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Jeremy Shoemoney Product Review” Can You See The Money?

Product Name: ShoeMoney


Price: $1.00-Upgrade Price.

Owner: Jeremy Schoemaker

Page Rank: 3/10

Product Overview: Can you see really see the money with this product?

Shoemakers-300x147 Shoemoney Product Review | Behind The Scene Truth.

I tried out Jeremy ShoeMoney system a few month ago, and I decided to write a review about my experience with the product so far.

I will discuss how well it works, what the training the product provided also what are some of the drawbacks with the product.

I will give you information that I think would be valuable to you before purchasing the product hopefully by the end of this Review you should have a good idea as to whether it is legit or a scam.

Jeremy program is designed to help the average Joe with no experience in internet marketing.

The program is set up to show you how you can have a website up and running with the training that Jeremy provides. By following the step-by-step instruction the plan is to teach you how to earn money online.

I really like the idea of starting from scratch on how to make money online with this system, I have to admit it was fun and excited to learn. So let’s continue on with this review.

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The Good Thing

When you first start out with the program it’s free with no out of pocket money. Jeremy pays you for completing each step through your pay pal account. you get paid $1.00 for each completion.

Below is a list of thing you will have to complete to get paid.

shoemaoney Shoemoney Product Review | Behind The Scene Truth.

The task is pretty simple and easy to follow, you will have a number of tasks to completed before moving along each step in the training.
It’s a pretty good concept of teaching people how to make money online.

The Bad Thing

It really isn’t free, nothing in the business world is free that old saying it take money to make money.

I think this is where people get confuse because as you are going your task, at some point you will have to purchase a domain name with one of Jeremy Hosting Partner.

So pretty much you need to purchase a Word press blog to finish completing this course to get paid $1.00, and this is where people stop and give up because this supposes to be free training.

Then one thing people don’t realize that Jeremy is making commission off of your purchase with His Hosting Partner and People must understand you have to pay this monthly fee for (Blue Host or Hostgator) in order to keep your site up and running.

So while Jeremy making a lot of commissions off of people he sharing a $1.00 to you.

If you haven’t seen this video, really  a eye opener…Check out how Joe explains how to get your book into Barnes & Noble–The Big  Secret.

Based on my experience with this product I didn’t receive any money from completing my task, I use to check my Paypal account about every two-three days, I didn’t get anything. I tried contacting support but still no response.

My point is just knowing that you are going to have to buy something in order to complete this training. I think Jeremy has been honest in the training up to that point of my training.

Who is ShoeMoney for?

This product is for anyone looking to learn how to make money online.

What kind of Training is Provided?

This training course provided video training of each course you need to complete.

Can you Rely on Support?

As I mention early with the problem I had, I try to contact support with the issues but no responses.

My Final Opinion:

In the beginning to see how much money I could earn with this training, But as I really thinking about the concept of the training, I was just making Mr. Shoemaker more money while he gives me $1.00.

I think Jeremy has not been honest in telling people upfront of cost and other fees in order completing his training. It just was starting to feel like a scam to me, to be honest. So I decided not to finish the course.

I have since build a total profitable website from scratch with wealth affiliate internet training course and so I wanted to make a comparison between the both training and here my results below.

I have been with this internet marketing program for a year now. I love them because of their honesty about fee and cost. Their training has provided me with extra income for me and family. If like to experience a change in your life. Then check out Wealthy Affiliate.

4 thoughts on “Shoemoney Product Review | Behind The Scene Truth.”

  1. I heard about Jeremy Shoemaker a long time ago when he first introduced his shoemoney training program for online business people.

    I do agree that nothing’s free when it comes to world of online marketing because it’s a myth.

    It really sucks that the only person to make money from Jeremy’s program was himself. It’s not how it should work. Thanks for sharing your take on the program.


    • Thank Neil for reading and commenting on my post, I was very exciting when I first join the program,But I realize I was just making him money while he pays me $1.00 what people don’t know by the time you finish you only going to end up with about $9.00……My suggestion don’t believe anything see. Thank again Neil

  2. It would appear there is a major play on words to make it all sound great, but Jeremy is leading you done the garden path.

    You would think for somebody boasting about making ten million dollars from the internet would be all over having proper service and staying on top of things.

    For me when I look at your overall comparison between Wealthy Affiliate and Shoemoney there is no competition too is offering the real opportunity here.

    • That so true Travis, it get on my nerves when they try to take advantage of peoples hard earn money. Honesty is the beat policy that what I like about wealthy affiliate you have a real success story to tell others. Thank for commenting.


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