Traffic Ad Bar Review-Free Advertising Traffic Exchange That Get Real Visitor

Traffic Ad Bar Review-Free Advertising Traffic Exchange That Get Real Visitor

Traffic Ad Bar Review-Free Advertising Traffic Exchange That Get Real Visitor

Traffic Ad Bar Review can Traffic Ad Bar help you grow your business? Continue Reading As a Online Marketer, Getting traffic is important to your business opportunity.

Finding the best resources for generating those real visitor is a challenge in itself. There are some many scams in the world of the internet you need to know the best places that can get your the results.

In this Traffic Ad Bar Review my goal is to show you the best traffic resource to generated real leads to your business. Beginning with this traffic resource call Traffic Ad Bar. I’ve been a member of this system sense 2011 and it has help my business grow tremendous over time.

Based on my experience of begin a member of Traffic ad bar, I hope this will help you make a good decision whether to use this for your business opportunity.

I hope in this Traffic Ad Bar Review you will gain more knowledge of the system

Product Name: Traffic Ad Bar

Website: http://trafficadbar.com/

Price: Free-Upgrade Member-$95-$335 Per Year

Owner: Darren Merrett

Page Rank 2/10

Product Review:

Traffic Ad Bar is a free traffic generation system where members can receive real visitors to their website. Members earn credits by viewing others members’ business opportunity.

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The more sites you view you get tons of points that you can use for your own business. This is an awesome resource that can generate more exposure and leads to your business. It’s a powerful tool to use if you’re looking get more people to visit your opportunity.

Traffic Ad Bar Review

The Pro’s:

The good thing about the system you can add any website or affiliate program that you might be promoting. It’s great for blogs, landing pages, that you have created.

Members can add them to their profile to receive clicks as long as it applies to the rules of the program.

Members can also earn cash and credit for referring other people to the program. Commissions are between 10%-35% based on your membership level.

The Con’s

The bad thing about traffic ad bar is that it’s not guaranteed you will convert clicks into leads for your business. It gets you traffic to your business, but it depends on whether your visitors like your offer. If you want to learn how to market your business the right way.

Check out my #1 recommendation for growing your business.



Who is this product for?

This product is for online business owners looking to generate traffic and leads. By surfing other members’ offers they earn points to promote their own business.

Do They Have Training/ Tools

Traffic ad bar tool that members can use to refer others, such as banner ads, text links and Email scripts. I didn’t see any training on how to use the system, but I’m sure YouTube has some video training.

What about Support?

The only thing I’ve noticed is there is contact information if you scroll down to the bottom of the page.

My final Thoughts

I like the marketing concept of using this system, and it can get you more traffic to your business. As I mention above, there are no guaranteed to you will get leads. I have to say it takes a lot of time clicking on ads to get points. Besides that if you’re on a tight budget and need traffic it works.

If you have the time, then go for you have nothing to lose because it’s a Free system to use for your business.

If you want to learn how I build my downline and earn 100% commission promoting one link for my business. Then you need to check out it out here: Start Building Your Downline Today It’s Free!

Traffic Ad Bar is a legitimate traffic resource, that can get you more exposure to your business opportunity. Join Traffic Ad Bar Today!

Best Wishes

Post Leave your comments below if you have use traffic ad bar, What are your Thoughts?

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6 thoughts on “Traffic Ad Bar Review-Free Advertising Traffic Exchange That Get Real Visitor”

  1. I didn’t realize these members-view-members options were still up and running in this day and age – nothing more than worthless traffic and severe bounce rates on your site!
    The only reason members are looking at your site is to get the credits….and vice versa really!
    Do you think these types of platforms will eventually ruin your Google rankings?

    • Thanks Chris for commenting, I realize this too myself, I think if you looking to get traffic watch the bounce rate. Thanks again.

  2. Hi Anthony !!! I like this concept of getting traffic to our websites through designated websites free of charge.

    As you mentioned : this website traffic does not guarantee that it will convert to leads. But getting traffic free of charge to visit our websites is also not a Bad deal !!!

    i will definitely give it a look !!! Thanks for the review !!!

    • Thanks Aparajit for commenting Traffic Adbar is a good little tool for getting your business in the eyes of others, There no guaranteed that you will get leads, but it’s well worth giving it a shot. Thanks again.

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