Sand Timers for Kids -Teaching Your Kids About Time

Sand Timers for Kids -Teaching Your Kids About Time

Sand Timers for kids is such a fun subject for teaching something of value or just seeking the calm mindset in your home, school or office.

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Product Introduction

Teaching your child the important of time can be very challenging at times, for simply fact that kids are very active during the school hours. However, the problem is what happens when your kid gets out of school? There are many chores and tasks they need to do at home before bedtime. Are you having trouble getting them to do their homework, keeping them off the tablet, or even eating their dinner at night before bedtime?


Sand timers for kids are a brilliant resource for teaching your child about time. If you need them to read a book for 10 minutes, set the timer, if you need them to finish eating, set a timer. Whatever the task may be, set a timer and have fun.

First you should always talk with your child about the purpose of using a sand timer, this will help them stay focused and having fun in the process. Let’s continue

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Why Are Sand Timers So Popular?

Sand timers for kids are something magical and serve the purpose of teaching kids about time and staying focused on a particular task such as reading a book, brushing teeth, homework , cleaning up their toys etc. In this article you will discover some of the best recommendations of sand timers for kids

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The Benefits of Using Sand Timers for Kids

As you can see a sand timer is used for many purposes not just in the classroom. Sand timers give your kids a fun time to complete a task of the day. Bobby is having a good time playing with his Lego, but at some point he needs to get ready to clean up before bed, you set the hourglass sand timer showing how much time he has left.

There are other benefits for using the sand timers for kids. One of the benefits is that there are different types of sand timers available 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and 30 minutes. Take a look at some pretty cool timers below

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Sand timers can also help your child stay focused during the times after school especially when you need them to do their homework before playing. Setting a sand timer for taking a break from homework. In most cases children think this is a challenge to them to see if they can do it. For instance, let’s set a timer to see who finishes by cleaning up the room or toys. The main point is to have fun while teaching your child about time.

Where Did the Sand Timer Come From?

Hourglass or sand clock, where typically used by the Greeks and Romans. They were used in political places like the senate of Rome to keep track of speeches over time and the sand clock started getting smaller for the sake of time.

Now that you understand where sand timers originate from. Let’s discover how to use sand timers for kids. Here is a list of ideas for using sand timers.

Time Out

At some point your child will need some time out for his or her behaviors. If that is the case with you set the timer in a safe and then explain to your child they have to wait before until all the sand has passed in order for them to come out of time out.

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ir?t=womenandmoney2016-20&language=en_US&l=li2&o=1&a=B01N0RLDYV Sand Timers for Kids -Teaching Your Kids About TimeNow they will be steady watching the timer while calming them down during the process

Wait Your Turn

Having multiple children in the home can be quite a challenge especially during playing activities. Set the timers and explain to each child once the sand pasess it’s their turn to play the game. This encourages each child to take turns when playing games.

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Teeth Brushing

It’s Important teaching your kids about dental hygiene and how it’s very important to brush their teeth. It is fun to set a time for 2-3 minutes, this will give them something visual to see while brushing their teeth and knowing they are making you happy.

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What I like about sand timers is that they are very teachable for kids in getting them to stay focused, taking turns playing games, or getting them to do something in a timely manner. Plus there are a lot of other useful ideas for using sand timers for kids.

It can give your kid an estimated time to finish a task. And you don’t need batteries to operate sand timers.

Prices are not that expensive to buy one of your liken.

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Shipping sometimes can be a problem because they are very fragile and breakable. Sand timers need to be on a flat surface or can tip over and break if it’s glass.


Sand timers and sand timers for kids have so many educational reasons for teaching your kids. Plus the joy of having fun teaching them about time management. Sand timers give us a visual idea on how much time is left for doing a particular task.

The joy of watching the sand pass gives you a sense of calmness during the time. So wherever sand timers you decide on for your desire there are hundreds of types of sand timers to choose from wooden, crystal, metal, or simple plastic, they all serve a purpose.

So I hope you have enjoyed this article about sand timers for kids, and I hope you have gathered some good ideas on what to do with them and most important teaching your child about time.

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