promoting Products That Convert Customers Into Buyers”

  1. It’s more of psychological by telling stories that trigger your readers into buyers. People have the same mental mindset that drives them to take action, you are simply connecting to them with your own personal stories and giving them to a solution on how to fix it.  So if you are using stories to connect with your audience stick with it my friend. You have something special. Thanks for commenting 

  2. Thanks for your post, Promoting Products That Convert. I found it very helpful.
    The tips you provided are indeed powerful, especially Tip #5 How Can You Help People Become Better Off? It seems like most of the websites that I visit miss this point completely. It’s mostly about how they can become better off, not their visitors.
    I will be following your advice.

    •  A lot of blogger focus too much on the money instead of their customer. The customer always comes first in this business. If you’re not connecting with your visitor, how are you going to get them to buy from you? I mention telling stories to trigger them into buying from or checking out your services. You can have the best product on the market if people don’t trust they’re not going to buy.

      Finding a solution that will fix the problem. Find products that will make them better.

      Thanks for commenting

  3. I liked the five advice points that you offered regarding sales and the importance of the offer. I have a question regarding the first point. When you talk about shopify and say that there is no waiting to get paid, do I understand you correctly that you get paid for your sales immediately into a paypal account? In point number 5 you talk about telling a story to promote the product. This is of particular interest to me because I believe that telling a story is one of my strengths. Oddly enough I never thought of that skill as being valuable to sales. It is important for those of us in this business to find our own personal strengths and capitalize on them to create success and help peoople. Thank you for pointing this out.

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